Interesting facts about South Africa weather

Interesting facts about South Africa weather

Do you plan travelling to South Africa as a tourist or are you considering relocating to the country? There are some things you should acquaint yourself with before embarking on your journey. One of which is South Africa weather. An understanding of this will help you know the necessary things to take along when preparing for your journey.

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South Africa is often called a land of contrasts because of the range of weather and the condition of the climate. It is distinct from other African countries because the landmass is at a loftier height. No matter what South African climate is at several degrees in the year, it is still regarded as one of the hottest places throughout the year. Ranging from the hottest place in South Africa to the coldest place in South Africa, here are some of the things you need to know about the country's weather.

Facts about South Africa weather

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South Africa comprises of several provinces, with different forms ranging from beaches to deserts. The country is filled with different places and people. Similarly, the weather also differs from a district to another. Let us take a quick look at the beautiful places you can visit and the peculiarity of the climate conditions in those places.

1. The North West Province

The North West province is part of the Kalahari desert. The rainfall region is relatively low compared to the sunshine. It offers sunshine almost throughout the year. Aside from your passport and camera to take pictures, hats and shawl is a necessity while visiting.

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The North West province experiences more than average rainfall, which is between 300 mm and 700 mm yearly. Likewise, the summer weather range varies between 22°C and 34°C. Mafikeng is the principal city that tourists explore. But then, some other notable areas in the province are the Pilanesberg National Park, Ango-Boer War Landmarks, and the Sun City Resort.

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2. The KwaZulu-Natal Province

This province is quite outstanding as it is friendly to tourists regardless of the time of the year. It is a summer rainfall district whose climate is mild. It has an average temperature of about 12°C and moves to 28°C in winter, and it experiences a mix of warmth and sunshine with constant rainfall. Also, the temperature of the seas is stable throughout the year, with an average of 21°C. So, aquatic activities like swimming, fishing, and diving are not hindered at any time.

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If you have been wondering what the South Africa weather Durban city looks like, now you know. Durban is the biggest city in the province. Other notable destinations are Natal Midland and the memorable Pietermaritzburg.

3. The Province of Limpopo

If you are a lover of sunny days, then the Limpopo province is the perfect destination. It is situated in the northern part of the country and intersected by the tropic of Capricorn. The heat during the summertime is frequently interrupted by thunderstorms. The weather can get quite cold during winter too.

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The weather is quite fascinating throughout the year, so it is pleasant and tourist-friendly. Polokwane is the principal city, while other memorable destinations in the province are Game reserve, Soutpansberg region, game reserve, and the Waterberg Mountain area.

4. The Northern Cape Province

Let us face it; the province is a semi-desert. However, it is a sight worth seeing. In the first month of the year, the afternoon temperatures range between 34º C and 40º C. It also has a sparse annual rainfall South Africa of about 50 mm to 400 mm. The western part of the province includes Loeriesfontein and Nieuwoudville.

The area is quite harsh during the summer in South Africa, with a 30°C temperature range and above. Nonetheless, during spring, the Northern Cape transforms and becomes a beautiful sight. The notable destinations include the Orange River region and the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park.

5. Mpumalanga Province

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Mpumulanga in South Africa is a place to be if you are a lover of wildlife and games. The province is distinguished by high rainfall and humid climatic conditions. The province has a temperature of 18.3°C (65.0 °F) on an average level. Then, annually, approximate precipitation falls of 913 mm (35.9 inches) are recorded. It serves as home to several wildlife destinations, including the Kruger National Park.

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Most areas of the province enjoy rainfall during summer, which makes the winter season the best time to see the wildlife. Besides watching wildlife, other things you can do while visiting Mpumalanga are hiking and game viewing, among others.

6. Eastern Cape Province

Known as one of the coldest regions in the country, the province has an average high temperature of 24°C daily. Also, the average temperatures in seven months are more than 25°. The prominent lush vegetation is situated along the South Coast. It lies between the subtropical climates of KwaZulu-Natal and the Mediterranean climates of the Western Cape.

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Is South Africa hot or cold?
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The inland regions are intersected by the great ridge, the most notable destination is Port Elizabeth. It also has beautiful destinations, including Tsitsikamma and Storms River Mouth.

What is the coldest month in South Africa?

South Africa has typical weather for the Southern hemisphere, with the coldest months between June and August. During this period, driving to watch morning games in open automobiles is discouraged because of the extreme coldness, which is why it is advisable to pack warm winter clothing. The average morning temperature is 6°C/42°F.

What is the coldest month in Cape Town?

August is known to be the coldest month with an average temperature of 62°F (17°C).

Does it snow in South Africa?

Yes, it snows in South Africa during winter in several regions. Sometimes, it is so mild that it hardly sticks, but it is enough to generate chaos and excitement quickly. Regions like Western Cape's Matroosberg and Cederberg, Northern Cape's Sutherland, Eastern Cape's Rhodes, KZN's Cathedral Peak, and Golden Gate are places that snow in South Africa. While they are not hard to locate, if you check the South African weather map and snow report, you will find them.

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What is the best time to visit South Africa?

The climate and weather in South Africa vary from a region to another. Hence, there are different suitable periods to visit. Choosing the best time to visit depends on your purpose of visiting. However, with this list below, you should be able to decide the best time to visit the country based on the experience you desire and the purpose of visiting.

  • South Africa Safari: May - October
  • Beach holiday at cape Town: November - March
  • Tour around Cape Winelands: Year-round
  • Watching of the whales: July- November
  • Holiday in the Garden route: Year-round

South Africa weather is one of the beautiful and distinctive things about the country. Regardless of the hot nature, it is worth visiting.


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