Shocking facts about Mansa Musa that will amaze you!

Shocking facts about Mansa Musa that will amaze you!

He left a legacy of wealth and untold riches that was greatly admired. Through his reign, strong political and religious principles were adhered to. Today, he is celebrated in Islam as the only African ruler to have traveled thousands of miles for pilgrimage in Mecca. He did this with a large caravan of soldiers and slaves dressed in expensive silk. The caravan was a spectacle to behold for onlookers.

Shocking facts about Mansa Musa

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We shall look at some shocking facts about Mansa Musa that will amaze you. Read on!

Mansa Musa profile summary

  • Full name: Mansa Musa
  • Year of birth: 1280
  • Reigning years: 1307-1332
  • Religion: Islam

Mansa Musa biography

He was of Mali ancestry and was the grand-nephew of Sundiata, the founding ruler of the Mali kingdom, making him a legitimate future King. His rule began in 1307 in the Kingdom of Mali, which happens to be present-day Mali. After 17 years as King, he went to pilgrimage in Mecca, a thing he desired to do greatly.

Shocking facts about Mansa Musa

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Mansa Musa facts

Apart from being an extravagant, generous king, Musa had a heart for the less privileged and poor in the society as we will see here.

1. He was the richest man on the planet

Mansa Musa was and still is the richest man in history. His wealth came from rich gold and salt resources that were the trading commodities of his kingdom at that time. It is likely that he was more wealthy than the likes of today's billionaires, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.

2. He made a long pilgrimage to Mecca from Mali. It is rumored that Musa went on pilgrimage to mecca after accidentally killing his mother, an event that caused him great pain. He was advised to make peace with God at the tomb of prophet Mohamed.

3. On his pilgrimage, Mansa took along with him a caravan of 60,000 men and 12,000 slaves, 8,000 guards, 500 women including his wife, and 9,000 workers. Since he was a king, this large group of people would serve him during his long trip to mecca. Those in the countryside who saw the caravan pass along were in awe of the king’s extravagant show of wealth and power.

Shocking facts about Mansa Musa

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4. Upon arriving in Cairo, Egypt, the king gave large amounts of gold such that the value of the mineral in the country depreciated for a decade.

5. He made war with neighboring regions such as the Songhai Kingdom, which he conquered with the help of his vast army of soldiers.

6. Mansa was a very religious man since his childhood. He embraced Islam heartily and made the religion the mainstay of every aspect of life in Mali, including the economic, social, and political way of life. His loyalty to Islam made him go on pilgrimage to Mecca.

7. He loved knowledge, primarily Islamic learning, as well as knowledgeable people. This made him build a library and university so that his people might learn new knowledge that would set them apart from other kingdoms.

8. On his way back from Mecca, Musa brought back with him architects like Ishaq El Teudjin, who helped build the Great Mosque of Timbuktu that still stands today in Mali and is a world heritage site. It was constructed of heated bricks and mud.

Shocking facts about Mansa Musa

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9. Musa loved to give so much that on his way to Egypt, he freely gave gold to the residents of the territories he passed by. He gave generously to charity and the poor, and he was one of the most philanthropic kings of his time.

10. During his voyage to Mecca, every Friday, his workmen built a mosque for worship so that his caravan might pray to their deity.

Shocking facts about Mansa Musa

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Is Mansa Musa the richest person in history?

Yes. Musa is the richest man in history. As a king who ruled over a territory known to produce vast deposits of gold.

How much money did Mansa Musa have?

If his wealth and riches were valued with 21st-century currencies, Mansa would have trillions of dollars as there has never been a man who possessed so much gold in his lifetime.

What made Mansa Musa rich?

The rich deposits of gold and salt in the land of Mali made Musa rich.

What was Mansa Musa net worth?

Mansa Musa net worth is estimated to have been 400 billion dollars.

Who was ansa Musa and why was he so famous?

The 14th-century ruler of the Mali Kingdom is famous for being the richest man in Africa who walked on the face of Earth. His reign saw a widespread distribution of gold not only to his residents but also to neighboring countries.

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