All you need to know about the SA Satanic Church

All you need to know about the SA Satanic Church

Religion is a personal and equally controversial subject in most continents. In Africa, it is known to be a multifaceted subject as it influences culture, art, and philosophies. Apart from the traditional African religions, the most commonly practised religions are Christianity and Islam. However, satanism is a new religion that is slowly taking root in the continent. Have you heard about the SA Satanic Church? If not, you might want to read on.

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In case you have not been keeping up with the latest news, you ought to be aware that the SA Satanic Church has finally been registered in the country. What does this mean? These details will decipher what it means to have the religion in the country, how one can become a member, and what is expected of them.

The SA Satanic church opens

After a journey of more than four years, Riaan Swiegelaar and Adri Norton, the co-founders of the Satanic Church, managed to open its doors in Century City in February 2020. The church was founded to offer a place for the members of the religion for worshipping. The members of the South African Satanic church have also come out to express their appreciation for the organisation as it has depicted what true satanism is.

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The church is registered as a non-profit company among religious organisations.

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Satanism in South Africa

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The church has been open for more than four months now, and it has received overwhelming numbers of interested members. In June alone, it received more than 300 applications of prospectus members. The co-founders would, however, love to set the record straight on the Satanic church to clear the mixed reactions that have been expressed on social media. These are some facts about satanism, according to Riaan Swiegelaar and Adri Norton.

  1. The church is strictly a religious organisation and not a get-rich organisation.
  2. The religion does not involve initiation ceremonies nor activities such as sacrificing animals and human beings. The doctrine does not also include devil worship nor acknowledging him. Satanism consists of the worship of Satan, who is is an archetype.
  3. The religion currently does not allow members who are below the age of 18 to take part in rituals, ceremonies, and gatherings. Therefore, it is not after the children and does not associate itself with the Illuminati or any cult.
  4. The religion does not involve converting someone into satanism. The members of the religion are born with it, and no one can be converted from another religion into satanism.

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The church of Satan discredits its association with the devil worshipers in South Africa. According to Adri Norton, the religion involves connecting to your higher being and expressing your inner being through your talents and abilities. Starting the church was one way of providing a safe space for Satanists, and it dissociates the religion from the vices being depicted in the country.

Mzansi reacts to the registration and opening of the SA Satanic Church

The co-founders of the church have given clear details about what the religion is about. However, a section of South Africans did not sound convinced by the details. They expressed their thoughts on social media platforms.

Some seem to be sceptical about the whole idea

The South African Satanic Church
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Some tried to relate it with racism. Do you think this is right?

Others did not seem to be bothered

Founders of the SA Satanic Church
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It is still not clear whether they were okay with the church being established in the country.

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What are your thoughts about the SA Satanic Church? Would you consider being a member? If so, let us know in the comments section below.


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