The Leader of Zion Christian Church is now facing arrest

The Leader of Zion Christian Church is now facing arrest

The leader of the Zion Christian Church (ZCC) Pastor Barnabas Lekganyane is facing jail time. This after some of the branches of the church have claimed that their leader had violated an interim court order. This news of course must be shocking for many people, as many people in South Africa and in other African countries have looked up to him as a role model. We are now all waiting for the court results regarding his arrest and if he will have to stay in jail for a long time of not. Now, online time can tell us about what is going to happen in the future.

The Botswana High Court will hear the case later this week. The court issued a temporary order on 17 July preventing the ZCC from merging their branches and thus use what these branches have called dodgy accounting for their transactions.

The petition against Pastor Barnabas and the ZCC was brought by Isaih Sekai of Selibe-Phikwe, Mbuziwa Toteng of Aerodrome, Scara Gideon of Mahalapye, Boyboy Motsilenyane of Phase II and Emmanuel Mozingwane of Maun.

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The reports that the group of branches refused to comply with the order to merge which would also have forced them to combine their financial information and use one set of accounts to record all transactions. The group applied for and obtained the interdict at a special sitting of the High Court in July.

The interdict also instructed Pastor Barnabas and the South African leaders of the church to appear before it on 8 November to give the court compelling reasons why the temporary order should not be made permanent.

Sunday World has reported that the court order reads in part as the following:

"1. That this matter is sufficiently urgent to dispense with the normal rules of the court as to service and procedure.

"2. A rule nisi is hereby issued calling upon the above respondents before this honourable court on the 8th day of November 2017 at 10:30 hrs or soon thereafter as counsel may be heard to show cause why the following order should not be made final:

"Directing that the respondents be restrained from interfering with the duties of the local executives of each of the branches listed...," it reads.

"Orders herein to operate as interim relief pending investigation of the complaints of the applicants by the Bishop of the Zion Christian Church," reads the order.

Modise also accused Lekganyane of undermining the law. He also said:

"Shortly after the granting of an interdict the Sunday schools' children undertook a trip to Moria as all Sunday school children from all corners of ZCC were going to Moria. Those Sunday school children from the said church branch which took the bishop to court in Botswana were restricted access to enter Moria, thus they were turned away ... Jesu are lesang bana batleng gonna go bane mmuso wa magodimo ke wa bona. The Zion Christian Church has acted against the words of Jesus Christ against innocent children," he said.

Now, it is very important for all of us to understand the importance of obeying the law and not going against it no matter what as this may lead to serious consequences.

Do you think the branches are trying to protect themselves from corruption or are they merely protecting their own private “gold-mines”?

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