How to make light and fluffy Swiss roll recipe

How to make light and fluffy Swiss roll recipe

The mention of a Swiss roll elicits happy memories in many. It is a treat like no other, especially in parties. This sponge cake is versatile and comes in different flavours and fillings depending on the occasion.

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A Swiss roll is a sponge cake covered with jam or whipped cream filling. It is also known as a roll cake, a cream roll, or a Swiss log.

There are several variations of the cake, depending on the type of cake or the filling. The common ones are chocolate fudge, strawberry, vanilla and chocolate Swiss roll cakes. How well can you make it?

How to make a light and fluffy Swiss roll

Follow the guide below to make a delicious snack.


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  • Four large eggs
  • Fifty grams of granulated sugar
  • Five grams cornstarch
  • One hundred fifty ml Heavy cream
  • Thirty-five grams plain flour
  • One tablespoon granulated sugar

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  1. Preheat the oven to 180°C and line parchment paper on the Swiss roll pan.
  2. Sift the dry ingredients in one big bowl.
  3. Separate the egg whites from yolks and beat the whites with a hand mixer until frothy. Divide the sugar into two batches.
  4. Add half of the granulated sugar and beat the mixture until it turns shiny. To obtain a smooth meringue, continue beating at low speed with the hand mixer.
  5. Add the other half of the sugar to the egg yolks and whisk until fluffy and pale.
  6. Mix a third of the meringue into the egg yolk mixture and whisk at low speed. Sift the dry ingredients and fold them into the mixture.
  7. Use a plastic spatula to mix until well combined and gently fold in the meringue in two batches.
  8. Put the batter into the baking tin and level the surface making sure it is spread into the corners evenly.
  9. Bake for ten to twelve minutes until golden brown. Remove from the oven and put on a rack to slightly cool down.
  10. To make the filling, add granulated sugar to the heavy cream and whip. Put the whipped cream on the golden-brown side and spread, leaving a one cm border on each side.
  11. Roll the cake and wrap it with a cling film and chill.
  12. Serve it at room temperature and enjoy the light and fluffy dessert.

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Swiss roll recipe Vanilla

For those who love the vanilla flavour, simply add vanilla extract when beating the egg yolks. Then, complete the process as mentioned above. The same for coffee flavour lovers.

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Swiss roll dessert

The roll recipe Swiss sponge can also be used to make desserts such as Swiss roll trifle. These are rolls arranged in a trifle dish together with fruit and custard.

Do you roll Swiss roll hot or cold?

To end up with an excellent Swiss roll resep, make sure the cake is moist while baking. Roll the sponge when it is warm to help it set in its cylindrical shape. If the cake is cold, it will break or crack while moving it.

Swiss roll recipe
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How to make a Swiss roll

Leave the sponge to completely cool. When you are ready to fill the cake, carefully unroll it and flatten it. A well-baked sponge should not break when rolled up. If it cracks when rolling, then it is overcooked.

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What is the difference between a roulade and a Swiss roll?

Although they look similar, a Swiss roll and a roulade are not the same. A Swiss roll belongs to the family of roulades. However, not all roulades are Swiss rolls.

A Swiss roll is a cake with a filling while a roulade can be rolled with other pastries apart from a cake. A roulade is a rolled pastry or meat with filling that is then cut into rounds and served.

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How do you make a mary berry Swiss roll?

As the name suggests, this recipe is by Mary Berry. She is known as the queen of cakes and has put together baking recipes in her book Mary Berry’s Baking Bible. Below is Berry’s easy Swiss Roll recipe.


  • 100 g self-rising flour
  • 4 large eggs
  • 100 g castor sugar
  • Filling
  • Four tablespoons strawberry jam

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Method of baking

  1. Preheat your oven to 220 degrees Celsius.
  2. Grease your baking tin and line it with parchment paper.
  3. Whisk the sugar and eggs together until the mixture is bubbly and light.
  4. Sift the flour into the mix while folding it in.
  5. Put the batter into the prepared tin and shake it gently, making sure that it spreads into the corners of the tin.
  6. Bake in the preheated oven for ten minutes or until golden brown.
  7. As the cake is cooking, place a piece of parchment paper on the counter. The paper should be slightly larger than the baking tin. Sprinkle the paper with castor sugar.
  8. Gently invert the cake on the sugared parchment paper and peel off the other parchment paper from the bottom of the cake.
  9. Carefully trim off the edges of the sponge with a knife to make a mark of one inch in from one shorter side.
  10. Leave the cake to cool off a bit. Spread the jam and roll up the cake.
  11. Cut from the end and serve.

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Chocolate Swiss roll
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Who makes swiss rolls?

Anyone can make the sponge cake with everyday ingredients, and it is easy to learn even if one is new to baking. The secret lies in the fillings since you can use any of your choices. Whether one is throwing a party or simply satisfying a craving, this cake will do the trick.

Swiss roll Woolworths

You can find this tasty snack in any Woolworth outlet near you. The outlet stocks several variations of the treat to cater for everyone’s palate.

When entertaining during events or parties, it is the perfect biting, snack, or even dessert. The versatility of Swiss roll fillings gives it the extra edge over other cakes.


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