Young Love teasers: November 2020

Young Love teasers: November 2020

Mangala goes insane after Nimboli chooses to stay with Anandi and she has to be taken to a mental hospital. On the other hand, patients at Jagdish hospital have worsening conditions due to wrong medications. Jagdish is accused of killing patients. Will justice be done for all those affected? Find out from the following Young Love teasers for November 2020.

Young Love teasers November 2020

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Young Love is one of the best Indian shows in South Africa. You cannot afford to miss the drama this November. Find out if Kalyani Devi will survive an accident after Kundan cuts his car’s brake lines. Why is Nandini admitted to the hospital?

Young Love teasers for November 2020

Are you a fan of the Young Love show? November episodes have a dramatic turn of events that will keep you glued to your television. Find out what is going to happen from the following Young Love teasers.

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Young Love teasers

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Monday, November 2, 2020 (Episodes 2142 – 2143)

Nimboli finds out that Anandi is her true mother. Mangala tries to talk Nimboli into living with her, but Nimboli rebukes her. She instead makes up her mind to go with Anandi. Shivam welcomes Nimboli, and the family prays for harmony.

Nimboli’s return makes Anandi happy. On the other hand, Mangala has lost her mind after Nimboli left. Jagdish does not accept Anandi’s request to bring back Mangala.

Tuesday, November 3, 2020 (Episodes 2144 – 2145)

Anandi decides that Mangala needs help after finding her treating a doll as Nimboli. Anandi takes Mangala to a mental hospital so that she receives suitable treatment and care after being unable to keep her home.

Akhiraj goes to Jaitser in disguise. He goes with Kundan and Harki with one agenda, to get revenge from Anandi and her family. Nimboli is worried when crazy Mangala does not remember her.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2020 (Episodes 2146 – 2147)

Kalyani Devi goes to see Baba Ji accompanied by Mannu and Nandini. Kundan cuts Kalyani Devi’s car breaks when Kalyani Devi is listening to Baba Ji’s preaching. On their way back, they all get frightened when Mannu finds out about brake failure.

Mannu successfully aborts the car accident. The news shocks Baba Ji. Anandi urges Nandi to take the cursed bhabhuti belonging to Baba Ji. Nandini has to be admitted to a medical facility due to her critical state.

Thursday, November 5, 2020 (Episodes 2148 – 2149)

Wrong medications at Jagdish’s medical facility worsen patients’ conditions. There are demonstrations at the medical facility after the drug inspector identifies the issue.

Jagdish is accused of ending the life of patients at his hospitals. Enraged people go to punish Jagdish at his house. Nandini and Dadisa manage to send away the angry villagers. Ganga and Anandi are determined to work on the case and make sure that the culprit is brought to justice.

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Young Love teasers

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What happens to Young Love characters?

Balika Vadhu is a popular show in South African households. Who is your favourite character? Here is what is going to happen to certain characters in Young Love November episodes.


She is fond of Nimboli who refuses to stay with her after finding out about her true mother. Nimboli’s decision makes her delusional, and Anandi has to take her to a mental hospital. Nimboli gets sad after she fails to remember her.


The condition of patients at his hospital worsens because of administering the wrong medications. Investigations by a drug inspector unearth the cause of the problem. This causes chaos at the hospital, and villagers plan to punish him at his house.

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The above Young Love teasers reveal the great entertainment that can be expected this November. You have no reason to miss it. Follow the action to see how Nimboli’s decision to leave Mangala affects her.

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