Complete guide to the all-new SuperSport themed channels 2020

Complete guide to the all-new SuperSport themed channels 2020

Supersport, an arm of DStv, has announced a couple of changes for its channels. The changes aim at making it easier for fans to navigate through the content that it airs. This diversification is going to make it easier for fans to have dedicated time with their best sports. If you are a fan of sports, you might want to be equipped with details about the new SuperSport themed channels.

all new themed channels supersport
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On 1st September 2020, SuperSport will drop new themed channels; something that fans should be excited about. The new SuperSport themed channels will guarantee a fun-filled watching experience for sports fanatics. The most exciting thing about it is the wide range of sports that will be aired. How about reading on to find out more details about what you should expect?

SuperSport themed channels

According to exhaustive market research that was conducted, it was established that viewers prefer to watch their favourite sports on dedicated channels. These remarks prompted SuperSport to better their service delivery by transforming its content to match the needs of the viewers. The entertainment company transitioned from the SuperSport schedule, which aired a wide range of sports, to having dedicated channels that air specific sports. This way, it will be easier for viewers to navigate the content that is being aired.

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SuperSport channel line up

New SuperSport themed channels 2020
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This line up will help a viewer navigate easily through the new-themed channels.

New SuperSport themed channels 2020
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The answers to these questions will give you more details about the changes.

What is the new Grandstand channel?

SuperSport Grandstand is the new Premium channel that will be the home of the new live sport. It will air any live sport that Premium customers are subscribed to. The sports include tennis, golf, and rugby, to mention a few.

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Where can I watch the Champions League?

If you are a football fanatic and would like to know more about the Champions League matches, you can catch the first choice UCL matches on channel 203 (the Premier League channel). You can catch additional matches on:

  • PSL (202)
  • LaLiga (204)
  • Football (205)
  • Variety 1 (206)
  • Variety 2 (207)

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Why have rugby and cricket been moved so far out, to channels 211 and 212?

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Rugby and cricket have been moved to ensure that the content is aligned across the entire continent. This move will also help in ensuring that there is consistency across all the available markets. However, if you wish to catch the best of any cricket and rugby, you can tune to SuperSport Grandstand on channel 201.

Why does cycling not have its own dedicated channel?

Currently, cycling content that is available is not enough. However, fans can catch cycling content on Variety 1, where the content will be scheduled. Significant events, for instance, the Grand Tours, will be broadcasted on SuperSport Grandstand.

Are the channels 24 hours/day?

Yes, they will air content throughout the day.

As a lower-tier DStv customer, will I now see less sport?

Broadcasting of the broad content remains the same. This will not affect the package that one is subscribed to as none will be worse than the other. It will make the watching experience better as one will be able to understand better the content that is broadcasted.

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Now that you have got specific sports channels, will I be able to buy just what I want?

The move to have dedicated channels for sports will not affect the packages that DStv offers. Instead, it will make it cheaper for viewers to enjoy the entertainment experience at affordable rates. The DStv channels will be grouped into packages, which will make it more cost-effective.

How will the changes affect an Access subscriber?

The changes will not affect the number of SuperSport channels that a customer subscribed to this package will access. The only changes that one will experience is the identity of the two channels that will transform into the new thematic genre. For instance, SS10 and Blitz will collectively be transformed into Blitz and Variety 4.

How will the changes affect a Family subscriber?

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A subscriber in this package will still have access to nine SuperSport channels on DStv as usual. The only change is that the channels will adapt to the new thematic genre. Therefore, Blitz, SS7, SS9, SS10, and WWE will be renamed to Blitz, the LaLiga channel, the Football channel, Variety 4, and the WWE channel.

How will the changes affect a Compact subscriber?

There will be no change in the number of channels that one can access in this package. The only change that will be experienced is that the nine SuperSport channels will have the thematic genre. Therefore, Blitz, SS3, SS4, SS7, SS9, SS10, SS11 (Pop up), ESPN 1 and WWE will collectively be transformed to Blitz, the PSL, the EPL, the LaLiga, the Football, Variety 3, Variety 4, ESPN 1 and WWE.

How will the changes affect a Compact Plus subscriber?

A subscriber of this package will still have access to the thirteen SuperSport channels. The only change that they will experience is that the thirteen channels will adapt to the new thematic genre. Hence, they will change from Blitz, SS3, SS4, SS7, SS8, SS9, SS10, SS11 (Pop up channel), SS12 (Pop up channel), SS13 (Pop up channel), ESPN 1, ESPN 2 and WWE, to Blitz, the PSL channel, the Premier League Channel, the LaLiga channel, the Football channel, Variety 1, Variety 2, Variety 3, Variety 4, Action, ESPN 1, ESPN 2 and the WWE channel.

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How will the changes affect a Premium subscriber?

Premium subscribers will not lose any content. However, the only thing that will change is the themes for the channel identities. The other significant change that you will experience is the extra Grandstand Channel and the other two ESPN that were added to the package.

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The details of the new SuperSport themed channels should be something to be excited about, especially if you are a sports fanatic. Not only do they guarantee an exciting experience but also access to more content for the different sports. Access to the content has also been made easier.

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