Kabisi and Diales clash in 'Generations' and Jack's under pressure

Kabisi and Diales clash in 'Generations' and Jack's under pressure

Kabisi didn't trust the Diale's intentions at all and paid them a visit to demand a DNA test instead on Generations: The Legacy. The Diales were really offended and angry. Jack felt the pressures of the police messing up his business. Married life wasn't what Mrekza thought it would be.

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Without informing any family members, Kabisi decided to visit the Diales and confront them about Lesedi's pregnancy. He said there would be no negotiations until they have proof that Lesedi is carrying Jerah's child. He demanded a DNA test and even unintentionally called the Diales "gold-diggers" because they were not rich like the Morokas.

Lucy was livid at what Kabisi had to say and decided that she would prove him wrong, by agreeing to do the DNA test. Problem is, Gog'Flo pointed out that it is Lesedi's decision on whether she wanted to do the test or not. Not many people realise the complications and risk it is to the mother and child when a DNA test has to be done while the baby is still in the womb.

Kabisi was positive that because the Diales are poor, they were just scamming the Morokas to get rich quickly. And what better way that having a child with a Moroka bloodline.

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Meanwhile, viewers weren't happy about the way Kabisi spoke to the Diales and accused them of being gold diggers.

Meanwhile, Jack Mabaso found out that the police busted another business operation of his. Jack was feeling the pressure about him losing his name and being called unreliable, and clients leaving to other dealers in the game. After discussing it with Zitha, Jack realised he needed to up his game or get rid of Pele. But for now, he has to lie low.

Pele, excited about his big bust, decided to add on more pressure by getting one of Jack's men to squeal and rat him out. The furthest Pele could get though was to Jack's lawyer, but realised he had to really scrutinise all the documents they confiscated to find any incriminating evidence on Mabasao.

Here are some of the comments from viewers:

Meanwhile, back at their new apartment, Mrekza realised that marriage is not what he thought it would be. He assumed that his wife would cook him a home-cooked meal every day and be there at his beck and call when he got home. But Lucy quickly put him in his place, saying that its 2019 and not 1920, and that he could have had supper at the club or ordered a take-away.

Lucy had a point though. Men need to change their thinking that a women's place is in the kitchen. Men can learn to cook to. In fact, in today's world, especially with both working, couples need to work together and share the household chores.

Meanwhile, Gadaffi was using the church to clear his massive cash flow to camouflage his dealings with drugs and diamonds. Here are a few comments from viewers:

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