Bongani Bongo poisoned, hospitalized, arrest, interview, party, current office and latest news

Bongani Bongo poisoned, hospitalized, arrest, interview, party, current office and latest news

Bongani Bongo is the former minister of State Security, a post that he served after he was appointed on 17th October 2017 by former president Zuma. He was relieved from the position on 28th February 2018. He is a member of the African National Congress, and in February 2019, he was appointed to chair the Parliament’s Home Affairs committee. You might want to know why he is the talk of the media stations today.

Bongani Bongo poisoned, hospitalized, arrest, interview, party, current office and latest news

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Bongani Bongo is on the headlines for most media stations because of what transpired on 21st November 2019. He got arrested and was arraigned in court for corruption charges that were presented by adv Vanara. He denied the allegations and was released on bail. The remarks that he made after the incident are the centre of attraction. Let's unveil the flow of events to keep you updated on what exactly happened.

Bongani Thomas Bongo biography

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In case you had no idea who the latter is, these Bongani Bongo biography details will help you know him better.

Bongani Bongo party

The latter is a member of the African National Congress.

Bongani Bongo current office

In 2019, he was appointed as the chairperson of the South African Parliament home affairs committee.

Bongani Thomas Bongo scandal

These details will make you understand why the latter is the talk of the town.

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Bongani Bongo and Advocate Ntuthuzelo Vanara

Through an affidavit that was addressed to the parliament, Advocate Vanara claimed that the latter had been dispatched by Zethembe Khoza, the acting chairman of the board of Eskom, to offer a bribe. According to the affidavit, Bongo had offered adv Vanara a 'blank cheque'.

Bongani Bongo latest news

After he was released, Bongo was interviewed by eNCA. During the interview, he made a couple of claims that have left the country in debates. These are the claims that he has made:

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Pravin Gordhan set him up

On 21st November 2019, the latter alleged that Pravin Gordhan had set him up and played the key role in the arrest. He claimed that Pravin Gordhan had conducted a witch-hunt because he was convinced that Bongo had been working hand in hand with the EFF. According to Bongo, Gordhan feared that his association with the EFF and the Public Protector would lead to him not being credited.

Reacting to the aforementioned claims, Gordhan said that they were 'foolish statements'.

Bongani Bongo poisoned

The latter has also made allegations that the Enterprise Minister 'poisoned him'. He claimed that he had suffered from poisoning shortly after he had met with the minister. During the interview with eNCA, he said:

You know recently I was given a poison so I was going to finalise my treatment in Cuba, so I had to cut my trip very short from Cuba to come and attend to what the police had called me for.
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Pravin Gordhan, through his spokesperson, reacted to the poisoning claims stating:

Mr Bongo must be hallucinating. The minister feels that he should look in the mirror, his statement is just nonsensical.

Ace Magashule is next!

In the interview, he also stated that Ace Magashule, the secretary of the ANC, would be next. He said that he had been told that Ace would fall victim of the crackdown that was being done by the Hawks and the National Prosecuting Authority.

He went further to state that he knew other parties whom the police would come after since Magashule was not alone.

Bongani Bongo arrest

Bongani Bongo poisoned, hospitalized, arrest, interview, party, current office and latest news

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As though that was not enough, he dismissed the claims that the police had arrested him. Instead, he stated that he presented himself to them as a response to the call that they had made to him.

The spokesperson of the Hawks, Hangwani Mulaudzi and the NPA, refuted the claims and stated that Bongo had been arrested for charges of bribery. According to the spokesperson, Bongani had allegedly tried to disrupt parliamentary inquiries regarding the allegations of the capture at Eskom.

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Bongo was arraigned in court on 21st November 2019 with thirteen charges of corruption levelled against him. He denied the allegations and was released after paying a bail worth R5,000. The court hearing was rescheduled to the 31st January 2020.

The police have stated that they are going to spend the next couple of weeks conducting investigations on the issue.

Bongani Bongo hospitalised

In August, there were claims that the latter had been admitted in hospital in Gauteng. It was not clear what the former minister was suffering from, although, there were claims that he was in the ICU for what was alleged to be food poisoning.

What are your thoughts about the issues that Bongo Bongani has aired? Do you think the things he said during the interview were right? Be sure to check up the updates of the scandal to keep yourself updated on the matter.

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