7 gruesome and heart-wrenching incidences of femicide in South Africa that we will never forget! R.I.P

7 gruesome and heart-wrenching incidences of femicide in South Africa that we will never forget! R.I.P

There is nothing as heart-wrenching as waking up to the news of the life of a lady being killed in the hands of a man. The reports on femicide statistics in South Africa are becoming alarming, as they currently stand at the rate of five times the global rate. This is enough call for alarm as the number of ladies who have lost their lives in the hands of men has constantly been on the rise for the past few years.

7 gruesome and heart-wrenching incidences of femicide in South Africa that we will never forget! R.I.P
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The death of Uyinene Mrwetyana is the most recent and also one of the most gruesome crimes. Her death has caught the attention of most people. Her murder has caused so much public attention, with most people being angered by the heinous act that her murderers committed. Going through these recent cases of femicide in South Africa and the pain that the families and friends of the deceased have gone through will trigger the human part of most South Africans. It will also prompt one to join forces in curbing down these crimes.

7 most gruesome cases of femicide in South Africa

No one would love to wake up to the news of having lost a loved one to femicide. That explains the pain that the families of the deceased have been going through ever since they became victims. For that reason, going through these femicide statics in South Africa 2019 will be one way of raising an alarm on how much crime should be looked into.

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1. Uyinene Mrwetyana

7 gruesome and heart-wrenching incidences of femicide in South Africa that we will never forget! R.I.P
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The death of Uyinene Mrwetyana is the most recent one, and it has caused the country so much pain and anguish. Her murder also captured the attention of the President who was so open to condemn the crime. The most saddening part is the conditions before her murder.

She is said to have gone missing about a week before she was found dead. According to the records, the police were joined by private investigators in the search for the missing girl. After searching for about one week, they came across the decease's body that had been dumped at the Khayelitsha.

Her disappearance

According to the details that were presented in court, the deceased was last seen entering Clareinch post office in Cape Town at around 2 pm on the day that she disappeared. She was asked to return after a while since the post office employee could not attend to her because there was no power. When she got back, she was the only one at the office apart from the man who has been linked to her murder. He is alleged to have lured her into getting in after which he locked all the doors and assaulted her.

After the search that had been going on, the man came out to admit to having committed the crime. He also gave leads on where he had hidden the body. DNA tests were conducted on Uyenene's body. The police also carried out tests on the traces of blood that they found in the man's car and office. The samples matched the deceased's.

She was bludgeoned with a scale

The report went further to explain the circumstances of her death. She is alleged to have been battered with a scale as she tried to resist the man. That caused her to be unconscious and created room for the man to perform the heinous act on her.

Court hearing

During the court hearing for the case that was set for 2nd September 2019, the prosecutor affirmed that the deceased had been raped before she was killed. He then went further to state that the accused, a forty-two-year-old worker at Clareinch post office in Cape Town, had confessed his act. The court adjourned the case to 5th November even though it is alleged that an angry group of people torched a house that is believed to belong to the accused.

2. Hannah Cornelius

7 gruesome and heart-wrenching incidences of femicide in South Africa that we will never forget! R.I.P
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Hannah Cornelius is another student who was a victim of femicide South Africa. The death of the Stellenbosch University student is one of the most grievous crimes that happened in 2018. According to the reports, the latter is said to have been kidnapped alongside her friend: Cheslin Marsh. It is alleged that they released Cheslin Marsh and proceeded to commit the crimes on Hannah.

According to the court, the three men faced charges of gang-raping her after which they threw her inside the boot of their vehicle and drove off. When her attackers got to Groenhof Farm, they commanded her to get out of the boot of the car, and when she resisted, they resolved to stab her in the back. As though that was not enough, they went a notch higher to throw a rock on her.

While delivering judgement on the case, the court termed Hannah's death as:

"crudest and cruellest form of violence".

