Shadows from the Past Teasers: September 2020

Shadows from the Past Teasers: September 2020

Have you ever found yourself in a love triangle? If so, how did you get out of the messy situation? If not, how would you handle the incident? Would you be the one to accept defeat and maintain your peace, or would you prefer to tackle the murky circumstance? Shadows from the Past teasers for September highlight the incidents that the cast members have gotten into. You might want to read on for more.

Shadows from the Past storyline

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Shadows from the Past is a twisted show that highlights how complicated love can be. It focuses on the story of Cristobal and the women that he interacts with and how they try to trap him. Shadows from the Past teasers for September 2020 provide snippets of what he is going to be up to. You might want to check them out for more details.

Shadows from the Past teasers for September 2020

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How about a sneak peek of what your favourite Shadows from the Past cast will be up to?

Episode 97 - Tuesday, 1st of September 2020

Prudencia ends her relationship with Tomas, and Uriel makes Irma believe that Lola stole money from her purse. Valeria opens up to Cristobal about her pregnancy, although the response that she receives crushes her. He tells her that he will take care of the baby and that he will not marry her. How will these details make Valerie feel?

Episode 98 - Wednesday, 2nd of September 2020

Father Jerónimo tips of Severiano about Nazaria's plan to leave the town at night. He advises him to intercept her at the bust stop and get back his money. Later, Jeronimo manages to get himself out of a tricky situation.

Episode 99 - Thursday, 3rd of September 2020

Lola accepts to date Pato, and Aldonza ends her relationship with Cristobal. Later, Severiano realises that Cristobal is not the father of Valeria's unborn baby, so he informs him. How will Cristobal react to this information?

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Episode 100 - Friday, 4th of September 2020

Candela insists that Aldonza should get out of the picture and allow Cristobal to marry Valeria. Meanwhile, Valeria and Severiano get into an unusual agreement.

Episode 101 - Monday, 7th of September 2020

Cristobal stands firm by his word when he tells Aldonza that he will not divorce her, although she insists that she wants to be with Renato. What will Cristobal do? On the other end, Joaquin insists that he does not feel anything for Flavia.

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Episode 102 - Tuesday, 8th of September 2020

Candela, Severiano, and Valeria join forces to get rid of Aldonza; what plan do they have in mind? Prudencia refuses to sign the divorce papers; hence Humberto decides to move out of their house.

Shadows from the Past cast

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Episode 103 - Wednesday, 9th of September 2020

Valeria opens up to Candela abut her attempting to murder Aldonza; will Candela use this information against her? Cristobal affirms that he will never make up with Valeria, and Renato puts Aldonza's worries to rest when he tells her that she made him happy.

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Episode 104 - Thursday, 10th of September 2020

Prudencia requests Toma to murder Tere, and Candela tries to interrogate Valeria by asking her whether she tried to shoot Aldonza. Will Valeria give more details of the incriminating information?

Episode 105 - Friday, 11th of September 2020

Father Jeronimo gives Toma a positive recommendation and asks him to go and look for another job. Humberto refuses to fix his differences with Prudencia, and Mari declares that she will make her work performance better.

Episode 106 - Monday, 14th of September 2020

Lulu tries to teach Toma how to be romantic, and Duck asks Lola to have dinner with him. However, his plans to propose to her are thwarted.

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Episode 107 - Tuesday, 15th of September 2020

Cristobal discovers what happened to Aldonza and points fingers at his parents. Later, he realises that Simoneta was expectant and yet she is missing. How will he handle this stressful moment? Meanwhile, Severiano rejoices when she learns that Adriano is still in a coma.

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Episode 108 - Wednesday, 16th of September 2020

Severiano refuses to withdraw the charges against Emanuel, and Cristobal blames him for impersonating him by signing the documents.

Shadows from the Past episodes

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Episode 109 - Thursday, 17th of September 2020

Severiano tries to put Valeria's worries to rest when he tells her that Nava will help them in her mother's legal situation. Later, Candela reprimands her for not going to see a doctor, although she responds by saying that she is planning to terminate the pregnancy.

Episode 110 - Friday, 18th of September 2020

Valeria realises that her pregnancy has a couple of complications, and Lola informs Cristobal that he is at the verge of losing Aldonza to Renato. What will Cristobal do?

Episode 111 - Monday, 21st of September 2020

Severiano sets everything that belongs to Simoneta on fire, and Prudencia realises that Cristobal left the town with Aldonza. Later, Pato realises that Lola visited Emanuel; hence, he gets angry.

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Episode 112 - Tuesday, 22nd of September 2020

Jeronimo, Severiano, and the priests get into a heated exchange, and it looks like Cristobal is not interested in the baby. Meanwhile, Camilo stumbles upon the people who stole Cristobal's horse. What will she do?

Episode 113 - Wednesday, 23rd of September 2020

Prudencia tries to make Silvia believe that Toma will take advantage of her, and Aldonza falls ill. Meanwhile, Severiano tries to pressurize Valeria to make her father give him the property of “El Santuario”.

Episode 114 - Thursday, 24th of September 2020

Antonio's efforts to try and convince Severiano to drop the charges against Emanuel do not bear fruits, and Aldonza is shocked when they fail to find the signs of her alleged sister. However, she insists on trying a little longer to find more details.

Episode 115 - Friday, 25th of September 2020

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Father Jeronimo tries to talk Joaquin into forgiving his wife, and Gonzalo opens up to his son about being in love with Flavia. Later, Adelina opens up to Aldonza about being in love with her father.

Shadows from the Past

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Episode 116 - Monday, 28th of September 2020

Emanuel is finally acquitted, and Severiano and Candela realise that they will have a difficult time trying to keep a secret. Flavia is not willing to give up on her marriage.

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Episode 117 - Tuesday, 29th of September 2020

Adelina gets overwhelmed by guilt and opens up to Jeronimo about her sister killing Raymundo, how will the priest react? Silvia enjoys a romantic moment with Tomas, although this makes Renato jealous. Severiano feels betrayed by his men.

Episode 118 - Wednesday, 30th of September 2020

Antonio confirms Aldonza's fears when he tells her that Severiano raped his sister; hence, she committed suicide. Candice gets involved in an accident, and Emanuel is nowhere to be seen, and this makes everyone anxious. What has happened to him?

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Valeria informs Cristobal that she is expecting his baby, and Aldonza calls it quits. Aldonza tries to convince him to divorce her, but he declines. Later, he learns that he is not the father of Valeria's baby, and the thought of losing Aldonza to Renato stresses him. How will he fix his wrongs?


Valeria tries to get close to Cristobal through her pregnancy, although he declared that he will not marry her, and that he will only take care of the baby. This makes her contemplate aborting the unborn baby, although she realises that the pregnancy is complicated. What will she do?

Shadows from the Past teasers for September 2020 cannot be compared with the humour and drama that awaits you in the show's full episodes. If you wish to find out more details, you might want to tune to FOX Life every weekday at 17:30. In case you miss out, you can always catch the repeat at 23:10.

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