Luyanda Botha bio, age, case, and latest news

Luyanda Botha bio, age, case, and latest news

On 26th August 2019, South Africa was set in a sombre mood after the news of the murder of Uyinene Mrwetyana went up. This was not an ordinary kind of death, as the nineteen-year-old student at the University of Cape Town had been murdered in cold blood after being raped. The conditions of her death caused the public to be infuriated, and as a result, the situation ended up in chaotic demonstrations. Luyanda Botha, the man, alleged to have been behind the crime was presented before the court on 7th November 2019. This was after investigations had been concluded and the evidence required shown. On 15th November 2019, he was charged with three life sentences and an additional five years.

Luyanda Botha bio, age, case and latest news

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On 15th November 2019, Luyanda Botha, a former employee at Clareinch Posta station, appeared at the court for the third time since his arrest. The latter has pleaded guilty of being responsible for the death of the nineteen-year-old Uyinene Mrwetyana, a student at the University of Cape Town. Luyanda has been charged with two counts of rape, murder, and defeating the ends of justice. The crimes that the latter is being accused of occurred on 24th August 2019. You might want to be updated on the details of the crime and how far the court case has gone.

Luyanda Botha bio

Besides Luyanda Botha pictures, these are more details about him that you might be interested in knowing in case you had no idea about who he is.

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Luyanda Botha age

Luyanda is forty-two years old.

Luyanda Botha latest news

Luyanda Botha bio, age, case and latest news

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On 7th November 2019, Luyanda Botha made his way to the tension-filled courtroom. Dressed in a black hood in an attempt to conceal his face, he walked into courtroom 4 of the Wynberg Magistrates Court. This was the second time he appeared in court that week.

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Commenting on the matter after handing over the case to the state, Eric Ntabazalila from the National Prosecuting Authority stated,

Anything can be expected. We hope the trial will start but it depends on what the defence brings to trial.

He went further to state that the list of witnesses and details of Luyanda's indictment and charges had been presented to the court.

On 5th November 2019, the director of public prosecutions for Western Cape stated that the further investigations that had been ongoing had presented evidence to show that the accused would face rape charges. Advocate Rodney de Kock who had been in charge of Luyanda's case emphasised that the investigations had revealed that the latter would be liable for rape charges.

The report of the investigations has revealed that Luyanda is liable for four charges, two counts of rape, murder, and defeating the ends of justice. When speaking to the media, the advocate declined to give further details regarding the charges and stated that more information would be provided in court.

Sentenced to life behind bars

On 15th November 2019, the jury in the Western Cape High Court gave their verdict on the case. Luyanda pleaded guilty for killing and raping Uyinene. The judge declared that he would serve a life sentence for murder, two life sentences for the two counts of rape that he was charged with, and five more years for defeating the ends of justice. The court went further to elaborate that life sentences would run concurrently.

Judge Gayaat Salie-Hlophe, who was in charge of the case, went further to state that Luyanda would not be eligible for parole during the time he would be serving his sentence.

Rodney de Kock, the State Prosecutor advocate, went further to add that;

The State has also consulted with the parents and family of the deceased fully and I have explained in great detail the contents of the document and the processes to be followed,

The deceased's family was in the court at the time when the judgement was being read.

The flow of events before the crime

According to the report that accompanied the indictment, Uyinene had ordered some clothes online and had visited the post office on 8th August to confirm whether her order had arrived. Upon getting to the post office, she was attended to by Luyanda. When she learnt that her parcel had not yet arrived, Luyanda asked for her contacts and promised to let her know when it would be brought to the station. The package arrived on 16th August, and the deceased went to the station on 24th August 2019.

According to Police Minister Bheki Cele, the crime occurred on 24th August 2019. It is alleged that Uyinene Mrwetyana had gone to Clareinch Posta station where the accused worked. Upon arriving at the station, the accused is believed to have had asked her to return later. When Uyinene went back to the station, it was past working hours, and most of the people had left the station. When she got in, the accused is believed to have taken advantage of her.

The Police Minister went further to narrate that the deceased had tried to put up a fight but must have lost her balance and fell. In the process, the accused is believed to have taken advantage of her situation to rape her. Throughout that time, she was struggling with her attacker. In the process, her attacker bludgeoned using a heavy object, and this is what caused her death. The report also indicated that the deceased had been raped twice.

The hidden body

luyanda botha pictures

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The last time that Uyenene was seen alive was on 24th August as she got into Clareinch Posta station after which she was never seen again. According to the report that was presented before the court, after committing his crime, Luyanda hid Uyenene's body inside a safe in the Posta station. The following day, he collected the body and put it in his car after which he drove to Lingelethu West where he dumped it in a field and set it on fire.

On Monday, 26th August 2019, as the police were conducting their routine patrol in Lingelethu West, they came across remains of Uyinene's body. After conducting a series of investigations, Luyanda Botha was arrested four days later.

It is alleged that Luyanda made a statement to the police, and what sounded like a confession gave leads to recovering Uyinene's body.

Charges placed against Luyanda Botha

According to the court, the latter was charged with two counts of rape, murder and defeating the ends of justice. Besides setting Uyenene's body ablaze, he had his car cleaned, and as a result, he ended up destroying forensic evidence.

He has been scheduled to appear before the High Court on 15th November 2019 for the pre-trial of Uyinene Mrwetyana murder case.

Luyanda Botha bail

On 5th November 2019, when the latter appeared before the court and the charges placed against him were listed, he did not apply for bail.

Luyanda Botha house

On 3rd September 2019, after the identity of the man accused of being Uyinene Mrwetyana murderer, the country was set on a frenzy as people demonstrated in reaction to the crime. As though that was not enough, a post went up on Twitter claiming that the angry mob had resorted to setting the accused's house on fire.

Luyanda Botha awaits the next hearing of his case which has been scheduled for 15th November 2019. The public, however, has not stopped condemning him for the crime that he has committed. Everyone is hopeful that justice will be served.



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