Angels or Angles? Video of an "angel" outside TB Joshua's Church

Angels or Angles? Video of an "angel" outside TB Joshua's Church

- A video of an "angel" has led to a lot of debate

- It shows a figure crossing a busy street and entering the SCOAN church

- Other YouTube videos have been made to determine if this one is real or not

People have always wanted to believe in angels and sightings of supernatural beings. The thought of being witness to an event like that is an exciting but scary possibility.

So when someone sent an anonymous video that shows “proof” of an angel entering the church, a lot of people got excited about it.

A video uploaded to Emmanuel TV’s YouTube Channel, showed an onlooker outside The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) recording the entrance of the church from inside a stationary vehicle.

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The transparent white figure is seen crossing the road from the right of the video, and entering the Church on the left.The anonymous sender of the footage, whose accent suggests he is of Ghanaian origin, is heard telling his colleague that he actually saw the strange movement. investigated the claims, and found that the original video was posted on YouTube in May 2017. Aaron Mensah originally posted the video, titled: The SCOAN Church building. An Angel caught in video.

Emmanuel TV reposted the video, edited to 56 seconds instead of the original two minutes, 50 seconds which clearly shows reflections off the window before and after the sighting of the ‘angel’.

The video has drawn a lot of debate from people, many of whom insist it is an angel crossing the road and going into the church.

“I have watched the video 20 times,” wrote a commenter known as ‘Baty’ on YouTube who described himself as a professional graphics editor. “This is not a reflection of any [sort], neither is it editing; it’s a pure angel,” he concluded, citing the height of the ‘being’ and the speed of its movement.

Dave Partner, another YouTube user analyses the video in his post titled: Video of Ghost entering TB Joshua's church - synagogue church of all nations in Nigeria.

He points out that the “angel” seems to be someone wearing a traditional dashiki outfit, striding across the street behind the bus. Many have commented on his video, saying that he is wrong and it’s an angel.

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