Family Affairs teasers: August 2020

Family Affairs teasers: August 2020

Family is a blessing that everyone should enjoy. However, on instances when they do not support your interests and cross the line to make decisions for you, they end up being problematic. Family Affairs is a soap opera that brings out this issue in the best way. If you wish to have a glimpse of how this subject has been portrayed, you ought to check out Family Affairs teasers for August 2020.

Family affairs Teasers

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Family Affairs is a show that depicts the influence that family members have on their romantic lives. Preeti discovers that she does not love Nandu anymore, and would be happy to spend the rest of her life with Lucky. However, her family does not approve of her decision and choose not to support her. What is she going to do to ensure that her interests are considered? How about going through Family Affairs teasers for August 2020 to find out more details about what will happen to her?

Family Affairs teasers for 2020

These are some of the highlights of what you should expect in the oncoming Family Affairs episodes.

Saturday, 1st of August 2020

Nimmi incites Nirmala by stating that Ashok is going on with the charge against her. Meanwhile, Riya's client goes to visit Shanti Sadan. During the visit, he refers to her as the owner of the family and everyone else as her workers. Will Riya go on with her plan as she anticipated?

Chamanlal hands over the fake diamonds to Nirmala, and she is convinced that they are real, and Sarla takes advantage of Kaushalya's absence to turn the rest of the workers against Riya. Later, Sarla opens up to Preeti about the race for the swing.

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Sunday, 2nd of August 2020

Kaushalya and the other workers express their complaints about Riya being absent in her house, and Pari and Sarla manipulate Preeti to pretend to have fainted. Later, Shanti issues Riya an ultimatum, and Riya is forced to make arrangements for Nirmala to vacate the house.

Riya opens up to Kaushalya, Nimmi and Shanti about her plans to ruin Nirmala. However, Kaushalya declines to offer his help to Riya.

Family affairs cast

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Monday, 3rd of August 2020

Chamanlal launches an attack on Ashok. Later, Ashok refuses to come through for Nirmala; hence, Riya reaches out to Nandu, asking for her help with her mission. Kaushalya and Shanti stumble upon Kaushalya's driver and Chamanlal hugging. What will they make out of this scene?

Shivam impersonates Nirmala and reaches out to Chamanlal, asking her to come to the mansion. Sarla secretly follows Ashok to the mansion and Chamanlal reaffirms her marriage idea to Nirmala, claiming that she is waiting for her divorce to go through.

Tuesday, 4th of August 2020

Pari and Sarla forcefully get into the mansion despite Kaushalya's and Shanti's efforts to stop them. Nirmala and Chamanlal begin their wedding ritual.

Shanti reminds Sarla of her failed mission to destroy Nirmala, and this makes her feel demoralised. Later, Nimmi requests Shanti to select the head of the house. Whom is she going to choose?

Wednesday, 5th of August 2020

Amit insists on going to the doctor with Rani, and the doctor tells them that Rani cannot get pregnant. Back in the mansion, Sarla inquires about the financial status of a child whose name is Bablu and later learns that Bablu is Amit's son.

A goon by the name Lallan Singh threatens to murder Amit; hence, Sarla and Amit are forced to take Bablu in. Later, Shanti reprimands Sandhya. Why is this happening?

Family affairs episodes

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Thursday, 6th of August 2020

Pari hands over the divorce papers to Preeti, and later, Nandu opens up to Riya about his worries for Preeti. Later, Riya sees Preeti with Lucky, and this leaves her in shock.

Riya eavesdrops Preeti's and Lucky's plans to get married, and she hurriedly lets Shanti know about them. What will Shanti do to stop them? In the meantime, Pari and Sarla come up with a plan to incriminate Nimmi. Why are they doing this?

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Friday, 7th of August 2020

Preeti declares her love, and this makes the members of the Shrivastav family shocked. Rani finds out about Amit's illegal child, and this makes her sad.

Sarla tries to dismiss Preeti's feelings for Lucky. Later, Preeti gives an ultimatum for Nandu to divorce her. However, Shanti declines to fulfil her wish; hence, she threatens to set herself ablaze.

Saturday, 8th of August 2020

When Shanti refuses to let Nandu proceed with the divorce, Kaushalya feels so disturbed that she locks herself up in her room. Two days later, when Raghav comes to the mansion, Kaushalya asks him to intervene and make Nandu divorce Preeti.

Shivam tries to convince Preeti to think twice about her decision to divorce Nandu, and Nandu makes up his mind and signs the divorce papers. Later, Raghav reaches out to Kaushalya to inform her that he kept his promise.

Sunday, 9th of August 2020

Sarla puts so much pressure on Rani and forces her to apologise to Bablu. Later, Sarla locks Bablu in a room. Kaushalya questions Preeti for not opening up to Lucky about Nandu's decision, and Shanti requests Nimmi to bring Preeti's ring.

Shivam questions Kaushalya about Preeti getting engaged, and later, Lucky goes to the mansion to meet the Shrivastavas. Will they accord him the respect that he deserves?

Family affairs

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Monday, 10th of August 2020

Sarla, Nimmi, and Preeti find out about Nandu's suicide, will Preeti deal with the guilt? Later, Preeti also threatens to commit suicide if Shanti does not marry her off to Lucky. Will her wish be granted?

Rani and Amit get home and realise that Bablu is missing, where could he be? Meanwhile, Nimmi decides to hide Nandu's secret from Shivam and the rest of the family. Later, Shanti allows Preeti and Lucky to get engaged.


Preeti realises that she is more connected to Lucky than she is to Nandu. Therefore, she starts off the divorce process and even acquires the divorce papers. However, she faces a challenging experience when Nandu refuses to sign the papers. Will she have is smooth with her engagement to Lucky?


Sarla does not seem to have the best of intentions towards everyone. He incites the workers in the mansion against Riya. Later, she tries to convince Preeti to forget about her prospects of getting married to Lucky. Will her intentions be brought to light?

Family Affairs teasers for August are proof of how fast the drama in the show has escalated. If you would like to find out more details about the show and whether Preeti and Lucky will manage to ahead with the engagement, ensure to watch full episodes of the soapie.



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