Vierspel Vuurspel teasers: October 2020

Vierspel Vuurspel teasers: October 2020

Vierspel Vuurspel episodes in October are full of thrilling action. Celal and Kudret's war gets dangerous as time goes by. Will Kudret's eventual imprisonment end the deadly battle? Sarp and Mert join forces to find Melek's killer. Is Sarp's life in danger after Celal learns the truth about him? Read the following Vierpel Vuurspel teasers to find out.

Vierspel Vuurspel Teasers
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Why is Celal threatened by Melek? What action will Sarp take after viewing the contents of the video Melek left him? How is Sarp going to clear his name from the murder?

Vierspel Vuurspel teasers for October 2020

If you are a fan of crime-action, Vierspel Vuurspel soapie should be on your must-watch list. The show's October episodes have an exciting line-up of events. Who will emerge victorious in the war between Celal and Kudret? How many people will have to die in the process? Here are the teasers to reveal what happens this October.

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Vierspel Vuurspel Teasers
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1st October 2020 (Thursday – Episode 79)

Kudret wants to kill one person between Mustafa and Melek and wants Celal to make a choice. Sarp, who is frightened, asks his mother to change Kudret's mind. Will he listen?

2nd October 2020 (Friday – Episode 80)

Kudret's plans are working because Celal is in a situation he wanted him to be. Will Devut come to the rescue?

5th October 2020 (Monday – Episode 81)

Mustafa has to be located as soon as possible before Celal can reveal his sins. Fusun's unforeseen reply to a perfectly concealed secret surprises Sarp.

6th October 2020 (Tuesday – Episode 82)

Celal is appreciative of Mert's assistance. Mert feels he is distant from family members and friends. Celal's plans against Kudret turn out disastrous. Kudret is ready to fight with him. Who will win?

7th October 2020 (Wednesday – Episode 83)

Yesim encounters a problem that puts her in a difficult situation. There is a deadly confrontation between Celal and Kudret.

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8th October 2020 (Thursday – Episode 84)

The shooting puts Celal's life in danger. Will he get out alive? Coskun wants Sarp to end Celal's life if he wants to get Umut. Will he accept the ultimatum?

9th October 2020 (Friday – Episode 85)

Will Coskun tell Melek the truth? Will people find out what happened? Mert does not tell Musa the truth.

Vierspel Vuurspel eExtra
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12th October 2020 (Monday – Episode 86)

Melek finds out the truth concerning Umut and uses it to intimidate Celal. Will she reveal the information to Fusun? Mert is scared that Eylem will discover he is responsible for shooting Celal's attacker.

13th October 2020 (Tuesday – Episode 87)

Kudret believes Hundan was murdered by Mert and Sarp. He gives Serkan the order to execute them. Celal learns that Melek has managed to escape. He gives Devut the order to murder anybody who communicates with her.

14th October 2020 (Wednesday – Episode 88)

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Celal and Kudret's battle has an unexpected turn of events. What has happened?

15th October 2020 (Thursday – Episode 89)

Yusuf attempts to use Mert as bait against Celal by trapping him. Sarp reveals details of Melek's death to Fusun.

16th October 2020 (Friday – Episode 90)

Mert, whose employment in the police service has been terminated, partners with Sarp. The duo is determined to seek revenge for Melek's unfortunate death.

19th October 2020 (Monday – Episode 91)

Who is losing or accepting defeat between Celal and Kudret? Will this be their last battle encounter?

20th October 2020 (Tuesday – Episode 92)

What will Sarp do when he comes across the videotape Mehek has left him with a message about Umut? Celal devises a scheme to get rid of Kudret in prison.

21st October 2020 (Wednesday – Episode 93)

Celal begins his attack on Kudret in jail. Mert is determined to make Eylem come back to him. Will she give in?

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22nd October 2020 (Thursday – Episode 94)

Celal's new video clip is exposed. The contents of the footage could eventually end Celal's freedom.

23rd October 2020 (Friday – Episode 95)

Sarp and Yusuf are excited as they believe they have Mert and Celal trapped. They are, however, disappointed. Mert, on the other hand, believes Sarp is still locked up, but he is wrong.

Vierspel Vuurspel Teasers
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26th October 2020 (Monday – Episode 96)

Will Celal learn the truth concerning Sarp? What will he do? Are Eylem and Fusun's lives in danger?

27th October 2020 (Tuesday – Episode 97)

Celal puts Fusun's life in danger as he tries to reach Sarp, and Mert and Sarp burn with rage. Celal's attitude towards Yesim makes her nervous.

28th October 2020 (Wednesday – Episode 98)

Alyanak gets information about where Kudret is jailed. Sarp is brought to Celal by Mert. Will Celal kill him?

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29th October 2020 (Thursday – Episode 99)

Sarp's life is in danger. Yusuf has to arrive sooner to save him. Will he make it in time?

30th October 2020 (Friday – Episode 100)

Yusuf's death is put on Sarp's hands. How will he prove his innocence? Who is the one individual to clear his name from the murder?

Vierspel Vuurspel eExtra
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What happens to the main Vierspel Vuurspel characters?

Vierspel Vuurspel October episodes are full of action that will leave you amazed and tensed at the same time. Celal and Kudret's battle gets dangerous each passing day. Their lives are endangered as a result.


He engages in a deadly battle with Kudret. Later, Kudret is put in prison. Could this be the end of their war? He devises a plan to get rid of his bitter rival in prison. His freedom could also end after his footage is exposed.

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Kudret thinks he is winning when he gets Celal where he anticipated. However, he is losing the battle with Celal after he goes to prison, where his life might be in danger. Will he survive prison?


He continues to help Celal but feels distant from his family and friends. His life is in danger when Kudret orders for him and Sarp to be murdered for Hundan's death. After his employment in the police service is terminated, he works with Sarp to seek vengeance for Melek's murder.

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From the above Vierspel Vuurspel teasers, you have every reason to look forward to watching the show. Vierspel remains to be one of the most-watched soapies on eExtra. The soapie airs every weekday at 8.55 p.m.

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