New Corvette C8 gorgeous pictures and review

New Corvette C8 gorgeous pictures and review

Are you an ardent Chevrolet fan? If so, General Motors has a pleasant surprise for you. The vehicle manufacturing giant has just introduced the 8th generation of the Chevrolet Corvette, finally bringing an end to the wait and speculations. The car is already trending online as curious fans peep to see exactly what this speed machine is all about. Those people who have touched or even driven it report that the new Corvette C8 has the most revolutionary features since the sports car model first hit the market in 1953.

New Corvette C8 gorgeous pictures and review

Image:, @chevrolet
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Being in the market for sixty-six years is no joke, and indeed, a lot of things have changed on this car. However, one thing always remained untouched, and that is the front-engine, rear-wheel-drive feature.

The latest 2020 Corvette new design

The latest 2020 Corvette's engine is fixed behind the seats, and this modification clearly changes its look and the overall driving experience. You can also notice that its hood is now much lower. Commenting on the product, the GM president, Mark Reus, said that even though it still compares to its earlier versions in terms of fun and comfort, the 2020 Corvette drives much better than any of them.

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The manufacture’s idea to introduce the rear mid-engine layout (Engine behind the passenger and driver) places the engine, which is the vehicle’s heaviest organ, slightly away from the rear and near the driver's seat, giving the car a balanced feel. It as well moves the occupants slightly forward.

The new Corvette comes with an eight-speed automatic transmission. Also, the driver will enjoy better visibility since they no longer have to look over the bulging hood that houses the car's engine.

2020 corvette horsepower

Image:, @chevrolet
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The steering wheel is uniquely square, and this will allow you to have a clear view of its broad digital gauge cluster. Also, note that the greater weight that is now placed over the rear wheels will significantly boost its acceleration power.

2020 Corvette C8 specs

2020 corvette interior

Image:, @chevrolet
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The additional 2020 corvette C8 specs include:

  • A 495 horsepower, 6.2-liter V8 engine.
  • An eight-speed auto-transmission with paddle shifters
  • You can uncouple or disengage the transmission by acting on both paddles at once; pretty much like pressing down on the clutch on a manual car.
  • It has the jet engine, four exhaust outlet design (two on either side)
  • Easily removable roof panels
  • Plenty of legroom and head space
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How much will the new C8 Corvette cost?

The 2020 Corvette C8 price is tentatively $60,000, give or take, and most Stingray fans have a reason to smile because this price is not far from the cost of the current version.

Given the amount of engineering that went into the project, most analysts had expected it to cost much higher. However, speaking to CNN, Reus said that it was their goal to keep their current customers happy by making the new model affordable for them.

"We don't want any of our customers ever to walk away," he said
What year will the c8 Corvette come out?

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If you think that the mid-engine idea is new, then you are wrong! This thought was first conceived in the Lamborghini Miura way back in 1966. At that time, engineers were inspired by the Ford GT40 race car.

It is an idea that has been on GM’s drawing board for many years. In fact, they at some point went ahead to build a CERV I and CERV II research cars in the 60s and then did the CERV III in 1990

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After its introduction, the new Corvette now leads the rest in terms of speed and aesthetic value. . It can go from zero to 60 miles per hour in less than three seconds.

Will there be a front engine Corvette in 2020?

Image:, @chevrolet
Source: Twitter

The key selling point of the Corvette has always been convenience and practicality. This one, for instance, has two trunks. The front one that can comfortably carry a laptop bag and one carry-on size airline bag, while the rear trunk can fit two golf bags.

GM is expected to roll out the new Corvette C8 mass production this fall at the company’s Kentucky assembly plant. For now though, potential buyers are quite anxious to know the exact 2020 corvette release date.


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