Patrick Shai children, wife, shot 11 times, 7de laan, Generations, pictures, Zone 14, Instagram and latest news

Patrick Shai children, wife, shot 11 times, 7de laan, Generations, pictures, Zone 14, Instagram and latest news

If you were a fan of South African TV shows from the 90s, Patrick Shai is a name that should be familiar to you. The latter is one of the oldest and yet the most accomplished South African male actors. His skill and expertise in the art have landed him some of the most influential roles in award-winning shows like Generations, 7de Laan and Zone 14, to mention a few. In case you had no idea about the veteran actor, his biography provides some of the details about him.

Patrick Shai children, wife, shot 11 times, 7de laan, Generations, pictures, Zone 14, Instagram and latest news
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Patrick Shai is one of the most controversial men in the entertainment industry. His skill moved masses back into the 90s. Were it not for him, shows like Sun City would not have gained popularity. Even though it has been long since he featured in a show, his skill is evident in his personality. His contribution to the shows is what most of the fans currently enjoy. How about looking into the man that he is?

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Patrick Shai biography

Patrick Molefe Shai is an iconic man who has set the bars in the entertainment industry. These are some of the details about the latter that might make you know him more.

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Patrick Shai wife

The name of Patrick Shai's wife is Mesechaba Shai. In 2016, she opened up about how her marriage had been a nightmare. She disclosed how she was emotionally crippled by the man whom she loved. Narrating her story, she stated:

He would call me horrible names which left me crippled emotionally. Patrick turned into a monster when he was under the influence of alcohol. I could not believe that the man who loved me would say such words to me

She went further to give details of how her husband had changed for the better after he landed the role of an abuser in Soul City. While playing the role, Patrick saw his real character in it and saw the evil person that he had become. He, therefore, went for counselling and apologised to his wife. Since then, he has never looked back.

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Masechaba Shai opened up about her experience in a bid to try and encourage women to speak out against domestic violence.

Patrick Shai children

The latter is the father of two boys. His children were also victims of his violent nature. One of his sons is struggling with drug addiction. Patrick takes the blame for his condition because he believes that his son did not have a father that he could turn to.

Patrick Shai 7de Laan

Patrick Shai children, wife, shot 11 times, 7de laan, Generations, pictures, Zone 14, Instagram and latest news
Image:, @incwajana
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This is one of the shows that earned the latter fame. In this show, he featured as Jacob during the first season.

Patrick Shai Generations

This is one of the shows that the latter is famous for too. It played a significant role in laying a foundation for him. Here, he featured as Patrick Thlaole and played this role for the first season of the show.

Patrick Shai Zone 14

Zone 14 is another show that the latter has featured in. In this show, he pulled the role of Tiger Sibiya during the third and fourth seasons.

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Patrick Shai movies and TV shows

Patrick Shai is one of the veterans in South African movies and TV shows. He boasts of a wide expertise in the field.

Parick Shai shows

Besides 7 de Laan, Zone 14 and Generations, these are the other shows that the latter has been a part of:

  • The first and second seasons of Ashes to Ashes where he pulled the role of Selogilwe "Selo" Namane;
  • The first season of Chandies where he played the role of Paddido;
  • The first and second seasons of Hillside where he featured as Dr. Kagiso Montshiwa;
  • The first season of Hola Mpinji! where he featured as Bra Sporo;
  • The fifth season of Jacob's Cross where he pulled the role of Mr Dube;
  • The first and second seasons of Moferefere Lenyalong where he pulled the role of Kgosi Matlakala;
  • The first season of Noah's Ark where he played as Moses Mokoena;
  • The second season of Skeem Saam where he pulled the role of Lucas Seakamela;
  • The fourth season of Soul City where he featured as Thabang;
  • The first season of Yizo Yizo where he acted as Edwin Thapelo;
  • The first, second and third seasons of Zero Tolerance where he featured as Enoch Sithole.

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Featuring in these shows landed him other opportunities such as:

  • Being the presenter of the South African Film and Television Awards;
  • Being a contestant in the second season of I Love South Africa.

Patrick Shai movies

The latter has expressed his expertise in the movies that he has been part of:

  • Place of Weeping (1986)
  • Blind Justice (1988)
  • Red Scorpion (1988)
  • The Land of Dreams (1990)
  • Schweitzer (1990)
  • Taxi to Soweto (1993)
  • Cry, the Beloved Country (1995)
  • Inside (1996)
  • Hearts and Minds (1996)
  • La Ferme du crocodile (1996)
  • Fools (1997)
  • The Place of Lions (1997)
  • Danger Zone (1997)
  • The Gates of Cleveland Road (2000)
  • Critical Assignment (2004)
  • The Bone Snatcher (2003)

Patrick Shai Instagram

You could also check out his Instagram account by clicking here.

Patrick Shai latest news

Patrick Shai children, wife, shot 11 times, 7de laan, Generations, pictures, Zone 14, Instagram and latest news
Image:, @PatrickShai
Source: UGC

On 11th November 2019, the latter came ought and called out the police for traumatising him. This was after he was caught in a crossfire between the police and the residents of Dobsonville who were demonstrating over the state of electricity in the region that had been cut for the past week. The residents who were demonstrating had closed the road as they waited for Eskom to come and address them. The encounter has made him declare that his opinion regarding police officers had completely changed.

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Being shot 11 times!

In retaliation to the crown that was demonstrating, the police started opening fire to disperse the crowd. It is alleged that the group did not provoke the police in any way. As Patrick tried to run for his life, he was so unfortunate to suffer the wrath of the police. He was shot at using rubber bullets eleven times!

Condemning the actions of the police, Shai stated:

You don’t fire multiple shots at people who are running away, even in the apartheid government.
He riot squad would come and say you have three minutes to disperse, but not with the current riot squads.
Not with these gangsters that we have today who are masquerading as safety officers.

Waging war on the police

After the incident, the latter rushed to hospital where he was attended to and was released to go back home later on that evening, and he was interviewed by the Sowetean. During this interview, he stated the step that he was going to take. He said:

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The police said I should lodge a complaint which can be investigated internally, but I am not going to do that. I will go the Ipid [Independent Police Investigative Directorate] route because that is what I think is the right thing,

Patrick Shai is one man who set the standards in the country's entertainment industry. His effort is what most people enjoy in the many TV shows that he has featured in. It is so unfortunate that he was a victim of a demonstration.


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