Samuel Little: 10 spine-chilling facts about the deadliest serial killer ever

Samuel Little: 10 spine-chilling facts about the deadliest serial killer ever

Forget about Ted Bundy because Samuel Little has caught everyone by surprise when he was named the most prolific serial killer in the United States of America. According to the reports that were brought forth by the FBI on October 8th, 2019, the latter is claimed to have killed more than ninety women across the country. The most shocking part about this report is that he came out to confess the claims and even gave the identity of some of his victims. You might want to know more about this troubling story.

Samuel Little: 10 spine-chilling facts about the deadliest serial killer ever

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Could it be possible that Samuel Little got haunted by guilt that he opened up about the crimes that he had committed and yet no one knew about? This is one of the questions in the puzzle that the FBI are trying to solve. The confessions that Samuel made have, however, earned him a title as the most feared and prolific serial killer. With a total of fifty confessions considered as credible, the federal body looks forward to investigating the other killings and has urged the public to help in finding more details about the crimes.

Facts about Samuel Little killings

If you thought Ted Bundy was an expert in committing murder, these facts about Samuel Little confessions and killings will send chills down your spine.

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1. He has been behind bars since 2012

The 79-year-old Samuel Little was sentenced to serve a life sentence for the murder of three women. Before he was charged with murder, he was arrested in California on a drugs charge in Kentucky and was later moved to California. During the investigations for this crime, a DNA test was carried out on him. The investigators did not know at the beginning how beneficial the test would be to them, because by then, he had a chain of crime records ranging from robbery to rape cases in different parts of the country.

The DNA test that was carried out linked him with three counts of murder that had occurred in Los Angeles between 1987 and 1989. During the trial, he pleaded not guilty, but he was finally convicted and was sentenced to serve three consecutive life sentences. The sentence also gave him no chance of parole.

2. He made his confession about killing 93 people in 2018

While serving his sentence, Samuel Little was referred to the Violent Criminal Apprehension Program (ViCAP), a body working under the FBI that specifically deals with the analysis of serial offenders of sexual and violent crimes. The body is also mandated to share all the information that it comes up with with the law enforcement forces to help in finding solutions to unsolved crimes.

In 2018, Samuel Little asked whether he could switch prisons, and when the Violent Criminal Apprehension Program (ViCAP) interviewed him, he opened up about the 93 counts of murder. This opened room for investigations to be done in a bid to try and solve the murder cases. A series of investigations were carried out to try and identify the victims and the conditions that led to their death.

3. Most of his victims were ladies

According to the report that was revealed by the FBI, most of the ladies that had fallen victims to Samuel Little were blacks. The report revealed that Samuel targeted ladies who were sex workers and drug users. He also targeted marginalised and vulnerable ladies who would easily fall prey.

4. He strangled all his 93 victims!

Samuel Little: 10 spine-chilling facts about the deadliest serial killer ever

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Investigations have revealed that he has killed all his victims by strangling.

5. His victims did not have signs of being brutally murdered

According to the report that the Federal Bureau of Investigation brought forth, Samuel Little took advantage of his boxing skills to kill some of his victims. Samuel would punch his victims before proceeding to strangle them. When the bodies of the victims were recovered, they did not show any signs of having been brutally murdered.

It happens that some of the cases of the victims were investigated by the FBI and some were ruled out as accidental or overdoses. Some of the bodies were never recovered.

6. While in prison, he drew some of his victims

Samuel Little: 10 spine-chilling facts about the deadliest serial killer ever

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As part of the report that the FBI provided on the allegations of the new cases that Samuel Little has provided, the federal body provided a portrait with drawings of some of the ladies that had fallen victims. The most crushing thing about the victims is that most of them were black. According to the FBI, Samuel had drawn the ladies whose faces he could remember and describe. The 79-year-old man could even remember the identities of the ladies and the locations of the murders that occurred more than forty years ago!

7. Samuel could recall the description of some of his victims

As part of the evidence for the report that the FBI gave, there were videos of interviews that Samuel had done while in prison. During the interviews, he gave descriptions of his victims. In some of the interviews, he was quoted saying,

She was pretty. Light-coloured, honey-brown skin," he said with a small smile. "She was tall for a woman. Beautiful shape. And, uh, friendly.

In another instance, he admitted to having killed one of his victims by drowning her. For this case, he said:

That's the only one that I ever killed by drowning,

He narrated how he had met the lady in a club in 1982. He went further to state that he left with the lady in his Lincoln and had parked at a bayou before he committed the heinous crime.

8. Samuel Little recalls the timestamps for some of the murders

According to the series of interviews that he did with the Violent Criminal Apprehension Program (ViCAP), Samuel gave timestamps on when he committed the crimes.

In one instance, he narrates his encounter with a transgender lady in Florida. In the interview, he gives an account of how he met the nineteen-year-old lady in Florida in the early 70s. The young black lady's name whom he referred to as Marianne or Mary Ann met him in Miami, and then, later on, ended up becoming part of his long list of victims. She is one of the victims whom the FBI have had a difficult time trying to find details that could help in solving her case. That has forced the FBI to seek help from the public on coming up with details regarding her identity.

According to Little's confession, he killed the nineteen-year-old lady on a driveway near a sugarcane plantation, and he then dragged her body into the Everglades. He went further to say,

I turned her loose and she fell into it face down.

In another instance, Samuel gave an account of another case that happened in 1993. He narrated how he had strangled another lady in a room in a motel in Las Vegas. He also narrated how he had met the lady's son and had even shaken his hand before he killed his mother. He went further to state that, after strangling the lady, he carried her body to his car and drove off to the outskirts of the city where he rolled it down a slope.

9. Most of Samuel Little victims' deaths went uninvestigated

Samuel Little: 10 spine-chilling facts about the deadliest serial killer ever

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Samuel Little committed his crimes in the most heinous ways, and since he targeted marginalised women and those who suffered drug addiction or indulged in prostitution, it was difficult for the bodies of his victims to be identified. This made investigating the cases difficult too. According to a report from Christie Palazzolo who is a crime analyst at ViCAP,

For many years, Samuel Little believed he would not be caught because he thought no one was accounting for his victims,

10. The FBI looks forward to ensuring that justice is served for every victim

So far, out of the 93 victims, the FBI has ascertained that fifty cases that the latter confessed about are credible. The body is looking forward to collecting more information and data that will help in solving the remaining 43 cases. It has, therefore, pleaded to the public to help in collecting information about five of the cases that it has posted on its website.

Samuel Little has broken the record as the most prolific serial killer. He has tripled the number of murders of Ted Bundy, another serial killer. His confession has revealed his darkest secrets and brought forth the identities of the ladies that he killed and whose deaths were never investigated.



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