Days of Our Lives teasers: September 2020

Days of Our Lives teasers: September 2020

In Days of Our Lives teasers for September 2020, Hattie hopes that someday Roman will love her, yet she has a secret affair with Lucas. She kidnaps Marlena, the woman Roman loves. John tries to save Marlena from Hattie even after she broke up with him. Meanwhile, Roman tries to stop loving Marlena by kissing Hattie and Kate on different occasions. Jennifer is in love with Lucas, and Eric still loves Nicole even though she is dating Brady. On the other hand, Adrienne breaks up with Lucas and reunites with Justin.

Days of Our Lives teasers

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Besides the complicated love lives of the characters on Days of Our Lives, the mysteries surrounding Deimo’s death will shock you. Eric, Victor, and Xander are the prime suspects in this murder. However, Nicole is the only one who knows the killer.

What is coming up on Days of Our Lives in September 2020?

The show airs on eTV from Mondays to Fridays at 16:45. Read below to find out more about what is up next on this drama series.

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Abigail and Chad's lives are endangered

When a speeding car races towards Abigail and Chad, she pushes Chad out of its way. The car runs over her.

1/09/2020: Tuesday {E 13139 (253)}

Steve alleges that Nurse Shelly framed Kayla. Meanwhile, Joey’s closeness with Tripp makes him regret killing Ava. Later, a speeding car almost runs over Abigail, Chad, and Dario.

2/09/2020: Wednesday {E 13140 (254)}

Hattie confides in Marlena that she will transform her life to win Roman’s love. Abigail pushes Chad to protect him from getting hit by an oncoming car, and Dario flees the scene. John helps Paul to understand more about Victor's life while Steve suspects that Tripp set up Kayla at the hospital.

Days of Our Lives teasers

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3/09/2020: Thursday {E 13141 (255)}

Jennifer, Chad, and JJ worry about Abigail's health while Kayla stabilizes her. Gabi is upset after Chad fails to contact her. Meanwhile, Hope and Rafe are looking for Dario. Nicole discloses to Maggie about Eric's situation, and Eric informs Roman about what happened with Nicole.

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4/09/2020: Friday {E 13142 (256)}

Gabi reveals to Chad about Abigail and Dario’s fake marriage. She also comforts him because he is stressed over Abigail’s accident. Jennifer and JJ are counting on Lani and Lucas’s help to overcome a challenging moment as they wait for Abigail to recover and explain to them how she was hit by the car. John cannot find Marlena because Hattie has abducted her.

7/09/2020: Monday {E 13143 (257)}

Abigail survives the surgery, but Kayla warns everyone that her critical health condition needs more medical care. Lani talks to JJ about Dario, and she confronts Dario later regarding Abigail’s accident. Tripp reveals to Angelo that he believes Kayla killed his mother, and Najelo advises him to revenge.

Why is Brady is jealous of Nicole?

He is enraged when she disappears in the evening because he believes that she is seeing another man behind his back.

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8/09/2020: Tuesday {E 13144 (258)}

Eric’s presence at the hospital to support Abigail surprises Jennifer, and Andre tells Gabi that Dario was blackmailing Abigail. While Chad watches over Abigail in the hospital, he sinks into deep thoughts that help him unveil what she is going through.

Steve informs Joey that although there is no proof, Tripp might have framed Kayla. Brady suspects that Nicole sneaked out in the evening to meet Eric while he was on call. After Paul proves that Sonny did not murder Deimos, he asks Brady to meet him and discuss the case.

Days of Our Lives teasers

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9/09/2020: Wednesday {E 13145 (259)}

Steve finds Tripp holding Kayla hostage. While Steve is trying to save the situation, Joey also risks his life to save Kayla. Chad gets emotional when Abigail wakes up. Paul reveals to Sonny how Victor and Xander murdered Deimos.

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10/09/2020: Thursday {E 13146 (260)}

John worries when he does not hear from Marlena. Hattie ruins John and Hope's intimate moment by requesting to have an urgent meeting with him. Nicole explains to Brady why she argued with Victor the previous night, and Rafe demands to know from Eli about his deal with the FBI concerning Dario.

11/09/2020: Friday {E 13147 (261)}

Brady almost takes a drink that Paul has spiked, and Nicole appreciates Eric for saving her from making a mistake. Justin finds out from Sonny that Victor was also involved in Deimo’s death. Later, Hattie helps Bonnie to flee from Statesville.

14/09/2020: Monday {E 13148 (262)}

Tripp informs Claire that he will run away because he put his family in trouble. Abigail is excited when Chad brings Thomas to visit her in the hospital, and Anjelica meets Bonnie to talk about business.

Why does Hattie kidnap Marlena?

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Hattie is among the most complicated eTV Days of Our Lives characters. After she swears to mend her ways, she involves herself more illegal activities.

