Determined man sells everything he owns to build $1.8million yacht out of antique wood

Determined man sells everything he owns to build $1.8million yacht out of antique wood

- Mike Ludgrove has always harboured a dream to build a yacht

- He sold his home and business in a bid to achieve his dream

- He has spent over $1.8million so far

Mike Ludgrove, a retired British businessman, has harboured a dream to build his own majestic yacht since he was a young man.

Now aged 63, he is close to achieving his dream. However, he has had to sell everything he owns in the process. learned that he initially set aside almost $700,000 for the yacht. He soon realised, however, that it was going to cost him much more than that.

According to Daily Mail, Ludgrove has spent 12 years building his dream yacht painstakingly by hand and out of antique wood.

So far, he has spent a whopping $1.8million on the huge boat, which he has named Helena.

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Ludgrove and his wife Elaine ended up selling their London flat as well as their main home in Exeter. Incredibly, they now rent a city council house.

They didn't stop there, however. They also sold their health food business about five years ago.

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In an interview, Ludgrove said:

Helena has been my dream for almost 40 years. Every part of her has been personally fashioned, assembled, spoke-shaved, and brought into position.
It has taken 12 years, and I have enjoyed most of it. Everything that I am has gone into Helena, from my home to my business. I have nothing left in my pocket to give her.

The boat weighs 30 tonnes and can accommodate up to six people. When it's complete, he hopes to give underprivileged children a chance to sail in it.

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