The life and times of Kobe Bryant (Black Mamba)

The life and times of Kobe Bryant (Black Mamba)

What a way to end the first month of 2020! The world is greatly grieving the death of Kobe Bryant, whose fame transcended internationally because of his unbeatable skills in basketball. The conditions of his untimely demise and that of his daughter are a difficult pill to swallow. His fans, however, celebrate his achievements and his journey to stardom.

Kobe Bryant

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News of the death of the legendary basketball player surfaced on Sunday, 26th January 2020 after a private helicopter crashed near Los Angeles. According to the reports, Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna Maria Onore Bryant were on their way to Los Angeles for a basketball tournament at the Mamba Sports Academy when the crash happened. All the nine occupants of the helicopter died as the aircraft crashed into flames. The legendary basketball king has left a legacy that will live on.

Kobe Bryant, the NBA superstar

These are some of the highlights of the basketball bigwig that he will be remembered for:

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The most memorable Kobe Bryant achievements

These numbers represent the most significant achievements and accolades that Kobe received:


1 represents the number of Oscars awards that the latter won for Dear Basketball, a short film that he released in 2015. This film was an expression of how much basketball meant to him.

The number also represents the count of the Most Valuable Player award that he won during the 2007-2008 season.


2 represents the number of Lakers shirts that retired in his honour. These shirts were number 24 and 8. Two also represents the number of Olympic gold medals that he won in 2008 and 2012. It also represents the MVP awards that he won during the NBA finals in the 2008-2009 season.


4 represents the MVP Awards that he won during the All-Stars awards in four different seasons.

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5 represents the number of NBA championships that the talented player won.


9 represents the number of times that he got selected to be in the All-defensive first team for the NBA. Three other players have had this opportunity.


11 is the number of times that he made the All-NBA First Team selection. He came second, after LeBron James, who had made 12 first-team selections.


Black Mamba

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15 represents the number of times that he made starts to the annual All-Star Game for the NBA.


18 is the number of times that he had been picked to the All-Star Game.


20 represents the number of times that the latter had spent as a player for the LA Lakers.


5640 represents the number of points that he scored during the NBA playoffs. He was fourth in the list that had LeBron James lead with a total of 6911.

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48637 represents the number of minutes that he played in the NBA.

These statics not only give a summary of his career in basketball but also highlight his success and how much influence he had on the sport.

Kobe Bryant net worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the latter had a net worth of $500 million.

Kobe Bryant height

For the twenty years of his career, Bryant played with the LA Lakers as a shooting guard. His height significantly influenced his performance. He was 1.98 metres tall.

Kobe Bryant shoes

The life and times of Kobe Bryant (Black Mamba)

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During his career as a basketball player, Kobe signed an endorsement with Nike. This partnership had the company produce shoes that were known as Kobe Bryant Basketball shoes.

His fans have chosen to wear the shoes as one way of paying a tribute to him.

Why was Kobe called the Black Mamba?

The late legendary player always referred to himself as Black Mamba, which his fans shortened to Mamba. He often likened the name to his newly acquired alter-ego to make himself more successful in the basketball court.

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Kobe Bryant family

Kobe Bryant family

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Apart from a coveted career in basketball, Kobe had an admirable family. The most interesting part is that he had passed the skill to his children.

Kobe Bryant wife

Bryant had one wife whose name is Vanessa Laine Bryant and whom he married in 2001.

Kobe Bryant children

Kobe and Vanessa had four daughters. One of Kobe Bryant kids, Gianna Maria, who is believed to have passed away in the crash, was a basketball player at Mamba Sports Academy.

Kobe Bryant death

Reports of the death of the athlete went up on Sunday, 26th January 2020. According to the news, Kobe was among the nine occupants of a helicopter that crashed in Las Virgenes near the City of Calabasas. According to a statement by Gavin Masak, who lives near the scene of the accident,

It wasn't exactly like an explosion sound but it was like a loud boom. It sounded like a helicopter, but it sounded like a jet, like it was loud, so I went inside and told my dad what was happening. So when I came out I saw smoke on the hill but it wasn't like a big, black cloud of smoke, it was just grey,
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Other witnesses reported to TMZ stating that they heard the engine of the helicopter shutter before the crash.

Events leading to the helicopter crash

The model of the helicopter was identified as a Sikorsky S-76B. According to the manifest of the aircraft, a pilot and eight other passengers were on board. The aircraft is believed to have taken off at around 9.06 am at the John Wayne Airport.

Before the crash, the helicopter is believed to have gone over the Boyle Heights and flown around Glendale before it crashed a few minutes before 10 am. The authorities received a 911 emergency call about a fire that had exploded at around 9:47 am. The firefighters experienced a difficult time trying to put down the fire because of the reaction between magnesium, oxygen, and water.

Reactions to the death of Kobe Bryant

The news of his death was received with so much shock and pain. Some of the celebrities paid tribute to him for his exemplary performance in basketball. These are some of the notable ways that celebrities reacted to his death:

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Kobe Bryant death

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It is apparent that the death of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna is one of the news that no one had expected. His legacy in basketball lives on as his fans celebrate his achievements and the impact that he had on the sport.


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