Brendan Pollecutt bio: age, wife, education, tv shows, movies, profile

Brendan Pollecutt bio: age, wife, education, tv shows, movies, profile

If you love watching movies and TV drama series, then the name Brendan Pollecut must have crossed your path several times. When starting, the youthful actor was driven by determination and raw passion for investing all his savings in a movie shooting venture whose sole promise for success is hung on the thin threads of chance. Read through to see how a high-risk appetite can sometimes work in your favor.

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Born in South Africa, Brendan Pollecutt is a well-established writer and actor better known for his role as Dr. David James Hurley in Soul City, an SABC 1 drama series from 2001 – 2003. He is also known for writing and directing movies like Quickies (2003) Hey Boy, (2003), and Keloid (2017)


  • Birth name: Brendan Pollecut
  • Age: Undisclosed, but he must be in his early 50's.
  • Nationality: South Africa
  • Profession: Writer, actor, producer, and director
  • Education: Attended the National School of Arts in Johannesburg

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What is Brendan Pollecutt age?

Some celebrities do not like sharing information about their age, and Brendan seems to fall into that category. Details about his age are scarce, making this one of the most mysterious items on Brendan Pollecutt profiles. However, if he was in college in the early '90s, it is safe to say he is in his early 50's.

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Brendan went to the high-end Johannesburg School of Art, Ballet, Drama, and Music, where he studied until 1990.

It is reported that he had expressed interest in joining a film school but found the fees prohibitively high. Good for him, the young man had a powerful personal drive, and he knew exactly what he wanted to do with his life.

Therefore, inspired by his role model, Robert Rodriguez, Brendan downplayed his limitations and made a film.

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A little earlier on, I had acted in a Castle Lager beer commercial and made a significant amount of money. Most of my friends chose to invest their money in townhouses and posh cars, but I decided to put mine into a movie. He said

However, the cost factor did not deter him from taking studies related to filming entirely. While studying drama at the University of Witwatersrand, he took advantage of a curriculum that encouraged collaboration with the TV department to achieve his goal. Eventually, in 1994, he graduated with a B.A.D.A (Hons), having achieved a distinction in Directing.

Is Brendan Pollecutt married?

You may be wondering, so, who is Brendan Pollecutt partner? Well, according to one Brendan Pollecutt Instagram post and a video, the actor wedded on a date in May 2017. Strangely, very little was written about that union or Brendan Pollecutt wife. Judging from the photo, though, the wedding must have been a private ceremony only attended by a handful of invited guests. The irony about Brendan is that he is a public figure who ostensibly shies off from excessive publicity.

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TV shows and movies

How many episodes of Still Breathing are there?
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Below is a list of Brendan Pollecutt movies and TV series.

1. Charlie Jade - Season 1: Mr. Nillman

2. Gaz'lam - Season 2: Director

3. Isidingo - Season 1: Mark Brookes

4. Madam & Eve - Season 1: William

5. Rhythm City - Season 1: Collins

6. Soul City - Season 5: Dr. David James Hurley

7. Still Breathing - Season 1: Trent

8. Novel Adventures (2008)

9. Legend of the Hidden City (1997)

10. Salvation (II) (1998)

11. Ex Men (2008)

12. Tiziano: Make You Feel (2014 Video)

13. Keloid (2017); a 20 min Short, Comedy

14. Hey Boy (2003)

15. Mojo (1997)

16. Citizen Verdict

17. Tramlines

18. Consequence

Brendan's amateur gig was when he stirred in a Volkswagen advert (late 80’s and early 90’s). The ad features a 1960's romantic scene where his parents met while his father owned a Beetle. The couple maintains the car for many years until they buy a luxury Volkswagen sedan. On his 18th birthday, Brendan’s character receives the keys to the Beetle as his gift.

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After graduating from University, he embraced a lucky break that landed him the lead role in the TV series The Legend of the Hidden City. So far, this series has been cast in over thirty-five countries globally, and since then, the actor has gone ahead to play star roles in many other movies and Brendan Pollecutt TV shows locally and internationally.

His Legend and the Hidden city role and the Volkswagen advert made him famous and accelerated his celebrity status pace.

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Nominations and awards

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1997: He, together with the Mojo cast, scooped the Vita award for Best Ensemble Acting.

1998: The M-Net New Directions film Salvation nominated him for a Best Supporting Actor Award.

2003: He won Director's Top Choice for the film Hey Boy.

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2004: He was the Best Actor in The third annual Mini DV digital film festival in Los Angeles.

There is no doubt that Brendan Pollecutt has a wealth of talent that will keep you entertained for several more decades, but what is he up to now? Well, keep reading our celebrity news, and we will keep you updated.

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