Scandal! Teasers: November 2019

Scandal! Teasers: November 2019

Scandal! is one of the shows whose hype and humour cannot be swept under the carpet. As days go by, the story gets juicier as more secrets are revealed. Some of the closest Scandal! characters are betraying one another and revealing their darkest secrets as some of the parties try to reconcile. This is one of the shows that might make you think twice about sharing your secrets. But first, how about having a glimpse of what November has in store for us through these Scandal! Teasers?

Scandal! Teasers: November 2019

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Just as the name suggests, Scandal! is a show that guarantees the epitome of drama and humour. The constant wrangles that have been going on in the show seem to be taking a new course as some of the closest friends end up being enemies. More secrets are being revealed and the animosity between the Scandal! characters does not seem to be making the situation better. Scandal! Teasers for November are proof that things are not going to get any better.

Scandal! Teasers for November

You do not want to miss out on the drama that is going to unfold in Scandal! episodes for November as these teasers will highlight what the show has in store for you.

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Episode 3423 - Friday, 1st of November, 2019

Phindile goes out of her way to try and reconcile two people. As this happens, Boniswa is stressed by the new visitor to the extent of finding reasons to seek ways of covering up. Meanwhile, it finally dawns on Dintle that all hope is not lost regarding her last contract.

Episode 3424 - Monday, 4th of November, 2019

Something interesting happens at Q's lounge as a lady, believed to be a high-flying in the corporate world, gets a rude awakening. Stokkies, on the other hand, is thinking of starting a new chapter. As this happens, a corpse is on the move and no one can explain how.

Episode 3425 - Tuesday, 5th of November, 2019

A mother and her son are involved in a crime, and just when they thought that their deal was perfect, it happens that there is one loose end. Phindile is mesmerised by what one of the family members does. As this happens, Dintle tries to play with Quinton's mind. The response that she gets leaves her perplexed.

Scandal! Teasers: November 2019

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Episode 3426 - Wednesday, 6th of November, 2019

Boniswa is glad that she finally gets what she has been looking for. She is, however, not lucky as someone finds her in the act. Meanwhile, Phindile is concerned because one of the family members is deeply involved in a situation that is not morally upright. Boniswa, on the other hand, is determined to face her fears and the thing that is standing in her way of becoming a better person.

Episode 3427 - Thursday, 7th of November, 2019

Boniswa is determined to help her children maintain their cool as they wait to hear the big news. Meanwhile, Phindile is surprised by the answers that she gets regarding a loved one. Also, Stokkies faces Quinton and the tone in Stokkies' voice is quite strange.

Episode 3428 - Friday, 8th of November, 2019

The bad news finally goes public and Boniswa tries to remind Chumani to keep his emotions under control. Stokkies is so exhilarated that he might end up going for a new adventure. Meanwhile, one of the family members, who is responsible for making Lindiwe feel embarrassed, finally says sorry, and Lindiwe forgives him.

Episode 3429 - Monday, 11th of November, 2019

Boniswa desperately begs Yvonne not to reveal the secret that might end up tarnishing her name. Meanwhile, Stokkies is so overwhelmed by excitement that he does not let a thought of a failed event get at him. As this happens, Kgosi makes a very horrible mistake that could have dire consequences.

Scandal! Teasers: November 2019

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Episode 3430 - Tuesday, 12th of November, 2019

A new day dawns and Stokkies is anxious and excited at the same time. Kgosi deals with the suspicions that one of his family members has. As this happens, Boniswa tries to talk an enemy into keeping the truth from the public.

Episode 3431 - Wednesday, 13th of November, 2019

An overwrought situation that has been troubling a mother and her son finally comes to an end. They, however, have not gotten to a peaceful state of mind. Layla opens up about something, and the news is received with both anger and excitement. Kgosi, on the other hand, confirms the suspicions that he has been having and gives a warning.

Episode 3432 - Thursday, 14th of November, 2019

Tshepo discovers something that serves as a clue for him to join the dots. Things are falling into place for a young entrepreneur. He comes up with a plan that will help avoid being detected. As this happens, one of the shareholders at Chillax makes an announcement that leaves everyone shocked. He goes ahead to give Kgosi an idea even though it is unintentional.

Episode 3433 - Friday, 15th of November, 2019

The most embarrassing thing happens to Boniswa as she is accused in the presence of the members of staff and the pupils in her school. Meanwhile, Dintle does something that makes Quinton impressed, even though Layla is not convinced enough to change her impression about Dintle. As this happens, Kgosi does something that forces an older man to intervene.

Episode 3434 - Monday, 18th of November, 2019

What happens to Boniswa prompts her to look for ways of doing damage control. Kgosi gets home to a group of unwelcome guests at his doorstep. Dintle, on the other hand, is glad that she has something to rejoice about even though she has another thing to worry about.

Episode 3435 - Tuesday, 19th of November, 2019

Scandal! Teasers: November 2019

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Chumani faces the most perplexing moment after someone that he loves makes a horrifying suspicion about him. Gloria, on the other hand, is unable to come to terms with what her son was involved in. Meanwhile, Dintle is showing signs of being territorial at her place of work.

Episode 3436 - Wednesday, 20th of November, 2019

Chumani is still finding it difficult to open up despite being offered a sympathetic ear. Even though Kgosi is irritated, he opts to put his recent actions behind him. Meanwhile, Dintle is slowly learning that not everyone is her friend.

Episode 3437 - Thursday, 21st of November, 2019

It finally dawns on Chumani that Tshepo is on his way to finding out the truth. Dintle does not find an ambient space to air out her ideas and Layla makes a decision without understanding the facts. Kgosi, on the other hand, is convinced about solving the problem at hand. It does not occur to him that he has a bigger issue to take care of.

Episode 3438 - Friday, 22nd of November, 2019

Tshepo makes a serious revelation, and then Kgosi goes ahead to indulge in a dubious action even though he had promised his mother that he would watch out for every step that he takes. As this happens, Hlengiwe is burning with rage because of the interference that happened without her consent.

Episode 3439 - Monday, 25th of November, 2019

An unexpected person shows up at Layla's house, which increases her tension. Meanwhile, Chumani is in a personal conflict on whether or not he should engage in clean love.

Scandal! Teasers: November 2019

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Episode 3440 - Tuesday, 26th of November, 2019

Chumani opens up to Tshepo and the truth leaves him conflicted, and Kgosi opens up about the good news even though not everyone receives it so well. Meanwhile, Layla is hopeful that nepotism will help her get out of the situation that she is in.

Episode 3441 - Wednesday, 27th of November, 2019

Chumani is issued with an ultimatum that does sound reasonable to him. As this happens, Kgosi is in a debate on whether or not he should go back to his old ways. Also, Layla's condition might be more messed up.

Episode 3442 - Thursday, 28th of November, 2019

Boniswa is willing to commit a crime if that is what it will take to save her son. Also, Kgosi is in a battle with getting over his old habits, and Dintle hints on Amo that there is a possibility of his hope to face a big obstacle.

Episode 3443 - Friday, 29th of November, 2019

Scandal! Teasers: November 2019

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Tshepo finally makes a decision that is bound to change his destiny. On the other hand, Kgosi makes an offer to handle extra duties. His offer is not as generous as he thinks it is. Meanwhile, the plans that were being made in a bid to impress Hlengiwe cause more chaos.

Scandal! Teasers for November highlight how heated up the show is going to be. You do not want to miss out on the drama. Be sure to catch the show on every Monday to Friday at 19:30.



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