DaniLeigh: bio, age, dating, songs, Instagram, has she broken up with Dababy?

DaniLeigh: bio, age, dating, songs, Instagram, has she broken up with Dababy?

DaniLeigh is an American singer, dancer, songwriter, choreographer, and rapper. The beauty came into the limelight at a tender age. She has since become a favourite for many people around the world, who love her pleasant voice and killer dance moves. Some of her most famous songs include D.O.S.E, The Plan, Dominican Mami, Easy, and Levi High.


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DaniLeigh has been a big fan of music and dance from childhood. It all began when she started recording cover songs of popular musicians and posting them on YouTube. Unlike now, DaniLeigh was shy, and she was doing it entirely for fun. She discovered her craft in her late teenage years.

Over the years, her popularity has continued to grow tremendously. She has also been working closely with notable names in the scene such as Lil Baby, Chris Brown, DaBaby, and G-Eazy. However, most of her fans know little about her musical journey and personal life.

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DaniLeigh profile summary

  • Birth name: Danielle Leigh Curiel
  • Date of birth: 20th December 1994
  • Place of birth: Florida, United States
  • Age: 25 years old
  • Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
  • Occupation: Singer, choreographer, rapper, dancer, songwriter
  • Current residence: Los Angels
  • DaniLeigh nationality: American
  • DaniLeigh Instagram: @iamdanileigh

DaniLeigh biography

Danielle Leigh Curiel was born on 20th December 1994 in Florida, United States. The beauty was born into a family of working-class Dominican parents.

She is the eldest in a family of two known siblings, a sister and brother. The names of DaniLeigh siblings are Brianna Leah and Brandon.

Her sister, Brianna Leah, is also into the showbiz scene. She is a singer who doubles up as a songwriter. On the other hand, unlike Brianna, there is little information about her little brother.

The family relocated from South Florida to Los Angeles, LA, when she was 16. In LA, she found new people that helped her to discover her talents. How did she get famous? Well, she started dancing in video songs of popular musicians and commercials. Her dreams eventually came true when she met the legendary Prince.

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How old is DaniLeigh?

At the time of writing, DaniLeigh age is 25. She celebrates her birthdays on 20th December. While celebrating her 25th birthday, the Dominican Mami hitmaker surprised her fans with an EP titled My Present.

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Dating history

DaniLeigh, unlike, most female celebrities prefers to keep her personal life under wraps. However, the star once confirmed to have been in a romantic relationship. According to her, they mutually agreed with her ex-boyfriend to keep the relationship a secret.

The relationship, with the mystery man, ended when she discovered the guy was cheating on her. In an interview with Angela Yee's Lip Service, she said,

I guess you can say I was in a relationship for like, two years. It was dumb lowkey. Nobody knew about it at all. It was like a secret, for real. And, yeah. What happened? It was just drama. He was a liar. He was a cheater. And I stayed. I gave him so many chances, it's crazy.
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DaniLeigh and DaBaby dating rumours

danileigh and dababy

Image: instagram.com, @danileighdababy
Source: Instagram

Over the past few months, speculations about DaniLeigh dating DaBaby have been making rounds on social media. The rumours started after they were spotted together on a few instances. Also the beauty, at some point, shared a picture of her and a mystery man holding hands in bed.

Some social media users alleged that the unseen man in the picture was DaBaby. In March, DaBaby’s baby mother (MeMe) also posted a series of tweets giving fans more reason to doubt the two. She pointed out that DaniLeigh had blocked her on the app.

DaniLeigh has, in several instances, denied the allegations, terming them unfounded. For instance, in an Instagram Live interview with Kendra G, a popular Chicago radio host, she made it clear that nothing was going on between them.

Instead, she told her that people have always tried to force several male artists into her life, especially those she has worked with, such as Chris Brown. On the other hand, DaBaby has never come forward to confirm whether the allegations are true or not.

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When I did 'Easy' everyone thought me and [Chris Brown] were a thing. It is what it is.

So, who is DaniLeigh boyfriend then? At the time of writing, she is presumed to be single. Besides, she has neither updated such information on her social media pages, nor has she talked about the issue publicly.

Career progression

DaniLeigh album

Image: facebook.com, @DaniLeigh
Source: Facebook

She officially came into the limelight when she met with the late Prince. The deceased legendary singer allowed her the opportunity to direct his music video, Breakfast Can Wait. He officially introduced her to music at the age of 18. She has since worked with big names in the industry such as DaBaby, Lil Baby, G-Eazy, and Chris Brown.

The beauty was more into dancing than singing before meeting the late Prince Rogers Nelson. She used to earn a living by appearing in other artists' music videos. In 2017, she was signed by Def Jam Records. In the same year, she released her first solo album.

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So far, she has released several tracks worth listening. Some are her solo projects, while others are collaborations with various artists. Here is a list of DaniLeigh songs you would love to know:

  • Questions
  • Only Wun
  • Life
  • Don’t Mean Nothin
  • It’s Just Us
  • Ex
  • Nose Dive
  • On
  • Yo No Se
  • Flame
  • Do It To Me
  • Lurkin
  • Wrong
  • I Do It 4
  • Blue Chips
  • Cruz
  • Play

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danileigh birthday

Image: instagram.com, @iamdanileigh
Source: Instagram

  • Family Only
  • Old Me
  • All Day
  • Be Yourself
  • All I know
  • No Caller ID
  • The Plan
  • Usually
  • Can’t Relate
  • N Limits
  • Dominican Mami
  • Cravin
  • Levi High
  • Lil Bebe
  • Easy


The 25-year old rapper has also released a few albums and EPs. For instance, Summer With Friends (2017) was her first album. Other DaniLeigh albums and EPs include:

  • Fresh For (2018)
  • The Plan (2018)
  • My Present, EP (2019)
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DaniLeigh Instagram

danileigh instagram

Image: instagram.com, @iamdanileigh
Source: Instagram

The 25-year-old is among the few American singers who command a considerable following on the platform. As of August, she has more than 2.8 million followers. One can follow her to find more about her upcoming projects, among many other things.

No doubt, DaniLeigh is beautiful and extraordinarily talented. It is a few years into her musical career, and she has made tremendous achievements. Her songs are among the most-played, streamed, and downloaded right now. Overall, her star continues to shine brighter than ever.

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