Ectopic pregnancy symptoms, causes and early warning signs

Ectopic pregnancy symptoms, causes and early warning signs

Over time, many cases of ectopic pregnancies have been recorded in different parts of the world. This is a rare complication that can occur to any woman. However, some can be at a higher risk than others because they do not know its causes and symptoms. How many ectopic pregnancy symptoms or causes do you know?

what is ectopic pregnancy

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While the condition occurs typically in the fallopian tube, it can also occur in other parts of the body. Those parts may include the abdominal cavity, cervix, and ovary. It is shocking to learn that 20 out of 1000 women suffer from the condition in the whole world. Considering its seriousness, what should every woman know about it?

How does an ectopic pregnancy happen?

In normal circumstances, a fertilized egg should move directly to the uterus. However, this is not the case here as a fertilized egg moves to other reproductive body parts other than the uterus, especially the fallopian tube. Considering it is only a passage, it cannot facilitate the growth of the embryo because it does not satisfy the requirements of such a process.

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Can the baby be saved in an ectopic pregnancy?

At the moment, there is no sufficient technology that can be used to save such pregnancies. In other words, the embryo cannot be detached from the fallopian tube and attached to the uterus lining. However, laparoscopic procedure surgery can be performed to save the mother.

What is an ectopic pregnancy?

Ectopic pregnancy is a disorder that occurs when a fertilized egg is implanted in the fallopian tube or other parts of the female reproductive system. Other parts where the egg can attach itself are the cervix, abdominal cavity, or the ovary.

Early warning signs of ectopic pregnancy

Apart from the main ectopic pregnancy signs, a woman should get to understand some of the early signs. Perhaps, it might help to prevent the complications that might come with the condition.

  • Severe pelvic pain
  • Light vaginal spotting leaking from the fallopian tube
  • Pelvic distress
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Often the kind of pain a mother experience depends on where the blood collects.

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Ectopic pregnancy symptoms

how does ectopic pregnancy happen?

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Since you have understood ectopic pregnancy meaning, you may need to know its manifestations. Here is a portion of the many indicators a mother may experience:

  • Dizziness
  • Severe instances of sickness and vomiting
  • Pain in many parts of the body, for example, the rectum, shoulders, neck, and lower body
  • Continuous sharp stomach cramps/torment
  • Fainting
  • Vaginal draining or spotting
  • Rectal pressure

These among numerous other symptoms of ectopic pregnancy can begin to manifest as soon as a woman conceives. With these manifestations, one may need to take an ectopic pregnancy test to ascertain they are suffering from the complication and get early treatment.

Who is at risk for ectopic pregnancy?

The condition is not limited to a section of mothers only. All women are at risk of suffering from the condition. However, some are at a higher risk as compared to others. A portion of the ectopic pregnancy causes a lady ought to know about include:

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  • An existing record of fallopian tube pregnancy
  • History of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD)
  • History of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)
  • Fertility treatments such as IVF
  • Use of some birth control: The condition can occur when a woman is using IUD. Though it is rare.
  • An existing history of the same condition
  • Extreme smoking when a woman is in her early stages
  • 35+ years older women
  • Structural abnormalities with the fallopian tube

Ectopic pregnancy treatment

These types of pregnancies can endanger the lives of mothers if immediate care is not taken. Once diagnosed and found with the condition, one can seek medical treatment. The advantage of seeking early treatment is that one can prevent long-term infertility or repeat of the same problem in the future.

One can either treated through medication or surgery, depending on the physician’s assessment. Importantly, all the methods are safe.

1. Treatment by medication

Often, remedy involves an injection of methotrexate commonly known as AAFP. As per the experts, the injection prevents the growth of dividing cells. Afterwards, a woman can experience the following signs:

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  • Abdominal pains or cramping
  • Thick vaginal bleeding
  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness and nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Eventually, passing of the tissue

In other words, the signs will resemble those of a miscarriage. Most physicians consider this method as the most effective as it poses little to no risks to the fallopian tube. One thing though, a mother has to wait for several months before getting pregnant again. It is just a precautionary measure.

2. Treatment by surgery

Ectopic pregnancy symptoms

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Often, many doctors are likely to carry out an ectopic pregnancy surgery on a woman having the condition. No doubt, a surgery scares most people, but this is just a minor one that involves cutting of a small incision.

Medically, this type of surgery is known as laparotomy. A surgeon inserts a small camera into the fallopian tube to remove the growing womb. After removal, they check for damages and repair them for safe future pregnancies. However, in extreme conditions, the surgeon is allowed to remove a damaged tube for the safety of a mother.

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Note: Laparotomy is the best solution if a woman experiences severe abdominal pains.

What are the chances of getting pregnant again?

With proper treatment and home care, the woman can get pregnant normally just like any other fertile women. However, having had an ectopic pregnancy, there is a possibility that the woman might have one again.

As per the American Pregnancy Association, a mother has a 40% chance of having the same problem after treatment. Similarly, WebMed argues that the rate may be less. According to them, the rate can be 10% or less when the body of a mother responds well to treatment. Thus, patients should strictly follow the physician’s directives when they are under treatment.

Often, doctors will advise against smoking, sharing of partners, and unprotected sex among other factors. These factors have been ascertained to escalate the chances of a woman suffering from the condition.

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Ectopic pregnancy symptoms are easy to detect. Importantly, it is advisable to pursue immediate medical care once you notice these early signs and symptoms, why? Failure to treat or prevent it on time can result in infertility, which is not a pleasant thing for any mother. Stay safe!

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