The Voice SA: Tasché Burger joins the list of top vocalists in Mzansi

The Voice SA: Tasché Burger joins the list of top vocalists in Mzansi

Tasché Burger is the icon that has topped the media for being the most recent winner of The Voice SA. Her win comes at a time where the competition is stiff and the glimmer of hope that a lady will ever win is very little. The nineteen-year-old lady has overcome all odds and set a new record to becoming the first female winner of the competition.

The Voice SA: Tasché Burger wins The Voice SA

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Tasché Burger, the Cape Town-based lady who recently turned nineteen is the latest winner of The Voice SA. Being the first winner of the stiff competition has made her top the news. She also breaks the record to become the youngest winner of the admired and noticeable competition. This is probably her biggest achievement as of date. That makes it prudent for us to dig in into her journey and find out what it took for her to get to where she is right now.

The Voice SA season 3

The season that has been on for months has finally come to a conclusion and as the norm, a winner has to be crowned. The Voice SA season 3 grand finale of the show took place in Johannesburg on 8th June 2019. To grace the occasion, there were performances from different artists who were guests. Some of the artists include; Roan Ash, Laurika Rauch, Jo Black, Judith Sephuma, Francois van Coke, Caroline-Grace Brüss and Timothy Moloi.

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Burger; who for the longest time has shown her love for music was crowned the winner. Winning the show has opened bigger doors and bigger opportunities for her. She had earlier on been working as a part-time waitress. Being part of the challenge gave her room to sing her heart out and week after week, her fan size grew. This was enough proof that she was on the right track and that she was reaching for the stars.

Her win has made her be part of the records of the competition and join big names like Craig Lucas and Richard Stirton. The fact that she has become the first woman to win the competition is what is making everyone so impressed. Her young age is another point of interest.

The Voice SA winning experience

The Voice SA: Tasché Burger joins the list of top vocalists in Mzansi

Image:, @voicesa
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During an interview that she did after she was announced as the winner, it was evident that she was all excited. She could not believe that all the judges had said yes. She was so excited that she had gotten all the four chairs when she expected one. She could not believe that she had won. She went further to state; “I’ve been singing my whole life. For my gap year I’ve been waitressing and I just decided to go for The Voice.”

Van Coke

The Voice SA: Tasché Burger joins the list of top vocalists in Mzansi

Image:, @voicesa
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Miss Burger was also proud of the fact that she had the best support system; her coach. Van Coke was her coach and their relationship was spectacular. Van Coke unravelled a hidden side of Miss Burger that most people had no idea existed. He awakened the lion in her that made her fans fall in love with her and eventually she bagged the award.

When she was announced as the winner, Van Coke could hide the emotion that he had for playing an important role in her success.He even made a post about it to express how excited he was. He even referred to himself as the proudest coach.

When asked about the challenges that she faced while in the competition, she said that she found it difficult to adapt to the aspect of being away from home. She explained how much she missed her family and friends and how much it was a big deal to be away from them.

When asked about her prospects in her musical career, Tasché was proud to state that she was already going to the studio in the week to record her first album. She was also so exhilarated that she was living her dream.

The Voice SA winner awards

The Voice SA: Tasché Burger joins the list of top vocalists in Mzansi

Image:, @voicesa
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Besides bearing the title of the award winner, being The Voice SA winner had so much that came along with it. These are the awards that the winner took home apart from the trophy:

  • Truworths clothing voucher which is worth R100,000.
  • A Toyota RAV4
  • Telkom tech bundle with a Huawei P30 Pro
  • An Anti-Theft Backpack
  • A Huawei Watch GT,
  • Tab M5 Lite
  • Telkom data
  • A router

Apart from the awards that Miss Burger took home, she also got the golden opportunity to sign a recording contract with Universal Music South Africa.

The Voice SA season 2

The just-concluded season of the awards comes after the second season of the show that ended two years ago. As per the records, The Voice SA winner for that season is Craig Lucas singer. The winner of The Voice South Africa season 2 is more than glad that the show discovered him, because that same year, he released his debut album. He has since then captured the attention of his fans by releasing awesome Craig Lucas songs that fans cannot help but fall in love with. These are some of the banger hits that Craig Lucas The Voice SA season 2 winner has released since he won the award:

  • Hearts Exposed
  • Burning
  • Young and Stupid
  • I said this
  • Broken diamond
  • Our Love Is Gold
  • December
  • Smoother
  • They Don’t Really Care About Us
  • Purple Rain.

These hits make up the debut album that Craig Lucas South Africa The Voice season 2 winner has released.

The Voice SA season 1

2016 was the year that the awesome show began. After going on for weeks, with most contestants getting evicted, it was time for the show to be concluded and the winner announced. The Voice SA winner for the debut season was Richard Stirton. The show helped discover and nature the artist's talent. He has since then made the most out of his skill. These are some of the Richard Stirton songs:

  • What tears me the most
  • Skinny love
  • Sounds of silence
  • Call it luck
  • Catching tears
  • Defeated
  • Our night
  • Break the silence
  • If I
  • Billie Jean
  • Dance
  • Fall apart

These are the hits that the artist released in 2016. He has since then been active in his music career and has been releasing one hit after the other. These are some of the hits that he has released in 2019:

  • Everything
  • Whiskey glass
  • Breath

He is currently working on his album which he has named 'Naked.'

The Voice SA is one show of a kind. It has helped realize talent at a young age and made the most out of it. Making the contestants go through the competition is one of the ways that the show aims at ensuring that the contestants give their best and that way, the show can discover their potential. Richard Stirton and Craig Lucas can attest to it.

Tasché Burger is the latest winner who is more than excited to have been part of The Voice SA. The nineteen-year-old Cape Town-based lady could not hide her expression about how much the show has been beneficial to her. She is also ready to get to the studio and work on her first album.



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