What is Day of Goodwill in South Africa and what is the best way to celebrate it?

What is Day of Goodwill in South Africa and what is the best way to celebrate it?

The day of Goodwill in South Africa is a national holiday that gives the citizens a chance to give back to the community. It comes after the Christmas holiday celebration. This year 2019, the Day of Goodwill falls on Thursday 26th of December. It is the third public holiday of the month. The main objective of the holiday is to foster compassion as well as relaxation.

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Before the year 1994, this holiday was referred to as a Boxing Day South Africa. It was renamed Day of Goodwill in 1994. This change, however, did not alter the holiday’s traditions. The country has wonderful ecosystems, National Parks filled with a lot of animals, beaches, craggy cliffs, lagoons, forests, as well as flat-topped mountains. This makes the citizens look forward to this holidays so that they can go and enjoy the wonderful view.

The best way to celebrate the Day of Goodwill

This national holiday is celebrated by donating items to less privileged people in their society. All the leftovers, drinks, foods and other items include those that are donated. The homeless and the poor are hosted and this imparts that feeling of being loved in them. Friendships are also created on this particular day.

Besides helping the needy in society, citizens take this opportunity to relax and have fun. They join with their pals and family to head to the beach and enjoy. When dusk sets in, they hold dinners and other little parties on the 26th December. Different families have their way of celebrating the Day of Goodwill according to their family traditions.

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In summary, the day of Goodwill allows South Africans to unwind and have a good time with loved ones and friends. This is the time that people look into their societal needs and find a mean of fixing some issues. By helping those in need, the original and true African spirit is revived.

Boxing day in South Africa

Before 1994, Boxing day was marked as a holiday for the Middle-aged where the rich employers in the society could package boxes with food, money, and other important items and hand them over to the less fortunate in the society, servants and their employees.

What is Boxing day? On this day, all the servants and the workers would also be given some leave to go to their specific homes to give the Christmas boxes to their loved ones and family members.

This is why this public holiday was referred to as Boxing Day. It was later renamed by the Government to Day of Goodwill but this did not alter the celebration culture and it is upheld up to date.

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South Africa public holidays

There are 12 public holidays in South Africa. Each of this public holidays South Africa allows citizens to relax and unwind from their usual busy schedules. These holidays are spread throughout the year on the calendar and make official RSA public holidays.

Each of these public holidays has got some history behind it. They serve as a unifying factor in the country because this is the moment leaders take time to celebrate with the South Africans. Here is a list of some of the public holidays in South Africa:

  • New Years Day on the 1st of January. This probably the most observed holiday by all citizens.
  • Human Rights Day on the 21st of March. Meant to remember and celebrate human rights activities.
  • Good Friday that comes before Easter Sunday. It is a religious holiday for Christians.
  • The family day is celebrated after the Easter Sunday. It is observed by Christians.
  • Freedom Day on the 27th of April. This is to celebrate the attainment of freedom.
  • Workers day is usually celebrated on the 1st of May. It is meant to celebrate all working-class citizens and their efforts towards making the economy of the country grow.
  • The 8th of May for the General Election.
  • Youth day that comes on the 16th of June. To celebrate the youth and look forward to making their needs met.
  • National Women’s Day is celebrated on the 9th of August.
  • Heritage Day happens on the 24th of September.
  • Day of Reconciliation that takes place on the 16th of December.
  • Christmas Day is celebrated on the 25th of December annually. This is a religious holiday celebrating the birth of Christ. It is observed by Christians.
  • Day of Goodwill (earlier Boxing Day) is celebrated on the 26th of December annually. People open and share their gifts with the less fortunate.

Some holidays should be celebrated. Join South Africans celebrating Day of Goodwill this year!


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