Tharina Human age, parents, case, voice note and latest news

Tharina Human age, parents, case, voice note and latest news

Are you looking for information on Tharina Human, the woman at the center of the Amy Leigh de Jager South Africa kidnapping case? We have compiled all the latest information on the case, from the details to the parties involved and their relationships to each other. If you want a place where you can keep track of the numerous twists and turns of this high-profile case, you have come to the right place. Read on to find out everything we know so far.

Tharina Human age, parents, case, voice note and latest news

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Tharina Human latest news

Tharina Human age at the time of publishing this article is being reported as 27 years.

She is a primary school teacher (Grade RR) at Laerskool Kollegepark. Not much has been revealed to the public about her personal life, such as Tharina Human husband, but we will be sure to pass that information to you right here on Briefly as soon as we have it.

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Tharina Human case

What are the details around the kidnapping itself?

The crime is reported to have occurred at around 7:40 a.m. on Monday, September 2nd, in front of Laerskool Kollegepark School near Johannesburg. Four men in balaclavas jumped from an unmarked 4x4 vehicle (a white Toyota Fortuner) and snatched Amy de Jager from the arms of her mother (Angeline de Jager) after forcibly shoving her and her younger brother (Jayden de Jager, 5 years old) aside. Police reports indicate that the kidnappers had initially grabbed the boy before letting him go and taking the girl. The men returned to their vehicle and sped off with the child.

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The kidnappers took her to a secluded room where they held her hostage. News24 compared the small room to a dungeon and called it a “dump”. The same article states that while the exact location is yet to be revealed, sources close to the investigation have refuted claims that she was held at the Shakespeare Inn Hotel. If you want to view a photograph of the small room, you can do so by clicking here.

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Tharina Human age, parents, case, voice note and latest news

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The abductors then contacted the child’s family and demanded a ransom of ZAR200,000. Shortly after, the amount was raised to 2 million rands (approximately US$ 133,000). They failed to secure that amount, so they cursed angrily at Angeline over the phone and hung up.

They then lowered the amount to ZAR10,000 which they said was to be made in four installments. When the abductors realized that the case was receiving widespread coverage, they panicked and lowered the amount to ZAR6,000. This was intended to be split as ZAR5,000 for them and ZAR1,000 for transport so they could escape.

Tharina Human arrested

The entire ordeal lasted 19 hours upon which the girl was returned to her family and the police began making arrests. The suspects currently in custody over this, have recently been arraigned in Vanderbijl Magistrates Court with Human. They are Laetitia Nel and Pieter van Zyl.

Tharina Human age, parents, case, voice note and latest news

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Source: Twitter

Amy Leigh de Jager dad

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Why did they target this particular family?

Perhaps you read the amount the kidnappers were demanding as ransom and began questioning why they would expect the family to have such a large sum of money at their disposal. Something else that might have tipped you off to the family’s prominence is the media coverage surrounding it.

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The answer is Amy Leigh’s father. He is the famous South African formula 1 powerboat racer. His name is Wynand de Jager. He is the son of two other well-known champions of powerboat racing, Christo and the late Elzane de Jager.

Christo de Jager, Amy Leigh’s grandfather, spoke out in an open letter after the arrest to rubbish claims that Angeline was in on the plot, saying:

… people are making ... slanderous statements ... that are based on assumptions and pure stupidity. Statements aimed at destroying families and the life of the very same child that they so intensely prayed for… Refrain from making uninformed statements and allegations. The SAPS did their investigation thoroughly. Do you really think that if any of my children were implicated they would be roaming free?
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Why would anyone think Angeline was involved?

The rumors that Tharina Human and Angeline de Jager were cohorts in the kidnapping surfaced because they had a close relationship. She was even photographed comforting the distressed Angelina and even sent voice notes on WhatsApp giving her moral support.

Tharina Human Facebook

Tharina Human Facebook profile, which is now deleted, contained interactions between the two. They even referred to one another with the nickname “heksie”, a word that means “little witch”. Human was described as a “trusted and loyal friend” to the family. There are photos of them together and you can view them by clicking here.

Tharina Human age, parents, case, voice note and latest news

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Tharina Human family

Tharina Human father, Riaan Botha, was in the court during the arraignment. Before this, he issued a statement on the motive behind his daughter’s actions:

I just wanted to tell you, so that you don’t hear it from someone else – the mastermind behind the kidnapping of that little girl ... was my child. She organized the entire thing with the others, but she was the mastermind... I didn’t know this, but she [uses] narcotics, and she needed money to pay the people (drug dealers). I just wanted to tell you so that you don’t get a shock...
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Outside the courtroom on the day of the trial, he gave a tearful statement and apology:

I apologize from the bottom of my heart. It was out of [the family’s] control. We apologize.

Human herself claimed that she did it to save her daughter following threats issued by those believed she was their debtor.

The trial continues on 9th January 2020.

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