Zitha's evil ways have reached new levels in 'Generations: The Legacy'

Zitha's evil ways have reached new levels in 'Generations: The Legacy'

In last night's episode of Generations: The Legacy, we learnt that Zitha would do or say anything to protect herself. Mpho and Jerah carried on with their plan but were stopped in their tracks by Lerato. Pele stopped Palesa from getting closer to him.

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Sphe, concerned for her father's wellbeing, decided to pay Jack a visit and try to examine him herself to know for sure if he was okay or not.

But Zitha wouldn't allow Sphe to see Jack and even had to be cruel to her friend to protect her secret. Zitha lied to Sphe, saying that Jack blamed her for Tshidi's death because she failed to save her.

Sphe was devastated at these accusations and feels somewhat responsible, as she had indeed lied about Tshidi's death. Luckily Mazwi was there to console her and remind her she did what she had to for her little brother's sake.

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Meanwhile, once the doctor changed Jack's medication, we saw an improvement in his mental health. Jack didn't look disorientated any more and was quickly regaining his power again. He remembered that he had been working on finding out what happened to Tshidi and called Captain to find out what new information he had discovered. Will Jack regain all of his memory? Only time will tell.

However, viewers are really starting to have a strong dislike for psycho Zitha and her manipulative, evil ways. Here are some of their comments:

Meanwhile, Mpho and Jerah plotted to "borrow" Lerato's cellphone so they could see if Lesedi was cheating on Mpho. But Lerato realised what they are up to and stopped Mpho and Jerah in their tracks with the help of Uncle Cosmo. And in the nick of time too, because Lerato revealed to Cosmo that she had pictures and messages from Lesedi updating her on her pregnancy.

Gadaffi, on the other had, had a relapse at the weekend and took to the bottle to drown his sorrows once more. He got into a huge argument with Mpho over his drinking and Mpho walked out on him. Gadaffi found a note from Tshidi telling him to take care of Mpho because he is a wonderful child and always puts on a strong front, when in reality she knows he has been through a lot.

This really pricked Gadaffi's heart. Will he change, though? Viewers thought this was getting boring.

Detective Pele discovered that Gog'Flo and Gog'Zondiwe were trying to match-make him and Palesa. He gave them a stern warning to stop as he would not date her, even though he did like her.

Pele told Palesa what the gogos were up to and Palesa admitted that she had strong feelings for him. But Pele said he could not date his CI and eventually asked Palesa to leave.

Back in the Diale house, Mrekza doesn't like Gog'Flo's wedding plans so far and decided he wanted a professional wedding planner. He spoke to Lucy about it and Lucy told him that Gog'Flo would be crushed if he dropped her now, but Mrekza thinks that since he is only getting married this once, he wants and deserves the best.

Meanwhile, Lucy's friend, Fikile is back in town and visits Lucy to say she's sorry. But is she really? Lucy revealed that she is now engaged and living in uptown. Fikile seemed impressed, but surely we're going to see more of her soon.

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