Geoff Makhubo education, qualifications, party, mayor and profile

Geoff Makhubo education, qualifications, party, mayor and profile

Geoff Makhubo is a controversial politician who has hit the headlines after he won the seat of the mayor of Johannesburg. His victory has, however, been received with mixed reactions, especially from most of the residents of Johannesburg. You might want to know more about him.

Geoff Makhubo education, qualifications, party, mayor and profile
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Geoff Makhubo is the newly elected mayor of Johannesburg even though his election has drawn a lot of controversies all over the country. This is becasue he recently had a corruption case that tainted his name, making most of the residents of Johannesburg lose faith in him. He has, however, promised to be focused and work towards ensuring that services are delivered in the municipality. He has also promised to transform Johannesburg.

Geoff Makhubo profile

These are some of the details about the newly elected mayor of Johannesburg.

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Geoff Makhubo age

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He was born in Soweto. As of date, Geoff Makhubo age is fifty-one years old.

Geoff Makhubo education

The latter is believed to be an alumnus of Wits University where he pursued a Bachelors degree in Commerce. He is also believed to have pursued other management courses.

Geoff Makhubo qualifications

The latter has, for the past ten years, been actively involved in leadership matters. He holds a record of being the MEC for finance in Johannesburg.

Geoff Makhubo party

The latter is one of the most loyal members of the African National Congress. He has actively served in the party's leadership. He currently serves as the chairperson of the African National Congress for the Greater Johannesburg region. He also holds a record of serving as the treasurer of the ANC in Johannesburg.

Geoff Makhubo scandal

Even though the latter has broken the waves to become the new Joburg mayor, there were allegations that he was involved in matters that threatened his chances of winning the elections. In December 2018, he was implicated in a scandal regarding a tender. AmaBhungane, an investigative journalism company, shed light on the matter. The results of the investigations revealed that 10%, which was a cumulative R30-million, had been deposited to Molelwane Consulting, Makhubo's company.

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The journalism company revealed that in 2006, the Regiments Funds Managers was delegated with the duty of salvaging the sinking funds in Johannesburg. In 2015, the company took close to R-300 million as fees. According to the investigations based on leaked documents and emails, Regiments Funds Managers had made a commitment to pay Molelwane Consulting 10% of the fees.

Geoff Makhubo rejected as a candidate for Johannesburg Mayor

Even though he has been associated with a scandal that tarnished his name, he has tried his best to sweep the issue under the rug. On 26th November 2019, there were allegations that the PEC for Gauteng had rejected the names that had been forwarded by the ANC as candidates. According to the claims, Makhubo was one of the three candidates.

Responding to the allegations, Makhubo stated that he had visited the integrity commission of the ANC and his name had been cleared.

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The new Joburg mayor

Geoff Makhubo age, children, wife, education, qualifications, party, mayor and profile
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On 4th December 2019, Geoff Makhubo topped the headlines after he bagged the position of the mayor of Johannesburg. His election came months after the former mayor, Herman Mashaba resigned from office after he made allegations that there was a lot of tension in the Democratic Alliance, his political party . The results of the elections revealed that the African National Congress had claimed the victory with a cumulative 137 votes. The EFF had a total of 30 votes while the DA had 101 votes.

Reaction to the election of the new mayor

Geoff Makhubo's victory has been received with mixed reaction, both from the other contesting political parties and the public. Some of the comments made by social media users regarding the matter are proof that his victory has not been received in the best way. These are some of such comments:

Geoff Makhubo age, children, wife, education, qualifications, party, mayor and profile
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Some of the residents are not confident with the new administration.

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Geoff Makhubo age, children, wife, education, qualifications, party, mayor and profile
Image:, @KatlegoLegodi
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The residents seem to be worried about the municipality's state of affairs.

Despite the backlash, Geoff Makhubo has promised to gear his efforts towards service delivery in his jurisdiction.


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