Cheapest WiFi packages in South Africa 2020

Cheapest WiFi packages in South Africa 2020

A lot of South Africans require Wi-Fi packages due to the need to stay connected. Rapid technological growth has made it possible for people to communicate on a global scale. People handle business meetings over Skype; students take online courses and attend online lectures; loved ones keep in touch using the internet, which ensures that people in different regions can connect. In the 21st century, you do not have to be physically present, you only need to stay connected, and your presence will be felt.

WiFi packages

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The cost of the internet is usually high, especially when you get the service from top mobile network companies like Vodacom. Getting a Wi-Fi deal that goes for a month will help you stay within your budget. There is no chance of overspending since you pay for a deal that will serve you for a particular period. This has helped South Africans learn financial planning when it comes to internet use.

Affordable Wi-Fi packages

Different internet consumers require different Wi-Fi deals that suit their consumption patterns. There are several internet companies here in South Africa that offer cheap Wi-Fi services. Below are the top 8 internet providers with less costly packages:

1. Afrihost

You will enjoy broad coverage because MTN powers it. You will get free installation, a free Wi-Fi router, as well as a free activation. The data that remains from a previous bundle can be carried over to the next one. The deals offered are as shown:

  • 500MB at R29
  • 1GB at R58
  • 2GB at R99
  • 3GB at R145
  • 4GB at R197
  • 5GB at R247
  • 6GB at R297
  • 8GB at R397
  • 10GB at R497
  • 15GB at R747
  • 20GB at R987
WiFi packages

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2. Vox Telecom ADSL

This is the best deal for you if you want the best speed. You will also be able to control your usage by not exceeding the data cap. You can also have additional Unlimited calling and Showmax for a month at only R171 and R99, respectively. Using uncapped home ADSL will also mean that you get unlimited 1Mbps the whole month. You will also have control over your finances because you pay and enjoy the internet for the entire month. You can get:

  • 100GB at R79.01 per month
  • 200 GB at R159.00 per month
  • 300GB at 259.00 per month
WiFi packages

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3. Virgin Mobile

The data bunde usually expires when 30 days are over since the day of purchase. The deals are affordable, as shown.

  • 250MB at R49
  • 512MB at R69
  • 1.5GB at R149
  • 3GB at R249
  • 5GB at R399
  • 7GB at R499
WiFi packages

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4. OpenWeb Mobile LTE-A

This is a wireless Wi-Fi deal which utilizes LTE-A technology. You will also be able to enjoy excellent speed from 10Mbps to 50Mbps. You can get any deal from the following.

  • 24GB at R199
  • 40GB at R239
  • 90GB at R349
  • 130GB at R449
  • 260GB at R799
  • 460 GB at R1099
  • 900GB at R1489
  • Uncapped at R1499

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5. WIRUlink

You will get uncapped wireless internet and enjoy great speeds of 5Mbps up to 50Mbps. The deals are affordable. You can get yours from R449 for a whole month.

WiFi packages

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You will get the best deals when you purchase MWEB packages. Speeds run from 2Mbps. Some of the packages for uncapped ADSL include:

  • 600GB at R629 per month
  • 800GB at R829 per month
  • 500GB at R529 per month
  • 400GB at R429 pm
  • 300GB at R329 pm
  • 200GB at R219 monthly
  • 150GB at R165 per month

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7. Neotel

As a customer, you can choose to go for a bundle that offers you voice or call time. Alternatively, you can select the data bundles option. With fairly priced bundles, at a rate of 20c per MB, you are likely to be satisfied. Their data bundles range from 2GB for the smallest to 24GB for the largest offer. These will last for a maximum of 6 months. Their packages include:

  • 2GB at R49
  • 4GB at R89
  • 7GB at R149
  • 24GB at R499
WiFi packages

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This is an ideal choice for internet users that love the flexibility. There are no contracts or any out-of-bundle costs. Your internet uploads due to the 4G and LTE network coverage. The 3G bundles available are as shown.

  • 500MB at R59
  • IGB at R113
  • 2GB at R226
  • 4GB at R452
  • 8GB at R903
WiFi packages

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Since many internet service providers here in South Africa offer cheap Wi-Fi packages, you have no reason to limit your internet use. You have to choose a bundle that will suit your requirements as well as your financial constraints.

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