3. Fatima Choonara

The brutal murder of Fatima Choonara is proof that no race is safe when it comes to these cases. The deceased is claimed to have suffered the most painful death as she had multiple wounds and her chances of survival were minimal.

The main suspect in this scenario: her husband, is alleged to have taken a bath after "coming home to finding his wife in a pool of blood." He also claimed to have been outside until when he heard the sound of a gunshot and rushed to the house only to find his wife in a pool of blood. One of the witnesses who got into the house shortly after the incident told the court that he did not see any signs of forced entry.

Even though Rameez, Fatima's husband, was the first suspect linked to the murder, he was released on a cash bail since there was no evidence linking him to the crime. The family of the deceased are still hopeful that the man behind their daughter's death will be found and charged.

4. Karabo Mokoena

7 gruesome and heart-wrenching incidences of femicide in South Africa that we will never forget! R.I.P
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Karabo Mokoena's death is another puzzle that has been the most difficult to solve. She is alleged to have been killed by her ex-boyfriend: Sandile Mantsoe, even though he claimed to have set her dead body ablaze after he found her dead.

The accused claimed that the deceased used to beat him up and that she had had several suicidal attempts and when he got home, and found her in their apartment dead, he opted to torch her body. When forensic tests were carried out on the deceased's body, it was difficult to ascertain where she was alive when she was burned to death.

Sandile Mantsoe, however, faced charges of assault as he attacked the deceased on 27th March 2017.

5. Susan Rohde

The quest for justice for the murder of Susan Rohde became fruition after her husband: Jason Rohde was proven guilty in November 2018, more than two years after her death. According to the court, the accused was found guilty of murder and obstruction of justice after he had tried to stage his wife's death to make it look like a suicide.

The court discovered that the deceased had found out that her husband had been cheating on her and this marked the beginning of her miseries. The deceased is claimed to have had her emotions turned around when she found out about her husband's infidelity and this escalated to her death. Susan's dead body was found in a bathroom in a hotel as the couple had attended a conference.

6. Jayde Panayiotou

The death of Jayde Panayiotou has also been the most controversial one after the court found evidence linking her husband to her murder. The crime that happened four years ago was the most shocking since no one can understand why the twenty-eight-year-old teacher would be killed in such a gruesome manner. The many questions that family and friends had finally have an answer. The most shocking part is that her husband, who read an emotional eulogy during her burial, was the man behind the crime.

Christopher Panayiotou was found guilty for the murder of his wife which occurred on 2nd April 2015. It is alleged that he had an affair with the manager of OK Groceries, their family business, and when he realised that he was running on debt and could not afford to take care of his wife and mistress at the same time, he opted to reduce his debt which was on the rise by killing his wife.

7. Winnie Rust

7 gruesome and heart-wrenching incidences of femicide in South Africa that we will never forget! R.I.P
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On 14th March 2014, justice was served on the murder of Winnie Rust. One of the suspects: Nigel, was close to the Afrikaans author as she used to pay for his school fees and sports activities ever since he was in Grade 7. His mother used to work for Winnie's daughter, and as a result, the deceased was kind enough to offer to pay for the young boy's education. Being a beneficiary of Winnie's kind heart, Nigel would often visit Winnie whenever he needed help with his homework.

Their relationship was cool until when Johannes Plaatjies convinced Nigel to be his accomplice while robbing Winnie. Johannes Plaatjies is said to have been looking forward to raising money to clear the debts that he had. In the process, the two young men are claimed to have sprayed pepper on Winnie's eyes after which they chocked her. The two were sentenced to life in prison for the murder and robbery.

These are some of the few cases that captured the attention of many and have been reported. Who knows how many people have lost their loved ones to femicide but are unable to have justice served. This is a trend that has been on for the past five years, and as the years go by, the number of the victims keeps on growing. Even though the families of victims like Zanele Khumalo and Reeva Steenkamp have openly condemned the murders, the rising number is a call for alarm.


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