Twist of Fate Teasers: May 2020

Twist of Fate Teasers: May 2020

In the May 2020 Twist of Fate teasers, Pragya asks Abhi to forgive him for rejecting his proposal. Abhi mistreats her more because he is convinced that she is a lover of money. Pragya rescues him from being arrested. Will Purab wed Aliya despite being in love with Bulbul?

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Watch Twist of Fate on Zee World from Monday to Sunday at 2100hrs. Every episode is great! You will enjoy the story more when you follow the drama closely.

What is hot on Twist of Fate in May 2020?

There is more to look forward to on Twist of Fate.

Why is Pragya deceiving her mother?

Pragya complicates the situation more with every lie she tells her mother.

1/5/2020: Friday (Episode 31)

For how long will Pragya continue to feed her mother with lies to protect herself?

2/5/2020: Saturday (Episode 32)

Pragya is caught in possession of drugs and arrested. Will Abhi understand that her enemies have conspired against her and set her free from the trap?

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3/5/2020: Sunday (Episode 33)

Pragya’s family is devastated because of the sad state they find her in when they pay her a visit at the police station. Abhi conceals the truth to maintain the right image before people.

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4/5/2020: Monday (Episode 34)

Aliya accepts Purab’s marriage proposal to marry him. Watch out how Bulbul will react when she realizes that it will be impossible for her to be with the man she loves.

5/5/2020: Tuesday (Episode 35)

Aliya’s scheme to defame Pragya fails.

Purab and Aliya get engaged

Bulbul has to endure the pain because Purab is engaged to another woman.

6/5/2020: Wednesday (Episode 36)

Purab bids Bulbul his last goodbye. Purab and Aliya hold their engagement celebration while hoping that no one ruins the event.

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7/5/2020: Thursday (Episode 37)

Aliya is determined to expose Pragya’s lies instead of concentrating on her engagement party. Will she succeed?

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8/5/2020: Friday (Episode 38)

Aliya’s plot to embarrass Pragya during the engagement backfires on her.

9/5/2020: Saturday (Episode 39)

Abhi mistreats Pragya more. His grandmother stands up for Pragya and protects her from further ill-treatment.

10/5/2020: Sunday (Episode 40)

Abhi is arrested for running over a pedestrian and fleeing from the scene of the accident. Aliya covers up for him, and this puts her in a situation.

11/5/2020: Monday (Episode 41)

Pragya protects Abhi from being arrested.

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Purab's wedding is opposed

His aunt wants him to wed the woman who his heart beats for.

12/5/2020: Tuesday (Episode 42)

Purab’s aunt is against his decision to tie the knot with Aliya.

13/5/2020: Wednesday (Episode 43)

Abhi spikes Pragya’s drink to destroy her reputation.

14/5/2020: Thursday (Episode 44)

The more Abhi tries to humiliate Pragya, the more they get close to each other.

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15/5/2020: Friday (Episode 45)

Abhi did not expect negative results after taking an alcohol blood test. Later, he realizes that Pragya has taken the blame on his behalf.

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16/5/2020: Saturday (Episode 46)

Purab and Aliya’s wedding is fast approaching, but he cannot get Bulbul out of his heart.

17/5/2020: Sunday (Episode 47)

Purab and Aliya celebrate one of their wedding events. Tanu is insecure about her relationship with Abhi.

Is Abhi falling in love with Tanu?

Pragya’s cousin sees Abhi and Tanu behaving in a manner that suggests that they are in love.

18/5/2020: Monday (Episode 48)

Sarla has doubts when she hears about Abhi and Tanu getting intimate.

19/5/2020: Tuesday (Episode 49)

Purab and Bulbul get into a car crash. He realizes his mistake and that he cannot live without Bulbul.

20/5/2020: Wednesday (Episode 50)

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21/5/2020: Thursday (Episode 51)

Purab’s family is in distress because he did not show up on for his wedding. How will Pragya handle the situation?

22/5/2020: Friday (Episode 52)

Tanu pranks Abhi and Aliya. She also turns Pragya’s life into a nightmare.

23/5/2020: Saturday (Episode 53)

Abhi finds out the truth when he follows Pragya and Purab to a temple without their knowledge.

What caused Aliya's wedding to be called off?

Abhi is convinced that Pragya had a hand in what happened to Aliya.

24/5/2020: Sunday (Episode 54)

Abhi disgraces Pragya by accusing her of causing Aliya's wedding to be canceled. Aliya and Tanu chase Pragya out of the house.

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25/5/2020: Monday (Episode 55)

Pragya reveals to Tanu that she is aware of her evil plans. Tanu experiences the other side of Pragya that she never knew.

26/5/2020: Tuesday (Episode 56)

Abhi’s grandmother demands an explanation from Pragya when she finds out the truth that she has been withholding from their family. Aliya and Abhi persuade their grandmother to believe that Pragya was the cause of Aliya’s pain.

27/5/2020: Wednesday (Episode 57)

Abhi makes Pragya more miserable. Sarla is suspicious that Pragya is feigning to be happy with her marriage.

28/5/2020: Thursday (Episode 58)

Bulbul ends her romance with Purab because their love put her mother’s life in danger.

29/5/2020: Friday (Episode 59)

Sarla’s business will collapse if it loses the wedding hall. Purab attempts suicide because Bulbul wants nothing to do with him.

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30/5/2020: Saturday (Episode 60)

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31/5/2020: Sunday (Episode 61)

Pragya and Abhi travel. Tanu accompanies them. Will she get close to Abhi during the trip as she has planned?

What is happening to Aliya and Purab?

How is Aliya, Purab, and Bulbul handling their love triangle?


Abhi blames Pragya when Aliya's wedding is called off. Aliya and Tanu ask Pragya to move out of the house.


He stood up Aliya on the wedding day because he loves Bulbul. Bulbul breaks up with him because her mother’s life is in danger. He attempts suicide because of the breakup.

May 2020 Twist of Fate teasers will give you an overview of the story. The drama has been brought back to Zee World due to massive requests from its fans.


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