This is Fate 3 teasers: September 2020

This is Fate 3 teasers: September 2020

This is Fate 3 teasers for September 2020 unveil how love makes one feel like anything is possible. Some of the characters lose their loved ones because of how they express themselves or conceal their emotions. In the show, love takes many shapes from romance, family ties, to friendships.

This is Fate 3 teasers

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Watch This is Fate 3 air on Zee World DStv from Mondays to Sundays at 19:00. Sometimes words cannot express the sweetness in a series until you watch it. Enjoy how love posses the minds, hearts, and senses of this drama's unique couples.

Exciting surprises in This is Fate 3 September 2020 teasers

You will love how this teaser captures impressive scenes in this show that will entice you to join its big team of die-hard fans. Here is what is up next:

Preeta and Karan's bravery

According to the law, one can use reasonable force to protect themselves, others, and their properties in case of an attack from a criminal. The victims can also help in arresting the attackers. Preeta and Karan exercise their rights when terrorists attack them.

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1/09/2020: Tuesday {Episode 10}

The media covers the story about Preeta and Karan overpowering one of the terrorists and tying him up. The rest of the criminals are holding some people hostage. They find the key to the safe and demand for a helicopter to take them out of the scene in exchange for the hostages' lives.

2/09/2020: Wednesday {Episode 11}

Sarla refuses to keep the Karvachauth fast. She informs everyone that she has forgotten the past. Will anyone try to persuade her to change her mind?

This is Fate 3 teasers

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3/09/2020: Thursday {Episode 12}

Preeta observed a fast for Karen. Will he help her break her fast? How will she react?

4/09/2020: Friday {Episode 13}

Karan gets emotional because he is still in love with Preeta. Will he gain enough courage to express his love for her?

5/09/2020: Saturday {Episode 14}

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How will Karan cope with his feelings for Preeta? It will not be easy for him to keep to himself how he feels for her without people noticing.

This is Fate 3 teasers

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6/09/2020: Sunday {Episode 15}

Sarla is surprised when Preeta tells Shrishti over a phone call that she is in the Luthra house. She claims that she was playing with her mind when she realizes that Shriti turned on her phone's loudspeaker.

Prithvi proves she has a golden heart

She is not possessive of Karan while nursing her broken heart. Prithvi's calm and collected reaction to the situation is commendable.

7/09/2020: Monday {Episode 16}

Prithvi does not hold a grudge against Karan or Preeta even after he proposed to her in the wedding hall and promised to stay by her side forever but broke his promise.

8/09/2020: Tuesday {Episode 17}

Karan and Preeta part ways for good. How long will their separation last? Every time they choose to keep their distance from each other, something reunites them.

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This is Fate 3 teasers

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9/09/2020: Wednesday {Episode 18}

Preeta's female colleague notices that Preeta and Karan are not on good terms; therefore, she pretends that the car has broken down and requests Karan to give her and Preeta a ride in his vehicle.

10/09/2020: Thursday {Episode 19}

Preeta swears that her relationship with Karan is impossible because all her efforts to save it have failed. Later, Karan gets upset when his colleagues advise him to try impressing Preeta.

11/09/2020: Friday {Episode 20}

Sarla reveals that she will not let go of the past because Preeta has not moved on too. She informs Biji that she saw Karan's pictures in Preeta's wardrobe, so Preeta is trying to be happy while she is still sad.

This is Fate 3 teasers

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12/09/2020: Saturday {Episode 21}

Will Preeta explain herself to Sarla? On the other hand, will Sarla believe anything that comes out of Preeta's mouth?

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Someone frames Rishab and Sherlyn

Who wants to tarnish Rishab and Sherlyn's reputation? The situation that they are in brings shame to their families. How will they clear their names in a judgmental and conservative society?

13/09/2020: Sunday {Episode 22}

Rishab and Sherlyn are drugged and put in Rishab's room. Their families are torn apart when they find them in a compromising state.

This is Fate 3 teasers

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14/09/2020: Monday {Episode 23}

Everyone believes that Rishab and Sherlyn broke the norms by engaging in premarital sex. Who will give them a chance to narrate their side of the story?

15/09/2020: Tuesday {Episode 24}

When Preeta reveals to Sherlin that she knows the secret she thought was well guarded, Sherlin manipulates and threatens her into sealing her lips.

16/09/2020: Wednesday {Episode 25}

Shriti cannot help it but feel jealous when she sees Tanvi and Sameer chatting. Will Sameer notice that jealousy is written all over her face?

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This is Fate 3 teasers

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How are your beloved This is Fate 3 characters doing?

  • Karan and Preeta want nothing to do with each other. They have decided to cut ties with each other forever because their romance makes them more sad than happy.
  • Rishab and Sherlyn have been set up to disgrace their families. The entire community believes that they are sexually immoral.

This is Fate 3 teasers for September 2020 leave viewers with one question on their minds. Will the lovebirds in this soapie ever take off the masks that they fear they cannot live without? Keep watching the show to get the right answers.

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