You will love these 12 amazing photos of Minka Kelly | New Trevor Noah girlfriend

You will love these 12 amazing photos of Minka Kelly | New Trevor Noah girlfriend

Minka Kelly is said to be the new heartthrob that has captured the eye of the South African comedian Trevor Noah. You will not believe her age, and it will shock you to know who Minka Kelly parents are. Check out some of the sexiest and coolest pictures of Trevor Noah's most recent love interest.

Minka Kelly dating

Image:, @bestofhollywoodphotogallery
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Here is all about the famous actor in addition to some of her best photos online.


  • Real name: Minka Dumont Dufay
  • Date of birth: 24th June 1980
  • Minka Kelly age: 40 years
  • Place of birth: Los Angeles, California
  • Nationality: American
  • Education: Valley High School
  • Profession: Model and actress
  • Height: 1.65m

Minka Kelly facts

Minka Kelly grew up primarily under her mother's care, the late Maureen Dumont Kelly, who worked several jobs to support the family. Her father is the famous Aerosmith guitarist. She landed an acting gig by accident, and since she started, she has not looked back.

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The model and actress is so stunning that at 40 years old, she looks as if she is 20 years old. Take a look at some of her very iconic beautiful pictures and see why Trevor Noah has bagged a good one.

1. Pretty in pink

Minka looks stunning in a flowy skirt and a fitting bralette.

Minka Kelly dating

Image:, @minkandalan
Source: Instagram

2. Sexy and flirty

Kelly shows off her size zero model figure in this sexy lingerie.

Minka Kelly dating

Image:, @minkakelly
Source: Instagram

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3. Cute and endearing

This picture is from a collaboration between the model and @livefashionable. Her charming, cute look instantly draws anyone to look at her.

Minka Kelly movies

Image:, @austinlord
Source: Instagram

4. Kelly and her babies

You see that Trevor Noah girlfriend has a strong affiliation for cute puppies and dogs from her Instagram posts.

Minka Kelly parents

Image:, @minkakelly
Source: Instagram

She definitely loves a good picture with a cute doggie.

Aisha Baker bio: Age, baby, husband, father, career, profiles, net worth
Who is Minka Kelly father?

Image:, @minkakelly
Source: Instagram

6. Minka hard at work

Minka Kelly Titans as Dove; this is her in her dope superhero outfit.

Minka Kelly TV shows

Image:, @dcut1tans
Source: Instagram

The skilled actress is looking bossy at the set of *Papa Hemingway in Cuba*.

Minka Kelly tv shows

Image:, @minkakelly
Source: Instagram

8. The activist

Minka supports human rights. Several of her recent posts highlight the plight of Black Lives Matter. She also supports ABLE, a lifestyle brand that focuses on ending generational poverty, especially for women who overcome extraordinary situations.

Minka Kelly boyfriend

Image:, @minkakelly
Source: Instagram

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9. Moviestar

She looks ethereal in this stunning photoshoot session.

Trevor Noah girlfriend

Image:, @minkandalan
Source: Instagram

She does not tire from serving up looks for all her Instagram fans.

Is Minka Kelly in a relationship?

Image:, @minkandalan
Source: Instagram

11. Showing a little skin

Kelly is not shy, and her flawless body lets her take semi-nude pictures.

Minka Kelly pics

Image:, @minkakelly
Source: Instagram

Her curves are undeniable.

Minka Kelly age

Image:, @navelparadise
Source: Instagram


You can find these pictures and more on her Instagram and Twitter, where she has gained many followers. She has about 1 million followers on Instagram, and on Twitter, she has almost 300,000 followers.

Minka Kelly bio: age, nationality, parents, Trevor Noah, acting career, net worth, profile

Without a doubt, Trevor Noah has bagged himself a good one. Do you think that she is absolutely gorgeous?

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