Isibaya Teasers: June 2020

Isibaya Teasers: June 2020

What is new in the June 2020 Isibaya Teasers? You will find out about the biological father of the baby that Ntwenhle is expecting. Fenyang, Iris, and Phumelele are caught up in a love triangle. Who will win his heart? Their love story is unpredictable. Siza is plotting to take back power.

Isibaya Teasers
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Families that are doing great in the taxi industry tear apart two young lovers because of a historic family rivalry. Isibaya airs on Mzansi Magic from Mondays to Fridays at 20: 30 hrs. You will miss so much if you fail to watch Isibaya in June.

What does Isibaya have to offer this June?

It is all about love and the thirst for justice in June.

The underhand deals

Will the agreement between Siza and a powerful prisoner land him into more trouble?

1/06/20202: Monday (Episode 41)

Khanyi finds out who revealed Ntwenhle’s pregnancy to Jamludi. An influential prisoner named Ngubane makes a deal with Siza, and Qaphela gets employed in Zungu yard.

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2/06/20202: Tuesday (Episode 42)

Ntandane does not approve Qaphela’s new job. Ntwenhle tells Jabu the truth regarding her baby.

3/06/20202: Wednesday (Episode 43)

Thokozani confronts Qaphela’s about his past deeds, and Nolwandle schemes to hurt Qaphela.

4/06/20202: Thursday (Episode 44)

Khanyi disobeys Samson by telling Mandla the truth about the father of Ntwenhle’s baby. Samson is enraged. Ntandane defies Qaphela’s orders, thus creating a conflict between them.

Isibaya Teasers
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5/06/20202: Friday (Episode 45)

Tension is building up between Ntwenhle and Siphokazi while Qaphela and Ntandane bury the hatchet. Qaphela stumbles upon surprising information about the stolen money.

The unexpected visitor

An uninvited guest stays in Phumelele’s flat overnight.

8/06/2020: Monday (Episode 46)

Qaphela finds out the thief, but no one believes him. Phumelele spends the night in her flat with Fenyang.

9/06/2020: Tuesday (Episode 47)

Ntwenhle tells everything about the baby’s father. Phumelele requests Fenyang to help Iris in finding a solution to a complicated legal problem. How will Qaphela and Jerry get the evidence that will implicate the thief?

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10/06/2020: Wednesday (Episode 48)

Fenyang and Iris receive unpredicted outcomes after working on the legal issue. Mkabayi offends Jabu by offering beneficial advice to Ntwenhle, and Qaphela and Jerry plot to expose Ntandane for stealing from the Zungus.

Isibaya Teasers
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The love triangle

Will Fenyang fall in love with Iris or Phumelele?

11/06/2020: Thursday (Episode 49)

Phumelele and Siphokazi meet again. Fenyang realizes that he and Phumelele may never be lovers while Iris develops feelings for him.

12/06/2020: Friday (Episode 50)

Iris cannot prevent herself from falling in love with Fenyang. Thokozani demands that Qaphela and Ntandane should make peace. Khanyi commissions Mandla to convince Ntwenhle concerning a few issues.

15/06/2020: Monday (Episode 51)

Phumelele and Fenyang happily spend time together when she requested for his help. Melusi frowns when a revelation is made.

16/06/2020: Tuesday (Episode 52)

Ntwenhle receives a notice to attend an interrogation session. Phumelele builds trust in Thokozani, and she also reassures Melusi to make him happy.

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What are Jabu’s plans for Ntwenhle?

Is he planning to take care of her and the baby?

17/06/2020: Wednesday (Episode 53)

Siza implements her plans. Jabu has more plans for Ntwenhle, the baby, and himself.

18/06/2020: Thursday (Episode 54)

Phumelele find out that Fenyang spent time at Iris’ place. Siza is making significant progress with her evil plans while hiding in the valley. His ally is preparing for him to return to power, and Jabu discusses his plans with Siphokazi.

19/06/2020: Friday (Episode 55)

Ntwenhle finds out how Samson hurt Jamludi. Fenyang realizes that his relationship with Phumelele is no longer the same.

22/06/2020: Monday (Episode 56)

Phumelele disclosed her feeling for Fenyang, and Thokozani is crushing on someone.

Isibaya Teasers
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23/06/2020: Tuesday (Episode 57)

Zungus is concerned about the new Chieftaincy. Samson has to prove his innocence, and Phumelele explains to her children about the divorce.

24/06/2020: Wednesday (Episode 58)

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An unplanned partnership guards Ntwenhle, who also escapes with Jabu.

Where will Jabu and Ntwenhle hide?

Jabu and Ntwenhle are on the run.

25/06/2020: Thursday (Episode 59)

Jabu and Ntwenhle find refuge in Protea. Thokozani’s feelings for her crush intensifies when she requests for help from Qaphela.

26/06/2020: Friday (Episode 60)

Phumelele makes up her mind, but Iris may have overtaken her.

29/06/2020: Monday (Episode 61)

Samson is arrested, but the valley has got his back. Why does Ntwenhle blame herself?

30/06/2020: Tuesday (Episode 62)

Samson needs a good lawyer, and Iris extends her support to him. Mbomvu is eyeing his next target. He is drunk with power.

What is happening to Phumelele and Ntwenhle?

  • Phumelele is in love with Fenyang but her friend, Iris, also has feelings for him. The good thing is that he feels the same way about her. How will Iris react when she finds out?
  • Ntwenhle runs away with Jabu to Protea. Jabu has plans for her and the baby. Will they be a happy family at Protea?

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Isibaya Teasers has amazing episodes in store for you. February is the month of love for many, but Isibaya plans to turn June into a valentines month for its fans. The story keeps unfolding as more characters fall in love. Will their love stand the tests of time?


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