Ranjeni Munusamy biography: age, scandal, articles, Zuma, pictures, EFF, and latest news

Ranjeni Munusamy biography: age, scandal, articles, Zuma, pictures, EFF, and latest news

Ranjeni Munusamy is one journalist whose career is at stake after a corruption scandal was linked to her. The case has caused so much frenzy in the country with politicians reacting to the matter regarding the nature of the case. The corruption case involves an amount of money that was deposited in her account illegally. Investigations are being carried out, and so far, she is an accused party in the case.

Ranjeni Munusamy biography: age, scandal, articles, Zuma, pictures, EFF, and latest news

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Ranjeni Munusamy's career, which seemed to have been on the right track, is at the verge of being ruined should she be found guilty of the charges that are linked to her. It is alleged that she was involved in a corruption case that involved a slush fund connected with the spy unit of the police. It is alleged that the money was used to pay a car debt that she owed the bank. She has, however, come out to deny the allegations. Investigations regarding the fund are going on.

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Ranjeni Munusamy biography

Ranjeni Munusamy age

The latter was born in 1969. As of date, she is fifty years old. She was born in Pretoria's Centurion area.

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Ranjeni Munusamy education

Not so much is known about her early childhood life, although it is clear that the latter studied journalism for her undergraduate level. That also explains her career as an associate editor in Tiso Blackstar. She joined the organisation in 2017. Before joining Tiso Blackstar, she had been working with Daily Maverick.

Ranjeni's relation to Jacob Zuma

It is alleged that Miss Ranjeni had compromised her career and was among the journalists who were vouching for Zuma's re-election. This is linked to the articles that the latter wrote. Ranjeni Munusamy articles include:

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Ranjeni Munusamy latest news

Ranjeni has topped the news for the past few hours because of the state of capture claims. These claims came up after Kobus Roelofse, a Hawk's investigator, revealed that she was associated with a corruption case that involved the Crime Intelligence and the payments of her vehicle. According to Kobus Roelofse, Ranjeni had engaged in a slush fund for the Police Criminal Intelligence Unit.

According to the report, Kobus Roelofse testified before the Zondo commission, stating that he had tried to reach out to Ranjeni in 2014 regarding the allegations. He went further to say,

I spoke to her about three times and she said she would speak to her legal representative. I didn't receive any communications from her,

According to the allegations, Kobus Roelofse stumbled upon reports that indicated that there were payments that had been to Ranjeni. He stumbled upon the report while investigating a case between Centurion's Atlantis Motors and the officers in the department. Kobus went further to state:

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We were able to uncover an amount of R143 621.78. It was paid from the Atlantis Motors business account to Wesbank vehicle finance account in the settlement agreement of the vehicle in the name of Ms Ranjeni Munusamy. As far as I know, she is a journalist

Details of the slush fund

According to the report that was tabled before the Zondo Commission, the amount of R143,621.78 was debited to Ms Ranjeni's account on July 30th, 2008. The money is said to have been debited by Atlantis motors. Kobus, however, made it clear that the investigations that had been done regarding the funds did not establish why the funds were debited to Ms Ranjeni's account.

It, is, however, alleged that the money that was debited to Miss Ranjeni's account was geared towards helping her settle the vehicle debt that she had accrued at Wesbank Vehicle Finance. The money is alleged to have been meant for the police spy unit.

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Special leave

ranjeni munusamy twitter

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The allegations have made Miss Ranjeni be placed on special leave. Reacting to the matter, the latter stated;

I deny the allegations made against me at the Zondo commission today. They are baseless. I am working with my lawyers to draft a response to the allegations for the commission, with whom I am co-operating fully,

Her current employer, Tiso Blackstar, reacted to the matter stating that when the incident happened, the latter was not their employee. The company sent a report saying:

We adhere to the doctrine of presumption of innocence until proven guilty and the principles of natural justice that include hearing both sides of the story.
However, we have granted her special leave considering the gravity of these allegations.
The company was unaware of any investigation involving Munusamy. At the time she was engaged as an independent contractor.

It went further to state that it would conduct a private investigation on Miss Ranjeni Munusamy scandal after which it would decide on what to do with her.

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EFF reaction to Ms Ranjeni Munusamy scandal

The issue has attracted a lot of attention on social media. Among those that have boldly come out to express their opinion on the matter is the deputy president of the EFF, Floyd Shivambu, who took it to his Twitter account to express his sentiments on the matter. In a post, he stated:

And we must still relate to these people as Journalists? Others work for @dailymaverick and are on the payroll of private illegal intelligence services masquerading as Law Firms. All these will be revealed!

Anton Harber on Ranjeni Munusamy scandal

Another party that boldly reacted to the issue is Anton Harber, who is a professor of journalism from the University of the Witwatersrand. Her major concern was what she termed as 'brown envelope journalism.' Through an interview on Power FM, she expressed her sentiments saying:

As the journalism profession, we are very concerned about what we call brown envelope journalism – journalists taking incentives, bribes, payments in one sort or another – from the many people who would like to corrupt and win over the support of journalists
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She went further to say:

What this shows clearly and importantly if it’s true, is that state security appears to be paying people who were working on Jacob Zuma’s re-election campaign

The professor went ahead to express her opinion on how the matter is likely to affect the latter's career, saying that if was proven guilty, the matter would have serious implications on her career and Ranjeni Munusamy profile as a journalist.

Ranjeni Munusamy pictures

Social media has suddenly been flooded with Ranjeni Munusamy's pictures, and everyone is airing their opinion on the matter. Ranjeni Munusany Twitter account, however, is private, and therefore, her reaction to the matter on social media has been protected.

Ranjeni Munusamy is currently facing a case that links her to corruption. She has not yet been proved guilty, and if that happens, her career and life will greatly be compromised.


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