Hugh Hefner’s young wife won’t inherit a cent

Hugh Hefner’s young wife won’t inherit a cent

Hugh Hefner’s 31-year old wife won’t inherit anything because she was never added to Hugh’s will and Crystal Hefner signed a watertight prenuptial agreement before marrying Hugh.

The founder of Playboy died peacefully of natural causes surrounded by those he loved on Wednesday at the age of 91. learned from that Hefner’s fortune at the time of his death is estimated to be around $43 million. Although Crystal won’t inherit anything it is believed that she will be taken care of by some other arrangement.

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Hefner’s four children, the University of Southern California and a host of charities which he supported during his lifetime are said to be the main beneficiaries of his will.

Most people know about Hefner’s public life and the legendary parties he hosted at the Playboy mansion, lesser known is that he supported multiple charities and was a big supporter of gay marriage and gay equality.

Hefner once said that gay rights were human rights.

Crystal called off her first marriage to Hefner in 2011 after reportedly getting cold feet, she said at the time that the whole thing had turned into a public spectacle.

She also famously shamed Hefner in public once by claiming that they were only intimate once and it lasted for about two seconds.

The couple reunited in 2012 after Hefner told her that he wanted to spend however much time he had left with her. She says their second time around was much happier for both of them.

Crystal was Hefner’s third wife. He married Mildred Williams in 1949 but the couple divorced a decade later, his second marriage was to Playboy Playmate Kimberly Conrad. They tied the knot in 1989 and divorced in 1999.

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