Ace Magashule age, children, education, party and house

Ace Magashule age, children, education, party and house

Ace Magashule is one of the names that have been common in the country's newsrooms. The latter has a history of actively being involved in the country's politics. He has also served several leadership positions. To add to it, he has led a controversial life as the past few years have revealed a different side of him that none imagined existed. How about taking a trip through his biography?

Ace Magashule age, children, education, party and house
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According to the current state of the nation, corruption is one of the most significant bugs that South Africa is trying to deal with. The cases that the country has solved have revealed the role that the Gupta family played in matters corruption. As a result, the country is taking keen measures to investigate those that had a history with the family. Ace Magashule is one of the politicians who have been linked with the family. How about going through his biography to find out his significance in the case.

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Ace Magashule biography

These are the details that you might be interested in about the latter.

Ace Magashule age

The latter was born in 1959. As of date, he is sixty years old.

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Ace Magashule early life

Elias Sekgobelo Magashule, popularly known as Ace Magashule, was born and raised in Tumahole, Parys. As a young boy, the latter was actively involved in sports. He used to play boxing. He was also good at soccer and used to play as a midfielder. He was also good at drama. His expertise in soccer landed him the name 'Ace'.

Ace Magashule children

The latter's son is called Tshepiso Magashule.

Tshepiso Magashule latest news

Ace Magashule son has, for the past couple of years, topped the news headlines for controversial reasons. The most heated scandal that he was involved in was the revelation that his father was using him to conduct business with the Gupta family. According to a disclosure that was made to the Zondo commission in April 2019 by Mxolisi Dukwana, one of the MECs of Free State, Ace Magashule had opened up to him about his prospects to engage in business with the Gupta family.

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Dukwana went ahead to state:

He then indicated to me that because of his exposure as a political person, he would rather have his son Tshepiso dealing with this and he said to me there is no law in the country that prohibits his son form doing business with any person.

According to several investigations, it was revealed that Tshepiso used to work with the Gupta companies. He also used to live about one kilometre away from the mansion of the Gupta family in Saxonwold.

Tshepiso Magashule house

It is alleged that the latter was recently evicted from the house that he used to live in. It is also claimed that Tshepiso Magashule house belonged to the controversial Gupta family. According to the neighbours that lived near Tshepiso's home, the latter was evicted from the house, and he left his bull terrier that the neighbours had to feed.

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Ace Magashule qualifications and education

Ace Magashule age, children, education, party and house
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While growing up, he went to Tumahole Primary school and later on joined Phehellang Secondary School. Upon completing his secondary school education, he proceeded to Fort Hare University, where he pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree. By the time that he was joining the university, he was actively involved in activism.

Ace Magashule career

Ace Magashule CV depicts a man who was visionary and was willing to take risks. These are the different positions that he served.

Ace Magushule career as a teacher

The latter began his career as a teacher in the early 1980s. He worked in Moqhaka High School that is situated in Sebokeng and, later on, joined the staff in Phehellang High School located in Parys. Working in these two institutions played a significant role in making him interested in encouraging the youth to invest in education.

Throughout the time that he served as a teacher, he came across a couple of students who experienced challenges raising funds to facilitate their education. In 1984, he saw the need to come up with a program that would help these children to access funds for their education. This idea birthed Ace Magashule bursaries.

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Ace Magashule political career

Formation of COSAS and several detentions

His interest in the country's politics was revealed during his time in campus. His active participation in activism landed him in the list of the founding members of the Congress of South African Students (COSAS). COSAS was formed in 1979, and by then, Ace was still a student at the university. In 1982, the latter was arrested and charged with high treason. Being charged with high treason warranted his detention under the Internal Security Act.

In 1985, he spent nine months in solitary confinement. This must have been his most challenging moment as, during an interview with The Sunday Independent, he reminisced on the encounter stating,

I can assure you that Section 29 is serious torture.

Participation in national politics

Ace Magashule age, children, education, party and house
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Winnie Madikizela-Mandela and Chris Hani greatly influenced Magashule's interest in national politics. As a result, in the 1980s he became part of the founding members of the United Democratic Front. Upon his return from exile, he was delegated the duty of being the chairperson of the ANC's northern Free State region. In 1994, after a merge, the southern and northern region of the ANC's jurisdiction had been considered, Magashule still retained a top position in the party's leadership. For the years that followed, he served as the provincial chairperson. He set a record of being the longest-serving provincial chairperson.

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During the elections that were held in 1994, the latter landed the position of first Free State Provincial Executive Council. In this position, he served as the MEC in charge of Tourism and Economic Affairs.

In 2004, he returned to Free State Legislature during the general elections that were held that year. He expanded his experience in Public Safety, Sports and Culture, Agriculture, Security and Liaison and Transport. To add to it, he also served the position of Chief Whip of Free State Legislature.

On 6th May 2009, during the inauguration of the Free State Legislature, Ace Magashule received the honour of being elected to serve the position of the Premier.

In 2017, during the 54th National Conference, he was elected as the Secretary General of the ANC, a position that he is expected to serve until the 55th National Conference that will be held in 2022.

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Ace Magashule party

Ace Magashule age, children, education, party and house
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The latter has been associated with the African Transformation Movement (ATM), a party that won two seats during the 2019 general elections. It is alleged that he created the minor political party as a way of spiting on President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Ace Magashule news

The latter has hit the headlines for not so good reasons for the past couple of months. He has been linked to the murder of a businessman, alleged to have instructed the former mayor to comply to working with Atul Gupta as well as claims of misuse of Government funds. The most recent revelation that involved him was his contact with the Gupta family. It is alleged that he used his son to get into business with the controversial family and protect his image as a politician.

Amidst the long list of cases that have been linked to him, you could keep up with Ace Magashule latest news to find out whether justice will be served on the crimes that he is alleged to have committed.

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Will he get himself out of the couple of cases that he has been linked with? To find out more about Ace Magashule and the charges that have been tabled against him, check out Ace Magashule latest new.


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