15/09/2020: Tuesday {E 13149 (263)}

John tells Eric that Marlena ended their relationship. Marlena finds herself confined in a strange place. Gabi checks on Chad's ex-wife, Abigail, without ill motives in her heart. She has accepted to lose Chad to his ex-wife.

Days of Our Lives teasers

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16/09/2020: Wednesday {E 13150 (264)}

Chloe warns Lucas against drinking excess alcohol to get over his break up with Adrienne. Brady finds a cursed amulet in Eric's room. Later, he ruins Hattie and Bonnie’s party by showing up unexpectedly and demanding to speak to his mother.

17/09/2020: Thursday {E 13151 (265)}

Tripp apologizes to Kayla for hurting her, and she asks a favour from him. Later, Hope, Rafe, and Raines are worried because they cannot identify Dario’s partner. Eli learns from Valarie that Abe has a lot of money, and Abe confronts Theo for breaking the law to help the Dimeras.

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18/09/2020: Friday {E 13152 (266)}

While Theo and Claire almost kiss each other, Valerie returns to the troubled Abe. Eli reveals to Hope and Rafe details about Dario’s partner. Meanwhile, Kayla hopes that Tripp remains silent about Joey killing Ava so that Joey does not turn himself in.

21/09/2020: Monday {E 13153 (267)}

Eric gives Nicole the pictures he took of her during Holly's party. Chloe convinces Lucas to quit alcohol, while Bonnie, Angelica, and Hattie meet up before Hattie goes out to trap Roman.

Why does Roman lie about meeting Hattie?

He deceives John and Kate about his meeting with Hattie. He uses the name Marlena throughout the conversation while referring to Hattie.

Days of Our Lives teasers

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22/09/2020: Tuesday {E 13154 (268)}

Nicole misunderstands Brady when he tries to tell her that Eric murdered Deimos. She confesses that she is not Eric’s lover. Meanwhile, Chloe suspects that Eric still loves Nicole. Chad and Sonny wait for the court hearing, and Abigail reveals to Julie that she is worried about Chad.

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Roman pulls back from Hattie and admits that he does not love Marlena. John and Kate come in as soon as Hattie leaves Roman's place. Roman confides in them that he desires to be in love after speaking with "Marlena".

23/09/2020: Wednesday {E 13155 (269)}

Nicole believes that the owner of the emulate she found on the night she was partying with Brady murdered Deimos. Chad proposes marriage to Abigail, and Marlena’s health deteriorates while she is in Bayview. John demands to know why Hattie kissed Roman. Later, John finds Marlena.

Days of Our Lives teasers

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24/09/2020: Thursday {E 13156 (270)}

Joey prepares to be imprisoned because he killed Ava. Jennifer confronts Hope during Abe’s arrest press conference. Justin informs Abe that Valeries has requested him to be his attorney.

Everyone is talking about how Adrienne dumped Lucas for Justin. Jennifer lashes out at Adrienne during the farewell party at the Pub.

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25/09/2020: Friday {E 13157 (271)}

Lucas interrupts Eric as he writes a letter to Nicole. Andre tries to blackmail Kate into giving him more authority at the Dimera. He knows that she kissed Roman.

28/09/2020: Monday {E 13158 (272)}

Nicole pops up while Eric is writing to her a love letter. Sonny and Chad promise to be each other’s best men at their weddings. Brady tells Victor that Nicole remembers what took place on the night Deimos died. Later, Hattie makes it hard for John to rescue Marlena.

29/09/2020: Tuesday {E 13159 (273)}

Marlena feels safe around John at the Bayview Sanitarium, and they try to find out Hattie's partner in crime. Jennifer tries to make Eric confess his love for Nicole as she confides in him about her feelings for Lucas.

Hattie is Bonnie ally

Hattie rescues Bonnie from a dangerous situation while he helps her push on with her devilish plans.

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Days of Our Lives teasers

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30/09/2020: Wednesday {E 13160 (274)}

Hattie and Bonnie realize that Anjelica is up to something. Hattie leaves Lucas in bed with a surprise..

What is happening to Trip and Abigail?

  • Tripp thinks he killed Ava, but he realizes later that Joey did it. He also suspects that Kayla killed his mother and seeks revenge. Steve suspects that Tripp framed Kayla out of revenge. Joey tries to save Kayla from her kidnapper, Tripp. Later, she begs Tripp to protect Joey from going to jail.
  • Did Darion plan the car accident that happened to Abigail? He has been blackmailing her. Gabi is moving on because she knows that Chad will remarry Abigail if he finds out that Abigail and Dario have a false marriage.

You and your loved ones will have a lovely experience watching the episodes of Days of Our Lives teasers for September 2020.

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