The Queen Teasers: December 2019

The Queen Teasers: December 2019

What do you think will motivate people to sit in front of their television screen after a hectic day, if not for the fact that the programme or movie they are watching is worth their time! Or what do you think will make a family want to skip meals or other appointments just to stay glued to their television screen? Read this article on the highlights of The Queen Teasers to find the answers and more.

The Queen Teasers

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Those who have followed the soapie series of The Queen Teasers Mzansi Magic can attest to how obsessed one can get while trying to keep up with the latest updates on the drama series. The reason is its unique scripting blended with lots of humour, suspense, and betrayals. If you doubt it, then, read up the following pages to have an idea of what The Queen Teasers this month are about.

The Queen Teasers December 2019 TVSA

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Episode 91 - Monday, 2nd of December, 2019

Title: Do Your Worst

Harriet tries to hinder Zodwa from executing the plan she has in framing Mmabatho. Schumacher makes a significant move on how to get Gracious back.

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Episode 92 - Tuesday, 3rd of December, 2019

Title: Messages from the Grave

Zodwa changes her mind while Madimetja receives threatening messages. Then, Skhumbuzo punishes Schumacher.

Episode 93 - Wednesday, 4th of December, 2019

Title: Mashonisa

The scheming threatenings of Zodwa nearly cost her everything. Mmabatho leaves no means of escape for herself with the police.

Episode 94 - Thursday, 5th of December, 2019

Title: Framed and Fuming

Mmabatho declares something that shocks Zodwa. Schumacher makes an effort to convince Gracious to get another chance.

Episode 95 - Friday, 6th of December, 2019

Title: A Shot of Holy Water

Zodwa prepares to fight Mmabatho to gain access to Baby Mzi. The blind dates of Schumacher go wrong.

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Episode 96 - Monday, 9th of December, 2019

Title: Can't Choose Your Family

The disappearance of Kagiso worries Kea. Tshepo fears being kicked out as Gracious finds it hard to accept the kind gestures coming from him. Operation-forget-Gracious moves more slowly once again.

The Queen Teasers December 2019

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Episode 97 - Tuesday, 10th of December, 2019

Title: Where The Heart Is

Harriet wants to have her family back not minding what it would cost her. The desperate attempt of Schumacher to arouse jealousy in Gracious fails without remedy.

Episode 98 - Wednesday, 11th of December, 2019

Title: An Inch Closer

As Zodwa tries to hide her debts from other Khozas, the clock keeps ticking. Khumbuzile threatens to make Skhumbuzo's life complicated once again.

Episode 99 - Thursday, 12th of December, 2019

Title: Suburban Bliss

Zodwa creates a dangerous enemy. Accidentally, Schumacher sets himself with Skhumbuzo on a collision course.

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Episode 100 - Friday, 13th of December, 2019

Title: Lines in the Sand

There is an attempt to protect the fragile truce of Zodwa and Harriet. Unknowingly, Vuyiswa puts Sthembiso Radebe in a difficult-to-handle situation with his wife.

Episode 101 - Monday, 16th of December, 2019

Title: The Score

Kea questions the motives of Zodwa for moving into the mansion of the Khoza. Jerry accidentally finds a new case that startles him. Siyanda is caught in a lie that could leave her at the mercy of Thabiso's mother once again.

Episode 102 - Tuesday, 17th of December, 2019

Title: Grand Gestures

The household gets divided more by the mistrust in the Khoza mansion. Sthembiso Radebe and Vuyiswa go undercover while Nombuyiselo attempts to drive a wedge between the Khozas and Mmabatho.

Episode 103 - Wednesday, 18th of December, 2019

Title: Empires

Harriet further strengthens her empire. Brutus and Zodwa plan to pursue Mmabatho.

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Episode 104 - Thursday, 19th of December, 2019

Title: Red Robot

Zodwa finds it hard adjusting to the operations in the mansion. Kagiso gets the red light on the weekend he had with Siyanda alone. Vuyiswa and Jerry assist Sthembiso Radebe in coming up with the perfect date for the anniversary.

The Queen Teasers

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Episode 105 - Friday, 20th of December, 2019

Title: Couple's Night Out

Another epic clash is about to happen in the Khoza house. Vuyiswa and Sthembiso Radebe go further down in their undercover plot at the expense of their lives. Thato plans to confront Kagiso on why he has hurt Siyanda.

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Episode 106 - Monday, 23rd of December, 2019

Title: Close Calls

The Khoza mansion is under tension because of a health scare. Lesterina concludes where Sthembiso is a night before their anniversary.

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Episode 107 - Tuesday, 24th of December, 2019

Title: Making Amends

Zodwa plots a deadly plan secretly. Things go from bad to worse between Lesterina and Sthembiso Radebe. Kagiso's kind gesture hurts Siyanda the more.

Episode 108 - Wednesday, 25th of December, 2019

Title: Spiked

As the family honours Shaka, Zodwa continues with her evil plans for Harriet. Lesterina discovers something that shocks her concerning the mistress of Sthembiso Radebe. What Khumbuzile wishes for Christmas is granted.

Episode 109 - Thursday, 26th of December, 2019

Title: Questions

The Khozas cause a hurricane at the hospital. Based on what Lesterina suspects about Vuyiswa, she confronts Jerry.

Episode 110 - Friday, 27th of December, 2019

Title: Zodwa

The health of Harriet deteriorates the more while Kagiso hunts for the person that has hurt her. The demands of Lesterina completely surprise Sthembiso.

Episode 111 - Monday, 30th of December, 2019

Title: Don't Ask, Don't Tell

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Zodwa waits that Brutus's collaboration against Harriet is with deadlier results this time. Lesterina causes great destruction in the lives of the Maakes. Schumacher is confronted with an exciting challenge with Khumbuzile.

Episode 112 - Tuesday, 31st of December, 2019

Title: Broken Telephone

Zodwa declares war on the Khoza family. The suspicions of Lesterina put the life of her husband in danger.

Waiting for others to share with you can never equate with having firsthand information yourself. From what you have read so far, you can see that there are still more exciting episodes which are yet to come as far as this exciting The Queen teasers are concerned. Therefore, as it airs from Mondays to Fridays on Mzansi Magic at 21h00, ensure to be a part of the viewers.

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