Lord of the Skies 7: October 2020

Lord of the Skies 7: October 2020

Are you a fan of Lord of the Skies telenovela? The good news is that it is coming back to your television. The premiere of the show’s season 7 is on 21st September. Briefly.co.za is here to give you Lord of the Skies October 2020 teasers. Find out what is coming up on your favorite telenovela.

Lord of the Skies 7

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How are the Balkan and Casillas cartels going to conduct their business? It is always the business of kill or be killed. The authorities manage to arrest Chema while Volpi’s ship is intercepted on its way to North America and diverted to Panama. Amado does everything to bring Volpi down. Find out how Diana copes after her mother’s execution.

October Lord of the Skies 7 Teasers

Are you waiting for some thrilling action as you spend time at home? Lord of the Skies 7 is here to fulfill your desires. The show’s October episodes will excite you. You should expect to witness the arrest of Chema and the attempts he makes to get out. Here is what is coming up on your television in Lord of the Skies 7 October episodes.

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Lord of the Skies 7

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1st October 2020, Thursday

Amado wants Volpi to stop meddling in Nikos’ family or he will end his life. Alba advises Diana to go to the police. Will she turn herself in?

2nd October 2020, Friday

Rutila lets Luzma know that she is not safe. Luzma is adamant and does not want to be protected, and Amado tells Diana the truth about organizing a bachelorette party for Irene.

3rd October 2020, Saturday

Amado makes a decision that worries Nikos and Athina. Joe and Amber cannot come to a mutual understanding, and Berenice reveals the truth to Violeta and Evelina.

4th October 2020, Sunday

Alba gives Esther a warning concerning Berenice’s involvement with Jaime. Why is it a mistake? Corina pays Columbus a visit. Nikos pleads with Amado not to end Volpi’s life.

5th October 2020, Monday

Chema finds a way to escape from Cabo. There is an argument between Diana and Alba. Edith and Ambar make a bargain, and Amado comes to know that Luzma is nowhere to be found.

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6th October 2020, Tuesday

Rutila and Amado have an argument concerning Luzma’s disappearance. Super Javi makes Ishmael understand his position and asks him to respect Rutila.

7th October 2020, Wednesday

Diana lets the family know that Cabo has been located. Volpi makes up his mind to go to Mexico, and Navarro launches an investigation into the Switzerland murder of the agents.

8th October 2020, Thursday

Amado and Rutila start looking for Luzma. Police officers come around during Diana’s operation. Cabo is rushed to a hospital after being found with critical injuries. Will he survive?

9th October 2020, Friday

Alejandra is discovered by Isturiz plundering money. The police and the Colombians have a confrontation.

10th October 2020, Saturday

Rita is not happy with Fidencio’s intention to kill her, and she confronts him about it. Navarro has a plan to trick Ambar. Amado and Diana set aside their differences, but Diana has not entirely made up her mind to stay with him.

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11th October 2020, Sunday

Luzma lets her grandmother know that she felt she did not belong to the family. Esther notices Cabo’s men next to Pio and makes Castillo aware. What are they up to?

Lord of the Skies 7

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12th October 2020, Monday

Amado lets Columbus know about Volpi’s plans to have Fentanyl sold in North America. Chema asks Maldonado if he can carry out business in Colombia. Will Maldonado accept Chema’s business invitation?

13th October 2020, Tuesday

Esther is surprised when she discovers a hidden drug shipment in Diana’s warehouse. Where was the shipment supposed to go? Volpi lets Cabo know.

14th October 2020, Wednesday

Amado and Chema end their fight. Alba informs her grandchildren about the secret ranch that she bought. The revelation shocks her grandchildren, but Alba cannot reveal its location.

15th October 2020, Thursday

Joaquin comes to realize that there was a raid at his offices. Uscategui asks Castillo for assistance. Corina confesses to Columbus that she has feelings for him.

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16th October 2020, Friday

Volpi finds out that the Fentanyl that was being shipped had been seized and diverted to Panama. Who intercepted the ship? Alba bids her grandchildren goodbye.

17th October 2020, Saturday

Soldiers come by to make inquiries concerning Rita. Fidencio tackles them. Pio wants Jaime to murder his mother in law.

