Company rewards non-smokers with 6 days extra leave

Company rewards non-smokers with 6 days extra leave

A company in Japan has implemented a programme which will reward non-smokers with six extra days of annual leave. The scheme is designed to compensate non-smokers for the time that smokers spend away from their desks.

The company is based on the 29th story of a building in Tokyo meaning that smokers need at least 10-minutes to go to the common smoking room in the basement of the building.

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The company says that often times employees exchange ideas and use their smoke-breaks to consult each other on ideas. learned from that this exchanging of ideas is why the company has not banned smoking but has rather decided to reward non-smokers with extra leave days.

The company claims that since the programme was started in September four employees have quit smoking to take advantage of the scheme. The employees have to be “smoke-free” for a year before they qualify for the extra leave.

Japan has less restrictive anti-smoking policies than most western countries but smoking is barred in the workplace except for designated common smoking areas.

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