The Throne Teasers: July 2019

The Throne Teasers: July 2019

If you have been following The Throne Teasers lately or since it started airing, you will agree to the fact that the soapie teasers are fast gaining ground with wide acceptance despite the fact that it is only in its first year. With exciting scenes characterised with suspense, amusements and education, it is glaring that these are only part of what gets the teasers of The Throne all of the accolades that it receives every time. So, for this month, what should you watch out for? Get the whole gist in this article!

The Throne Teasers

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As a South African telenovela, The Throne soapie teasers was created by Ferguson Films, and it centres around a royal family in BaTswana kingdom who is in turmoil after they discovered mineral deposits that are on their land. Based on the discovery, Kweneng, a modest kingdom that runs smoothly with no contestation, conflict or resentment in the North West Province under Magaliesburg region finds itself in treachery, turmoil and deceit after the discovery. The Throne teasers TVSA is broadcast on Mzansi Magic at 19h00 from Mondays to Thursdays.

The Throne Teasers for July 2019

Episode 193 - Monday, the 1st of July, 2019

Title: The Queen's Sceptre!

Because of the delay in the court case, Sello and Odirile scramble in order to find DNA that proves that the descendants of Morule also belong to the King. Then, Moreri makes an effort to protect Mapula after getting to know that someone is searching for her, and that might end her life in danger.

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Episode 194 - Tuesday, the 2nd of July, 2019

Title: DNA of the Throne!

Mapula finds that Moreri would make a good ally while the result of the DNA test is in and the Royal Family of Kwena know their fate.

Episode 195 - Wednesday, the 3rd of July, 2019

Title: The End is Near!

While Mapula tries to hide from the SIZWE, he receives a confirmation stating that Mapula hails from Kweneng while the results of the DNA tests which are in favour of the Morule’s disillusions the Kwena clan.

The Throne Teasers - Thursday, 4th of July, 2019

Title: Judgement Day!

Kefilwe almost does what no one could think of while Mapula and Moreri engage in an awkward interaction. The Kwena Family is yet again visited with bad news.

Episode 197 - Monday, the 8th of July, 2019

Title: Hail Queen Odirile!

As Queen Mosadi relinquishes the throne gracefully to the Morules, the lives of the Kwenas are thrown into turmoil. Odirile gets her opportunity to make matters worst for Queen Mosadi while SIZWE gets closer to Mapula as she invokes her charm on Moreri.

Episode 198 - Tuesday, the 9th of July, 2019

Title: End of a Reign!

Mosadi and her family experience the life of a commoner while Mme Naledi becomes more suspicious of Mapula with her sickness.

Episode 199 - Wednesday, the 10th of July, 2019

Title: Living as Commoners!

Queen Mosadi and other family members are petrified that, for the rest of their lives, they may have to live like peasants. Then, Odirile and Sello prepare for the coronation with excitement.

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Episode 200 - Thursday, the 11th of July, 2019

Title: Best Kept Lie!

Odirile and Sello prepare towards an important interview that is upcoming while Queen Mosadi asks Kefilwe and Tumelo to do the unimaginable. Also, the lie of Sello is in danger.

The Throne Teasers

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Episode 201 - Monday, the 15th of July, 2019

Title: Run Far Away!

Kefilwe is ready to make sure that Odirile’s coronation does not hold while Sizwe eventually discovers Mapula and gets her kidnapped.

Episode 202 - Tuesday, the 16th of July, 2019

Title: Lies Do Catch Up!

The past of Mapula catches up with her and consequently ushers in tragic consequences while Otsile reveals how far Kefilwe is willing to go to Queen Mosadi as far as the throne issues are concerned.

The Throne Teasers - Wednesday, the 17th of July, 2019

Title: Goodbye Princess!

Kefilwe shares her farewells as Odirile continues on the preparations for her coronation ceremony, and Sello kills one of the members of the family of Kwena.

Episode 204 - Thursday, the 18th of July, 2019

Title: Into the River She Goes!

Odirile does an unimaginable thing and stands by Sello despite all the ups and downs while Mapula tries to make amend for her wrong acts even though it was not appreciated. Queen Sephiri feels depressed.

Episode 205 - Monday, the 22nd of July, 2019

Title: Dreams from the Divine!

Odirile panics while herself and Sello await someone who would discover the body of Kefilwe while Goitseone and Mapula fight again which gets Lazarus' interest to want to know what the cause of the fight is about.

Episode 206 - Tuesday, the 23rd of July, 2019

Title: The Missing Princess!

Odirile is convinced about Kefilwe's plot for revenge while Mme Naledi tries to rescue the hostile environment which their home is under.

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Episode 207 - Wednesday, the 24th of July, 2019

Title: Blood on Our Hands!

Sello puts a distress call to one of the members of the Kwena family to help Odirile to face reality before the coronation comes up. Also, the tension between Mapula and Goitseone sends him packing while Queen Mosadi offers an act of peace and alliance to Sello

Episode 208 - Thursday, the 25th of July, 2019

Title: Goodbye, the Throne!

There is preparation from every corner for the coronation apart from Maswabi who has made up his mind not to attend. Then, Kefilwe shows up to air the truth concerning Odirile at the ceremony, which ends up in a tragic twist of justice.

Episode 209 - Monday, the 29th of July, 2019

Title: Hail the Morules!

Odirile and Sello eventually got their moment of glory, while the idea of Queen Mosadi reconciling with Odirile and Sello did not go well with some of the members of her family. Lazarus and his family grope their way for financial freedom but without any result.

The Throne Teasers - Tuesday, the 30th of July, 2019

Title: Burying the Hatchet!

Sello and Odirile try to win the hearts of the people of Kweneng while Lazarus gradually goes back to his way of doing things. Then, whether it is possible to have a truce between Morules and Kwenas or not is worth finding out from today's episode.

Episode 211 - Wednesday the 31st of July 2019

Title: Keep Your Enemies Even Closer!

Odirile has a secret plan that can put Sephiri and Queen Mosadi in their place while Queen Mosadi is increasingly becoming suspicious concerning the whereabouts of Kefilwe. Then, Lazarus enters into a deal that is capable of claiming his friendship.

Since the first episode of The Throne Teasers was broadcast on Monday, the 30th of July, 2018, the soapie has been greeted with the utmost acceptance. This goes to prove the level of creativity and professionalism upon which the television drama series is premised. So, you can rest assured of the best of time as you join several other viewers across the country to watch the telenovela.

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