1xBet South Africa: First Deposit Bonus Rules 2019

1xBet South Africa: First Deposit Bonus Rules 2019

Have you been caught up in the betting craze and are wondering which website to sign up with? 1xBet South Africa is one of the best options to consider. The company stands among the top websites that offer the best deals in matters regarding sports betting. It also has a user-friendly website that does not require any kind of training for new users. To crown it all, it has the first deposit bonus that you might be interested in knowing more about.

1xBet South Africa: First Deposit Bonus Rules 2019

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1xBet South Africa is one of the oldest betting companies that has been in operation in the country. For the many years that it has been in business, it has managed to attract thousands of customers. Despite the fact that several betting companies have come up and proven to be a challenge to the 1xBet, the company has made the most out of every opportunity that has come its way in a bid to ensure that it keeps its customers and attracts more. The first deposit bonus is one of the strategies that one might be interested in knowing more about.

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1xBet South Africa first deposit bonus

In business, nothing beats customer appreciation. That is the one policy that 1xBet South Africa has mastered and is making the most out of. The company is working, by all means, to ensure that its customers get the most out of the investment that they are making in the company. The first deposit bonus is one such way. The premium is, however, awarded to specific customers. These are the rules that are tagged along to the premium.

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1xBet South Africa first deposit bonus rules

1xBet South Africa: First Deposit Bonus Rules 2019

Image: 1xbet.com
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In a bid to welcome new customers to the website, 1xBet has devised the first bonus which it awards to new customers on their first deposit. The pemium is directly credited to the account of the new user. The value of 1xBet South Africa first deposit bonus is 100% the amount that the user credits into the account.

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For one to qualify for the premium, they should have created an account with the betting company. The new user will also be required to fund the account with an amount that is not less than the stipulated deposit amount. Details on how to deposit funds into your account are stipulated in the website. The minimum amount that one should credit into their account is 7.5 Rand. There is no limit on the maximum amount that should be deposited. A new user should note that they will receive an additional value of the same amount that they deposited into their account, however, the maximum amount that one can receive as a bonus is 1500 Rand.

1xBet South Africa how to use first deposit bonus

After the bonus has been awarded to the new user's account, they can proceed to use it for placing their bets. There is, however, a limit to the value of odds that one should have when placing the bet using the bonus that was credited to their account. The minimum value of the accumulated odds is 5. In the selected odds that sum up to the accumulated value of 5, one should ensure that not less than three of the selections have an odd value of less than 1.4.

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1xBet South Africa first deposit bonus rules

Apart from meeting the requirement on the minimum odds that the first deposit bonus should be used for, there are other requirements that one should put into consideration. They include:

  • The first deposit bonus is only valid for the first thirty days after it has been awarded. Therefore, a new customer is advised to use it while it lasts.
  • One cannot make any withdrawals from the account unless they spend the amount that has been awarded as the first deposit bonus.
  • One does not qualify for any other premium, unless they stake the first deposit bonus.

These are the only requirements that the new user should fulfil.

1xBet South Africa other bonuses

1xBet South Africa: First Deposit Bonus Rules 2019

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Besides the first deposit bonus, there are other premiums that users can enjoy while betting on the website. These premiums include:

Lucky Friday bonus

This is a premium that a user earns by the virtue of creditig funds into their account. For every deposit that one makes, they are awarded 100% of the deposit that they make. This offer is only valid on Fridays.

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Wednesday X2 bonus

This bonus is awarded to users on Wednesdays. For one to qualify for it, they ought to have made a deposit to their account on Friday, Monday and Tuesday that preceded the Wednesday. To add to it, they are also supposed to have placed at least five bets between Friday and Wednesday. The limit of the total amount of the bets that you have placed should not be less than the amount that you deposited on Friday.

These are the two main regular premiums that users enjoy.

1xBet South Africa special offer bonuses

Apart from the regular premiums that users enjoy, there are other occasional premiums that one could receive if they have an active account. They include:

Free bet

This is a token of appreciation that is awarded to a new user on their birthday.

Advance bet

This is a special premium that allows one to place a bet even when they do not have money in their account. The only restriction in accessing it is that one should ensure that he has a running bet for them to qualify for an advance bet. The amount of money that you stake, will be deducted from the profit that the running bet would accrue. If by any chance, you happen to lose that bet, the staked advanced bet will be void.

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1xBet South Africa stands among the most preferred betting sites in the country. The website is preferred because of how generous it is towards its customers. The premiums that its customers enjoy is one of the factors that is making new customers get attracted to it. If you do not have an account with the bookie, be sure to join the bandwagon by clicking here. You do not want to be left out.


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