Mehek teasers: November 2020

Mehek teasers: November 2020

The death of Leleti had a significant impact on the people who cared about her, especially Dennis. Karan is determined to find and incriminate Leleti's killer. Will he succeed in his quest for justice? Find it out from Zee World Mehek teasers below.

Mehek Teasers
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Shaurya and his family are in grave danger as there is a terrorist attack. Will Shaurya manage to execute an effective escape plan to save his loved ones from the attack? How will Priya help Dennis forget his sorrows?

Mehek teasers for November 2020

Mehek has become a household favourite in South Africa since its repeat premiere. If you are yet to start watching, then you are missing a lot on Indian drama. Here are Zee World Mehek November 2020 teasers to give you a sneak peek into what to expect.

Mehek Teasers
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2nd November 2020 (Monday – Episode 24)

Dennis is disturbed by the news of what happened to his mother, who is in Africa. Mandhar is responsible for the loss of another life. Mandhar's mother has stopped supporting him.

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3rd November 2020 (Tuesday – Episode 25)

Dennis is enraged by the fact that Eddie did not tell him about the death of Leleti. Everything changes after Mehek finds out about her real identity.

4th November 2020 (Wednesday – Episode 26)

Dennis thinks Eddie is responsible for Leleti's death. Archie's past mistakes come back to haunt her. Will the truth be found?

5th November 2020 (Thursday – Episode 27)

Priya gives Dennis a shoulder to lean on as he grieves. Karan looks into the death of Leleti. Shaurya rescues Mehek. Nehal's secret is exposed. The exposure upsets the Sharmas.

6th November 2020 (Friday – Episode 28)

Priya tries everything to ensure Dennis brightens up. Will she succeed? Shaurya expresses his feelings about the relationship between Nehal and Vicky.

Mehek Teasers
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9th November 2020 (Monday – Episode 29)

Amit's meeting with Norah makes her discover the truth about Sanjana. The Khannas are not safe. Will Shaurya be able to ensure the safety of his family before it is too late?

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10th November 2020 (Tuesday – Episode 30)

Karan is determined to prove that Sanjana is responsible for the death of Leleti. Mehek starts to worry about Shaurya's recent conduct. The neighbours are excessively interested in finding out if Nehal is indeed pregnant or not.

11th November 2020 (Wednesday – Episode 31)

Karan goes to see the doctor to gather the information that will implicate Sanjana. Nehal is not happy with the attitude which Shaurya has toward Vicky. Shaurya's life is at risk, and no one has a promising solution.

12th November 2020 (Thursday – Episode 32)

Sanjana is responsible for Norah and Karan's relationship problems. Shaurya seeks forgiveness from Dennis for not treating Priya well. Aunt Dolly feels Nehal cannot become part of the Khanna family because she is not worthy. Nehal is bothered by the fact that Mehek receives better treatment than she does.

13th November 2020 (Friday – Episode 33)

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Eddie is finally affected by the death of Leleti. It is the day for Vicky and Nehal's marriage ceremony. No one can persuade Armaan as he is determined to carry out his mission.

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Mehek Teasers
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16th November 2020 (Monday – Episode 34)

Eddie's health scare strengthens his relationship with Dennis. Neeve's life is at risk. Nehal and Vicky notice that Naleeni is not behaving normally. Will they unearth what is wrong?

17th November 2020 (Tuesday – Episode 35)

The Gabelas get a sigh of relief when they learn that the hospital has discharged Eddie. An imminent catastrophe is about to happen at the White Chillies. Mehek cannot understand Shaurya's conduct.

18th November 2020 (Wednesday – Episode 36)

Norah and Karan work together to find evidence that will incriminate Sanjana. The situation is extremely serious as Shaurya does not seem to find an effective way to make Armaan stop what he is doing.

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19th November 2020 (Thursday – Episode 37)

Khanna helps Eddie find money to ensure his online business is developing. Shaurya finds a way to escape. Will he arrive before it is too late to save people from the terrorist attack?

20th November 2020 (Friday – Episode 38)

Sanjana is trying to understand the fact that Norah might have feelings for another person. Nehal and Mehek watch Naleeni's every move. Lately, Naleena has been involved in suspicious activities.

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23rd November 2020 (Monday – Episode 39)

Karan is working hard to ensure Sanjana makes a confession. Mehek accosts Naleena concerning her involvement in Armaan's plans. PD is frightened by the thing she has just seen.

24th November 2020 (Tuesday – Episode 40)

There is no hope for the Gabela online trade as it is in deep trouble. The Sharma family experience a tragedy as a member of the family dies. Asking Mehek for help is the only hopeful thing Naleeni can do.

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25th November 2020 (Wednesday – Episode 41)

Khanna has good news for Eddie concerning his online trade. Mehek knows the fact that Shaurya is not telling the truth. Will Mehek find out that there is an imposter living with her?

26th November 2020 (Thursday – Episode 42)

Norah and Karan continue to fool Sanjana so that she ends up confessing her sins. Mehek carries out an investigation to unearth the truth about Shaurya. Nehal and Kanta offer her a helping hand.

27th November 2020 (Friday – Episode 43)

Dennis makes it clear to Priya that he is not interested in her past relationships, and she acts as he says. Mehek takes action to ensure Shaurya is out of captivity. Armaan and Abbajaan do not understand each other.

30th November 2020 (Monday – Episode 44)

Dennis and Priya have a big night. Dennis is planning a major surprise for the special night. Abbajaan suspects Nahida. Mehek and Shaurya devise a plan to ensure Neeve's safety.

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Mehek Teasers
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What happens to Mehek characters?

In Mehek November episodes, Shaurya and his family are attacked, and he has to find a way to rescue his loved ones on time. On the other hand, the death of Leleti has had a considerable effect on Dennis and Eddie as Karan embarks on a journey to collect evidence that will implicate Sanjana. Here is a sneak peek into what happens to specific characters.


The death of his mother, Leleti, brings sorrow. Priya stays by his side to cheer him up. He later tells Priya that he is not interested in her past relationship. He plans a major surprise for his and Priya's special night.


The Khannas lives are at risk, and he has to save them before it is too late. Will he manage to save everyone on time? How is he going to stop Armaan?

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It is clear from the above Mehek teasers that the show's November episodes have great entertainment lined up for you and your loved ones. Do not miss the drama. Catch all the episodes on Zee World from Monday to Friday at 5.00 p.m.

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