Cape Town pastor blames gay people for the drought

Cape Town pastor blames gay people for the drought

- Pastor Oscar Bougardt says gays and lesbians are to blame for the crippling drought experienced in Cape Town

- Bougardt has a long history of making blatant and openly homophobic statements

- Last year the controversial pastor claimed the Knysna fires were as a result of God’s wrath against the small town for hosting the Pink Loerie LGBTQ festival

Controversial Cape Town Pastor Oscar Bougardt has blamed the crippling drought currently being experienced in the city on its gay and lesbian residents.

Bougardt is a confirmed and unrepentant homophobe who has been convicted of hate speech. Bougardt and the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) reached a settlement agreement in 2014.

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Bougardt said Cape Town’s large homosexual community was to blame for the drought, he also blamed church leaders who failed to preach about the abomination of homosexuality. gathered that Bougardt said the Garden Route fires which ravaged Knysna last year were sent by God as divine retribution for the town hosting the Pink Loerie LGBTQ festival.

On Monday Bougardt posted the following statement on Facebook: Blame "drought" on wickedness and homosexuality and church leaders who fail to preach the Bible and sodomite abomination. If we have a "drought' than I believe that this drought is God divine judgement over a City of Cape Town that has turned against God and accepted the lifestyle of sodomites as normal. Couple of years ago I predicted that God will strike all countries and city who chose perversion instead of the holy ways of God with natural disasters, it is happening right here at home. This is just the beginning, turn to God and let all these reprobates burn in hell. Last year Knysna was struck by fire after they also rejected God and adopted the Knysna as gay city. Cape Town is the capital sodomite city of the world and it leaders are wicked, do not be surprise more natural disasters coming. God will not be mocked, He and He alone can bring this corrupt system and government to its knees. God is punishing Cape Town because it church leaders are too weak to preach against this evil called homosexuality and we allow these wicked people behind the pulpit. These wickedness is in the house of the Lord and church leaders turns a blind eye because they are scared to loose tithes. To hell with sodomites and their money, God cannot be bought. Homosexuality is an abomination. We suffer because our leaders has accepted wickedness as normal. More disasters to follow, turn back to God wicked people..

Bougardt has been attacking the LGBTQ community since at least 2011. He has on various occasions said gay people are perverts and child molesters and in a veiled attack called for homosexuals to be executed.

In December 2016 he said 99% of gay paedophiles had homosexual backgrounds or tendencies. Bougardt is a confirmed supporter of US preacher Steven Anderson.

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