Everything you need to know about the popular Boston Terrier

Everything you need to know about the popular Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier is a dog that is revered and loved by a multitude of people. It is also one of the most popular dogs in America and for a good reason. For anyone looking to get a dog, this dog is one of the safest bets. Dubbed the 'American Gentleman', the Boston Terrier gets along with all people of all ages. It's perfect for teenagers, for senior citizens who may need a companion and for children who love playing and having fun. It is almost impossible to go wrong with it. In this article, you will find what you need to know about this fantastic dog.

Everything you need to know about the popular Boston Terrier

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Boston Terriers are nothing less than extraordinary. In this Boston Terrier guide, we answer questions like how smart is a Boston Terrier? How do you take care of a Boston Terrier? What age do Boston Terriers die? We will cover this and more.

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The Boston Terrier history

Initially, this dog was intended to be a fighter dog. Its breed combination is of the English bulldog and the White English Terrier, which is extinct. The White English Terrier had so many complications, including deafness, and was quite unpopular with the public.

Boston Terrier puppy

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When the Boston Terriers were bred, more than a century ago, it was initially referred to as a Round Head. However, that name was changed to Boston Terrier after Boston, Mass. Its compact body, expressive large dark eyes, erect ears and distinctive, beautiful coat markings made the Boston Terrier an instant hit from a century ago.

The Boston Terrier Personality

From a first glance, it may look like the American Gentleman is a rough, tough dog to deal with. The strong bulldog features are probable reasons. However, this is one of the happiest fun-loving dogs out there. They are not moody or aggressive, either. Instead, they are helpful and caring dogs.

Boston Terrier colours

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This is not to say that they have a perfect temperament, they can also be very stubborn, and some people even describe it as child-like. This makes them challenging to deal with, but nothing isn't fixable when you have a snack stand-by.

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The Boston Terrier Sportsmanship

When it comes to canine sports, this athletic dog has you covered. They are known to be very sharp and are easy to train. Their need to please their owners and anyone alike makes them very competitive and for the other dogs, a nightmare.

Boston Terrier sports

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They are very skilled in three critical areas of canine sports:

  • Flyball. This can be likened to relay race. Two dogs run across an obstacle course while being guided by their owners to retrieve a ball at the end of the course and bring it back. The next dog then runs the same route and so on so forth until all dogs have run. The winning team is the one with the least errors and the least time as well.
  • Obedience. The dogs are given exercises to do. This test is based on the owners commanding the dogs.
  • Agility. This test is mainly based on action and coordination. The dogs are expected to run through a course filled with jump hurdles and all kinds of obstacles. The dog with the least time and errors wins.

The Boston Terrier is, therefore, an excellent choice for anyone considering getting a pet to be signed up for canine sports.

Owning a Boston Terrier

This breed of dogs is one of the best with human interaction. They can tell how their owner feels. This ability is impressive because they can adjust their behaviour to suit your own.

Boston Terrier guide

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When you are feeling sad or grumpy, it will do its best to be there for you and try to console you as best it can. They are companions and best-friends and playmates because of their ability to please whoever owns them and be ore than just a pet.

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Boston Terrier maintenance

One of the aspects that hinder most people from getting a dog for a pet is fur. It gets everywhere! Some dogs shed a lot but not this particular terrier. The Boston Terrier has a short coat of fur. This is quite advantageous because brushing is made significantly more manageable. The Boston Terrier shedding is also much less compared to its other furred counterparts.

Boston Terrier facts

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The Boston Terrier size is quite small, and this automatically means less upkeep. One of the disadvantages, though is how much energy they have, they love having fun and running around thus hard to follow around.

Boston Terrier health

When buying this breed of animal, it is imperative that you get a certified breeder who knows how to ensure good health for their dogs. Small kinks in the genetic makeup of the animal can lead to detrimental consequences. Every dog is prone to a particular type of health issue determined by its genes.

When buying the dog, pay attention to its breathing as well as its eyes. These are usually indications on the health of this specific dog.

Everything you need to know about the popular Boston Terrier

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Considering their big eyes: Boston Terrier puppy may be born with cataracts which render them blind even before their first birthday. These are referred to as juvenile cataracts and can appear when it's about 2-3 months old. They may not be visible to the naked eye, so it is advised to go and get them checked. Cataracts can also develop when the dog is an adult. Therefore regular checkups are advisable.

For the breathing, the Boston Terriers are known to have lots of soft tissue around their airways. A common phenomenon with terrier dog breeds. This makes them prone to a multitude of issues and checking their breath occasionally is recommended. They also have smaller than usual nostrils. This poses a big problem, especially in the summer, because they can overheat. So checking their breathing during summer is also quite mandatory.

Despite the usual dog health concerns, those are the two significant health problems that can affect your American Gentleman. These dogs are strong however, and the average lifespan is between 13-15 years, but some may live up to their late teens.

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Boston Terrier noises

Its sounds can be very annoying or very adorable, depending on what you like. They tend to snore quite loudly, especially when they are asleep. They also snort, wheeze, snuffle, and they grunt quite a bit. As annoying as the sounds can be, they are also tolerable.

Facts about the popular Boston Terrier

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That is everything you need to know about this adorable breed of dogs. If you are considering buying one, then you probably should. The advantages of it heavily outweigh the disadvantages, especially if you compare it to other small dogs which come with a lot more baggage. This dog doesn't have the annoying, loud nature that smaller dogs have. By getting this dog, you have the best of both worlds, the composure and understanding nature of the big dogs and the easy to deal with the size of the smaller dogs.


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