Who is Bianca Shombee? | Tweets, education, apology, profile

Who is Bianca Shombee? | Tweets, education, apology, profile

The phrase that the internet never forgets has had most people suffer the consequences of the choices they have made in the past. This is one thing that has cost most celebrities their career, and some have even had to suffer emotional torture. Bianca Schoombee, one of the contestants of the Miss South Africa 2020 beauty pageant, joins the list of those who have had to suffer the recursions of their actions. How did it happen to her? You might want to find out more.

Bianca Shombee
Image: instagram.com, @bianca_schoombee03
Source: UGC

The internet can be unforgiving: it takes something so minute to ruin a fortune that probably you worked day and night for. The damage that it creates cannot be corrected, and in most cases, it changes the perception that people have of you. If you have been keen enough, you must have noticed that Bianca Schombee, one of the possible finalists of the Miss South Africa 2020, is trending. You might want to know why.

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Bianca Schoombee profile

  • Full name: Bianca Schoombee
  • Profession: Model
  • Nationality: South African
  • Age: 21 years

Bianca Schoombee Miss SA

The 21-year-old beauty has had to prematurely end her journey of becoming among the contestants of the much-coveted Miss South Africa 2020 beauty pageant. The sudden halt was caused by a series of tweets that she shared on her social media account. Would you like to find out more details about the incident before making a judgment on whether she made the right move?

Bianca Schoombee Miss SA tweets

What looked like a promising journey and a career that had a very high likelihood of influencing her breakthrough turned out to be a traumatising experience. This was after tweets that Bianca made six years ago surfaced. The tweeps alluded that she was racist.

Bianca Schoombee tweets

Through a series of tweets that date back to 2014, Bianca unprecedentedly found herself on the wrong side of Twitter. This was after posts of her using the N-word and remarks that were termed as body-shaming surfaced. These are some of the tweets that she made.

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Some of her comments were racist

Bianca Schoombee racist tweets
Image: twitter.com, @AdvoBarryRoux
Source: UGC

Would you tie her age to her actions and assume that she was a teenager who did not understand the weight of the words?

Could they have been jokes that went wrong?

Bianca Schoombee racist tweets
Image: twitter.com, @Xamhunti2545
Source: UGC

What are your thoughts on her choice of words?

Bianca Schoombee education

Bianca Schoombee highschool
Image: twitter.com, @Ree_mayisela
Source: UGC

The backlash has awakened some people who went to school with her, and they have alluded that she was outright racist. The tweets that they made about her have brought out the dark side of her life that most people had not expected.

Bianca Schoombee apology

A couple of hours after the insensitive racial remarks made their way on social media, Miss Schoombee felt the need to take account of her actions by apologising. Her apology read:

In light of recent events – the discovery of my Tweets from six years ago when I was 14 – I would like to profusely apologise for putting this out into the universe. However, I’d like to make you all aware I have grown as a person, and this is no longer what I stand for. I have dealt with my past through praying.

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It’s important to forgive yourself and I hope South Africans can forgive me for these immature posts. I really do hope that you continue to support me and give me a second chance. I love you all, God Bless.

She has since then deactivated her Twitter account.

Her modelling agency defended her

SYNC Models, the modelling agency that she is signed up to, came out to give their stand regarding the matter. Through a post on Twitter, the agency stated:

We would like to mention that people should not dwell on the past, as it does not define ones future and Bianca has grown holistically as a person. #BiancaForMissSA.
When we signed Bianca in 2018, she still to this day represents exceptional qualities such as; 1)A positive outlook on life 2)Extremely well mannered 3)Strong work ethic 4)Being Poised, graceful and confident 5) Posses the quality of a leader that is relatable

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Withdrawing from the contest

Bianca Schoombee school
Image: twitter.com, @sync_models
Source: UGC

The apology and the remarks that the modelling agency made did not only make the situation difficult for Schoombee but also fuelled the trolls. Tweeps even went ahead to ask the organisers of the pageant to disqualify her from the contest. The organisers of Miss South Africa have, however, stood their ground that the semifinalists or finalists should not have a record of unethical or unsavoury conduct.

On 20th May 2020, SYNC Models, through a notice, stated that Bianca had withdrawn from the contest. The agency went ahead to issue an apology on her behalf.

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Mbuyiseni Ndlozi reaction on the matter

Despite the numerous calls for the public to pardon her, Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, a member of parliament representing the EFF, expressed his remarks on the incident. Through a post on Twitter, he said:

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I don’t forgive you. Go get your forgiveness from De Klerk & the Springbok! Your racism has nothing to do with individuals. Its a system of white privileged that made you & will always make you racist. Unless such a system is destroyed you can’t help, but will always be racist!

He went further to state that racism should not be forgiven. He went ahead to air out his sentiments about no one outgrowing racism saying:

You can’t outgrow and leave racism in teenage years. You transform it, burying it deep in your sub-conscience.
From time to time, it will slip out in jokes, dreams, taste, anger, enjoyment and aesthetics of white privilege. No one should forgive racism, it should be destroyed

What are your thoughts on the Bianca Schoombee incident? Do you think it is being blown out of proportion? If you are offended by her statements, do you think her apology is genuine?

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