Beauden Barrett biography: age, measurements, wife, sisters, family, speed, rugby team, stats, salary and Instagram

Beauden Barrett biography: age, measurements, wife, sisters, family, speed, rugby team, stats, salary and Instagram

Beauden Barrett is one of the world's most accomplished and best rugby players. The latter has set records that might take a couple of years to beat. At the age of twenty-eight, he is among the best players, his biggest highlight being the match between New Zealand and Canada where he led his team in squashing their opponents 60-0. You might want to know more about him.

Beauden Barrett biography: age, measurements, wife, sisters, family, speed, rugby team, stats, salary and Instagram

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The legendary Beauden Barrett is the king of New Zealand rugby. He has shown great potential in the sport and stands among the best in the sport. He has great speeds, the one weapon that he uses to effectively play his position as a fly-half or fullback. His brothers play the sport but are not as good as he is.

Beauden Barrett biography

Beauden Barrett age

How old is Beauden Barrett? Beauden John Barrett, popularly known as Beaudy, was born on the 27th of May 1991 in New Plymouth, in New Zealand's Taranaki region. Currently, he is twenty-eight years old.

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Beauden Barrett family

As a young boy, Barrett grew up under the care of his parents in a dairy farm in Pumgarehu, a small town situated in the coastal region of Taranaki. He had seven siblings including four brothers: Kane, Blake, Scott and Jordie.

Beauden Barrett sisters

Barrett is a brother to three sisters. They are Jenna, Ella, and Zara.

Beauden Barrett wife

Beauden Barrett biography: age, measurements, wife, sisters, family, speed, rugby team, stats, salary and Instagram

Image:, @beaudenbarrett
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Who did Beauden Barrett marry? In January 2019, the latter married his girlfriend for five years and the lady that he had dubbed as "the girl of my dreams." The two solemnised their vows in a colourful wedding that was attended by close family and friends in Hurakia Lodge in Rakino Island, in Auckland. Hannah Laity, Beauden's wife, is twenty-four years old and practises as an accountant.

Beauden Barrett career

The latter began his rugby career at a tender age. He nurtured his career at the local Coastal Rugby and Sports Club. He also took part in the sport while at school, and at one point, he was part of Francis Douglas Memorial College first XV. This was proof that he had a bright future in rugby.

Rugby career at Taranaki

At the age of 19, his rugby career took another turn as he became part of the squad in the New Zealand Sevens team. This was during the last two legs if the 2010 IRB Sevens World Series that was held in 2010 in Scotland and England. It is during the same time that he represented Taranaki for the ITM Cup where his team played against Northland.

In 2010, he was part of the squad that was selected to represent New Zealand in a tournament that his team won. By this time, he was under Mark Anscombe, who was his coach. In that same year, he represented his team in the 2010 ITM Cup competition, an opportunity that greatly impacted his career. He was announced as the most promising player of the year, and as though that was not enough, he became among the first prioritised players in his team by the time the season was coming to an end.

In 2011, the latter went back to his home town for the 2011 ITM Cup and posted the best performance during the game. For the first time, he posted a record of 29 points that saw his team win though through a very slim margin. His influence in the team greatly impacted the team's performance, and as a result, at the end of that season, his team secured the third position. As per the norm, he was declared Tanaraki back of the year

In 2012, Barrett only made it to the pitch four times since he was held up with other duties. For the four times that he made it to the games, he made a whopping 60 scores.

Rugby career at Hurricanes

As though he was born to prove that one good thing deserves another, during his debut game where it was announced that he had so much potential, two teams approached him asking him to sign a contract with them. One of the teams that wanted to strike a deal with him was Hurricanes while the second one was Blues. After signing the deal with Hurricanes, he became part of the squad and always had a chance to play during the games. During his debut match, he posted exemplary results that saw his team win the game against Central Cheetahs.

By the end of the season in 2012, Beauden proved to the club and his fans that his joining the team was for a good course and that he had come to set a new record. By the end of the season, he had set a record of 197 points, unlike the initial one which was 152 points and had been unchanged for fifteen years.

During the year that followed, he completed the league with a score of 186 points, and in 2014, he signed another two-year contract with Hurricanes. By the end of the season in 2014, he had a record of 209 points, a record that made him so famous and helped his star shine.

Beauden Barrett injury

2015 was not a good year for the skilled rugby player as Beauden had a severe knee injury. He, therefore, spent the part of the time that season in recovery. As a result, he missed out on the better part of the season that year.

International career

Apart from posting the best results while playing for local teams, Beauden landed a chance to play internationally. His test debut came in 2012 when he was named as part of the squad for the All Blacks. During that match, he earned his team nine points within twenty-four minutes playtime. His team ended up winning that match.

In 2013, he landed the chance of being part of the All Blacks squad that would play against France. Again, his team made history through the 30-0 win against France. Beauden was very instrumental during this match. The subsequent matches were a success, and he became the first player to set a clean sheet of 19 wins in all his 19 tests. He also bagged the award of the World Rugby player of the year in 2016.

Beauden Barrett rugby team

On Wednesday, 2nd October 2019, history was made when the Barrett brothers, Jordie, Beauden and Scott played in a World Cup match again Canada. The three were representing New Zealand in the Pool B match that was held in Oita. The match came after the team had beat one of their biggest threats, South Africa's Springboks.

The big match

Beauden Barrett biography: age, measurements, wife, sisters, family, speed, rugby team, stats, salary and Instagram

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The NZ rugby match that was held on 2nd October 2019 was on the headlines after each one of the Barrett brothers did beyond what most people had expected of them. New Zealand had been projected to beat Canada. The most interesting part is that the appearance of the Barret brothers in the match was not ceremonial as it had been presumed earlier on. The trio made the headlines after each one of them made scores that would greatly impact the team's victory.

Jordie was first to make his team lead within the first nine minutes of the match with a score of 14-0. Minutes later, the legendary Beauden Barret did his magic, and the score went up to 28-0. Four minutes after the break, Scott Barret knew that it was his chance to shine, and he did what he does best; therefore, the score went higher to 42-0. The match ended with the All Blacks leading with 60 points.

Beauden Barrett stats

The latter's stats have shown that he is a reliable player whose skill keeps on getting better with time. He has had a great impact on the teams that he has played for as significantly impacted the series of wins.

Beauden Barrett measurements

The latter plays the fullback or fly-half positions. His ability to comfortably play these positions is greatly attributed to his body physique as he weights 90.7 kg and has a height of 6 feet, 2 inches. The combination explains the great speeds that Beauden Barrett 100m time that the latter has displayed during matches.

Beauden Barrett speed

Beauden Barrett biography: age, measurements, wife, sisters, family, speed, rugby team, stats, salary and Instagram

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The latter has shown exemplary speeds in the sport, and this has greatly impacted his success in the positions that he plays. Beauden Barrett 100m time has made him be among the fastest rugby players in the world.

Beauden Barrett salary

It is not clear how much the latter earns from the sport although he is among the highest-paid players in the sport.

Beauden Barrett Instagram

The latter boasts of an Instagram account with 481,000 followers, most of them being his fans.

Beauden Barrett is the talk of the town because of how well he played in the match against Canada. The 60-0 win was greatly attributed to him and his brothers. The trio has made the team and fans so proud of them.



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