18th October 2020, Sunday

Violeta and Joaquin have an argument concerning Pio. Isturiza makes a confession to Luzma about his interest in her. Luzma and Istruriza are not aware that Alejandra is following them.

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Lord of the Skies 7

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19th October 2020, Monday

Joaquin makes an offer to Pio if he wants to gain his freedom. He gives him another effective way to launder money. Is Pio’s freedom worth the offer? Diana bids Esther farewell.

20th October 2020, Tuesday

Corina launches an investigation into Ojeda’s past. Pio and his men kidnap Jaime and Berenice. Amado asks Athina questions.

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21st October 2020, Wednesday

Luzma kisses Izsturiz at the party after getting carried away. Navarro asks Amber to hand over Chema or she risks being arrested. Will she reveal Chema’s whereabouts?

22nd October 2020, Thursday

Diana cannot come to terms with the fact that her mother was murdered. Athina asks Rojo to give her a gun. She then notices Volpi coming out of a gallery.

23rd October 2020, Friday

Volpi sees the house where the first laboratory will be located. Navarro is in agreement about uniting with Amado. Alejandra discovers the diamonds belonging to Athina.

24th October 2020, Saturday

Castillo and Navarro ask Jaime questions. Chatarrero finds Alejandra selling the diamonds belonging to Athina, and she lets him know that the diamonds were a gift from Athina’s father.

25th October 2020, Sunday

When Javier finds out that Chatarrero spent the night with Alejandra, he gets angry. Chema realizes that the government has him and his people under siege. Does Chema have an effective plan to get away?

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Lord of the Skies 7

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26th October 2020, Monday

Chema and his people attempt to make an escape through the drain channel. Castillo and Navarro intercept Chema and his gang before they escape. The Casillas have hope that Evelina will take them to Cabo.

27th October 2020, Tuesday

Chema Venegas is apprehended by Corina. Castillo is happy. Chema's capture makes the country’s news, and Chema wants Amado to get him out of jail or else he will talk.

28th October 2020, Wednesday

Diana tries to entice Volpi with her charms. Chema is interviewed by Uzcategui. Rita ensures that Ambar’s wounds are healed. Corina is not happy with Rutila’s decision to meet Chema and confronts him about it.

29th October 2020, Thursday

Amarantha starts a war with Navarro. Amarantha wants Chema’s trial to be in Mexico. The Casillas find out that Volpi’s house is a laboratory.

30th October 2020, Friday

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Navarro and Amarantha talk about Chema’s case. The two reach a mutual agreement. Amado starts working on his plan to bring Volpi’s laboratory down.

31st October 2020, Saturday

Samario manages to get away, and Ishmael pursues him. Fidencio is successful in his release negotiation with Valdes. The two agree to order the elimination of Uzcategui and Rita.

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Lord of the Skies 7

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What happens to Lord of the Skies 7 characters?

Lord of the Skies 7 October episodes are filled with thrilling action. The different cartels are making business deals that affect the players in various ways. Here is what happens to some of the Lord of the Sky characters.


He wants to kill Volpi if he continues to mess with Niko’s family. His decision worries Nikos and Athina. Nikos pleads with him not to murder Volpi. He later discusses with Columbus about Volpi’s plans to take Fentanyl to North America. Are they the ones that intercepted the ship?

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His escape from Cabo is successful, but Navarro and the authorities continue looking for him. He is later arrested, making national news. He wants Amado to take him out of jail. Amarantha wants his trial to be held in Mexico.


He is threatened by Amado and decides to go to Mexico. He continues to work with Chema. He later finds out that his Fentanyl ship had been seized and diverted to Panama. Can Amado be behind all this? He turns his house into a laboratory, but Amado has plans to destroy it.

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From the above Lord of the Skies 7 teasers, it is clear that you will be entertained with eye-catching action as the different cartels work to be fruitful and also bring other cartels down. You can watch the telenovela on Telemundo every day of the week. The show airs at 11.00 pm.

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Briefly.co.za gave highlights of September 2020 Lord of the Skies teasers. The teasers tell you what to expect in the thriller show as it premiers season 7. How did you like the ending of season 6?

Read the teasers to find out how El Capo gets a new identity and how the Casillas cartel plans to achieve Amado’s freedom. You will also find out how Aurelio’s final send-off is conducted and how the different syndicates plan their business.


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