Ancient Khoisan language spoken by only 4 people in the world

Ancient Khoisan language spoken by only 4 people in the world

Katrina Esau, an 84-year-old, is one of the four people in the world who know how to speak a language called Nluu that is more than 25 000 years old.

It has been reported that the Nluu language was spoken by the Khoisan people. Nluu language is believed to be a sound of clicks, and when the language is written, the language is often punctuated with exclamation marks.

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Source : BBC
Katrina Esau learned from that Katrina currently resides in Rosedale, Northern Cape, and she is also a chief in her township. Afrikaans is the spoken language in this township.

Katrina and her three other siblings, Griet Seekoei, an 86-year-old, Johanna Koper, a 97-year-old, and Simon Sauls, a 69-year-old, are on a mission to preserve the language. Katrina has another sibling, Lena Sauls, a 70-year-old, who does not speak Nluu, but she does understand it.

Source : Times Live
Simon Sauls

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Source : Times Live
Lena Sauls

According to reports, the language was no longer allowed to be spoken during apartheid. Katrina is worried that the language will be no more once she passes away.

Source : Times Live

Sadly, Katrina cannot read or write, but she often teaches children the vocabulary and pronunciation of the Nluu language in her back garden. Katrina is on a mission to see other people speaking the language, not just bushman. Katrina hopes that one day the language will be spoken in schools.

Source : Times Live

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