Pastor says God commanded that women should not speak in churches

Pastor says God commanded that women should not speak in churches

- The head pastor of Restored Bible Tabernacle, Chibuzor Ukaonu, says women are not supposed to speak in churches

- Pastor Ukaonu explains that God did not permit women to speak in churches but they are to learn from their husbands

- Ukaonu says that the commandment applies both in the Old and New Testament and that whoever disagreed with his sermon should argue with God

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The head pastor of Restored Bible Tabernacle in Lagos, Chibuzor Ukaonu, has said that women should be silent in churches. Pastor Ukaonu said this during a sermon in his church.

In a video posted on the church’s official Instagram page, the pastor mentioned that it is the commandment of God for women to keep silent and stay under obedience in churches.

Backing his sermon with Bible verses, 1st Timothy 2:11-12, 1st Timothy 3:1-2 and 1st Corinthians 14:33-35, Pastor Ukaonu noted that the apostle Paul cursed whoever preached anything contrary to those verses.

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He said: ‘’You may listen to it somehow, you see it somehow but the truth is the truth.’’

The pastor explained that the commandment existed in the Old Testament and had not changed in the New Testament, noting that whoever disagreed with his sermon should argue with God.

Pastor Ukaonu’s sermon has generated different conversations from people. In the comment section of the video, some people accused the pastor of prejudice against women.

Lewisimobio said: "Nonsense, the bible verse can only work in Africa where Men, even Men of God oppress Women. Hardly you see African Men of God preach about how to love n respect your wife. Most African pastors are always against women. Let only men go to your church, rubbish, Religion in Africa is aimed at slaving n oppressing women."

Picky__nicole said: "You lie. sir.... chauvinism is what you displayed to hundreds, probably thousands of people. Mtcheew."

In another comment, the pastor was questioned about women who have done great things for God.

Gmadu4698 said: "Oga read Joel 2.28, so the founder of Foursquare Church today Aimee Semple Mcpherson is a disgrace to God? So Kathryn Kuhlman is a disgrace to God? And so many Great Women of God who had made an impact in the word of God, changed lives, brought people to Jesus, healed the sick is a disgrace to God? So on the last day, God would differentiate men different from women before judgement? God does not discriminate against Gender so who are you? That’s why I left a church when one African pastor preaching rubbish about women. is the degrading of Women the sole problem n aim of the word of God? Messed up nonsense preaching. They never preach love towards women, they only downgrade. Rubbish!"

Another person questioned the pastor about the women in Jesus' ministry.

Official_bonniea said: "Pastor please explain then why Jesus brought alongside Deborah Mary Magdalene Susanna Joanna the wife of Chuza Herod’s stewards alongside to preach with him? Or has Jesus gone mad? Another thing, are you God, that you are to condemn? How do you know that mummy GO and other fellow women of God are fake pastors? Tell me why as a man of God do you have a picture of a fake Jesus at the altar? Have you seen Jesus? Exodus 20:4-6 please remove the speck in your eyes before the log in another man’s eyes."

Some argued that the commandment does not apply to New Testament believers.

Tutu_blossom said: "But those where letters by Paul and some parts of the Bible were inspired by the times the writer was in."

Nadiaepanty said: "It is true it is written in the Bible in Corinthians that woman is not to speak in church, but have you taken time to read the whole Corinthians to understand it. Paul was writing this to the people of Corinthians at that time because of the too many divisions that took place in the church, he gave them so many laws to follow because of the type of people he was talking to, it does apply to everyone, it was specifically to the people of Corinthians. People just take scriptures and preach what they do not understand about that scripture. It’s the same as preaching that because David slept with Uriah’s wife and God was still with him, other men can take other people’s wives and God would be okay with it. We really need the Holy Spirit in this generation, because everyone can preach from the Bible but not knowing the Rhema behind it."

Someone said he's actually surprised that those verses existed in the bible and thanked the pastor for opening his eyes to it

Yellowvisionadverising said: "I actually checked the scriptures and it’s true. Wow, where was I all these while that I didn’t know that it wrong to have a female preacher. Thank you so much for opening my eyes @restoredbibletabernacle but the world needs to hear you."

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Meanwhile, previously reported that an African man who was duped by a pastor cried out on social media. The man identified as Emmanuel Aramide revealed that the pastor issued a fake visa for him even though he paid for a genuine one.

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